Bathtime Heat

In 2007, we celebrate 30 years of being in love with one another. It’s been so long, we were only teenagers! We were married for 23 years at the time. One night while we were on vacation in Norway, I was in my night dress, getting ready for my husband when I walked past the bathroom and I heard water. My husband was in the bath, and I immediately got turned on at the thought.

“Oh hotstuff!” I called out.

“Wanna warm up? Come right in, my darling!” My husband responded.

I went in, and it was warm and misty in the bathroom. The bath water was so high, and filled with bubbles. I took my gown off and came right in. The bath water sure was hot. I let a sensual exhale as my husband wrapped his arms around me. His hands were warm from the hot bath water. I lay in his lap in total bliss.

“You’re such a special woman,” my husband told me,

“I’ll cherish this forever, my sweet lady. A beautiful snowy city, us in the warm bath together embracing each other with God watching over us!”

“God has been so good to us. I’m so thankful that He gave me you. You are a wonderful husband, honey.” I told him,

“And I’m so thankful God gave me you. I’d never thought I’d be married to such a beautiful woman.” My husband said as he caressed my cheek.

My husband started to rub my shoulders, as he felt I was a little tense. It sure felt good, and when he was done, he then started to stroke and gently feel my breasts, being careful around my pointed nipples. He continued caressing them for a bit before he slowly started lowering his hand.

I knew what he was going to do. He gently started to stroke my ladyplace, as I moaned softly. He kissed my head, and my cheek as he continued stroking me. My moans got louder, and I had this hot, beautiful orgasm as he continued stroking my sweetspot.

After my climax, I wasn’t exhausted – I was raring to go! And by the looks of it so was my husband! After our hot bath, I freshened up, and so did my husband. I put on some sweet cologne, to turn my husband on. Like me, he likes the combination of rose and lavender. I lay on our hotel bed on my back, naked and I slowly spread my legs and I heard my husband making an aroused exhale when he saw me do that in the way he likes so much.

He climbed over me and entered me before taking me in his arms, and passionately kissing me, while I French kissed him back. I breathed pleasurably as my husband thrusted passionately.

I climaxed all of a sudden and very strongly, and I cried out in such ecstasy, as my husband continued thrusting. As always, this orgasm was even stronger than the previous one, while husband thrusted his certain way to make it extra good… that always works, haha! My husband came suddenly as well. He groaned passionately as he held me tighter.

It sure was exhausting for us. When we came down, we were sweating, and my husband kissed my neck, still embracing me.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms, as we looked back on our beautiful, God-given marriage. We’re so happy together. And this sure was a fantastic trip, we had a wonderful time. We love snow!

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9 replies
  1. JAM777 says:

    Absolutely beautiful Mrs. Thornton! 🙂
    What do you call it when the husband or wife brings the other to orgasm by touching them? Is that still masturbation or is called something else. Sorry for the random and probably dumb question….

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      It's not dumb at all! I think they say "masturbate your spouse" but I prefer to say "bring your spouse to orgasm manually" 🙂 Thank you for your comment, son 🙂

    • JAM777 says:

      Thank you for answering and not thinking it is dumb Mrs. Thornton!
      And oh okay and lol. I can see why.

      And I love the thought of this! Giving to the other. Obviously it is more useful in the aspect to the wife since she can probably release more than once in such a close time frame….
      But I apologize if it is too invasive but what's the most amount of times you have released during one instance of love making?

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