No Panties Friday

So my husband came up with this idea for me to start doing “No Panties Friday.” It’s very simple. Basically I just don’t wear panties on Friday. Even though I have to go to work on Friday. I was definitely intrigued by the idea, although I had my reservations. But only because sometimes not wearing panties with my work clothes can be uncomfortable. But I definitely wanted to try it. A few weeks ago I went to work one day without panties just on a whim, so maybe by doing it once a week I might get used to it.

He also said that on some of those Fridays I should take my vibrator with me and on my lunch break, drive somewhere and sit in the car and jill off. And that idea intrigued me as well. I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone sexually. And I’m trying to quit letting fear rule my sexuality. So my husband is trying to help me with these suggestions and I was excited about trying them. A little nervous too, but excited.

So I knew I just had to do it. So the next Friday I didn’t wear panties and I took my vibrator. Once I got to work and got busy I really didn’t think about it all that much. Every now and then I could feel that I didn’t have panties on, but that was a nice reminder. It made me think sexy thoughts and it made me think of my husband.

Finally it was time for lunch. I got something to eat first and then drove down the road to a nearby park. There was one car there, but I parked in the back so they couldn’t see me. I took one last look around to make sure nobody else was around. Then I undid my pants and zipper and slid my pants down to my ankles. It felt exciting to be nude from the waist down in public. I also enjoyed the sensation of my bare ass against the seat of the car.

I took a picture of myself like that and sent it to my husband. He sent a text back saying he was hard as a rock! That visual helped me to relax. And it definitely helped me to get horny!

I turned my vibrator on and held it against my pussy lips. It felt so good. I spread my legs so I could have better access. I took another picture and sent it to my husband just to tease him some more. I kept rubbing my pussy with the vibrator and it wasn’t long before it started to feel really good.

I pictured my husbands cock as I rubbed my pussy with the vibrator. Seeing my husbands cock always gets my motor revving, even if it’s just in my mind. I took one last look around to make sure nobody was near and I closed my eyes and laid my head back. I wanted to focus on the sensations fully. My hips were starting to rock as I continued to hold the vibrator on my pussy. I knew it was getting close.

I felt the tingling in my pussy start to build. I couldn’t help but moan a little since it felt so good. My hips were still rocking and I pressed down harder on my pussy. Suddenly my orgasm hit with wave after wave of pleasure. I let out a loud moan: “OOHHH!”

My body collapsed with that wonderful post orgasmic bliss. I just sat there for a little bit, basking in the afterglow, not caring that my pants were still down to my ankles. But after a few seconds I figured it was time to head back to work. So I put the vibrator back in my purse and pulled my pants up and composed myself. Then I went back to work and enjoyed the second part of the day more than the first. And only I knew why. (wink, wink.)

I’m really going to enjoy “No Panties Friday.”

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6 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Hot story Sexymama2103. " No Panties Friday" sounds intriging to say the least. I have occassionally gone " commando" if you will. Not at the request of my husband, but just to allow my cunt to air out and breath.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch. I like how you said thinking of your husband's cock helped you to relax and got you horny. I always think of Ben's dick whenever I jill off. I like to imagjne him naked with a big stiff boner, beating off to naughty thoughts of me. So hot! Really gets my motor running ( hand on pussy now!)

    Keep the stories cumming! God bless ya and stay horny always my friend.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That's a great story, thanks for sharing. Keep exploring new things, it gets better and better the longer you're married and the more free you get with each other.

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