Pregnancy Sex Drive: Feeling Heated All the Time

pregnancyPregnancy Sex Drive -My Pregnancy sex drive is intense in a good way. What an amazing week of new found freedoms with my lover.  It started with some body sensitivity.  There’s bad sensitivity (like TOO intense, or a paper cut) and then there’s good sensitivity (like Ooooo Ohhhh Ahhhh).  This was very very good sensitivity.

I am 31 weeks pregnant, and I’ll admit I’m horny as can be. My pregnancy sex drive is driving me and I love it.  After my fifteenth week, My nipples became very sensitive (in a very good way).  They were calling my attention all day long, wanting to be rubbed & massaged.

You find me lounging around the house feeling up my own tits, Is the pregnancy sex drive or am I pretty strange?  I couldn’t keep my hands off of my screaming nipples.  At ordinary times I have pretty nice sized tits, but I never really fondled them too much.  In fact I haven’t masturbated all that much since we got married.  But with my pregnancy, my tits are a cup size bigger, and my nipples are double in size.

The problem is this very good sensitivity leads to other things.  Five minutes of fondling my nipples, and my pussy is soaking wet, and I’m half way to orgasm.  I used to always save my my sex desire for my husband, even if I was turned on during the day.  But this pregnancy sex drive is driving me mad!  Without much thought, my right hand would always find its way south, sliding into my panties, giving my clitoris a work out, while my left hand kept playing around with my tits.  Ohhhh!  This is SO good!

At first, this solo pleasure experience made me feel guilty.

I am also hungry for more.  My nipples wanted more and more attention — never getting to the point where the sensitivity was “bad.”  And my sexual drive has hit an all time high.  The guilt of it all drove me to keep it a secret from my husband.  I know, it’s silly to feel guilty, but it was just so NEW to me.

While my husband was at work, I would have anywhere from 5-10 solo orgasms.  With some attention to my nipples, I could climax very quickly — and my body longed for it several times a day.  Of course I never stopped giving my husband lovin’ too.

Four  days ago, I was on the couch in the living room (blinds down), having a lot of fun with myself, the pregnancy sex drive was driving me.  I still had navy lace panties on, but my shirt & bra were long removed.  In fact (side note), I haven’t worn a bra this whole last week — my nipples have loved that too.  Anyway, my husband came home from work 90-minutes early, but wanted to surprise me with his shortened day.  He came in the front door, and saw me on the couch with my tits and big tummy pointed to the ceiling, and my hand inside my panties working myself.  I shrieked, pulled my hand out, and covered myself up with a blanket — as if I was ashamed in front of my own husband.  Well the only shame I felt was that we never really discussed masturbation, and were definitely not comfortable watching each other… yet.

My hubby was so loving, and assured me that it’s okay to masturbate, and that he does it some times too.  I sort of assumed that, but never really knew.  He sat on the couch with me and asked me what was going on.

I told him the whole saga about my nipples, and how I’ve been having a bunch of orgasms every day.  Even some orgasms just through nipple stimulation alone.  After I told him, he leaned over to kiss me and said “I love you honey.”  I could feel a bulge on my leg.  “Did that story give you a boner?”  He said, “Yeah, actually it was a huge turn on.  Sometimes when I masturbate, and fantasize about you masturbating.”  We kept talking and talking, and we were both really worked up.

Then he took a brave step…

He unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard shaft, and started rubbing it.  He then looked over at me on the other side of the couch and said; “I think I interrupted you when I came in.  Were you in the middle of something?”

We then masturbated together on the couch, doing it non-solo for the first time.  It was so GREAT!  And freeing to talk openly with my husband!  He has since given me his full blessing to masturbate as frequently as I need to.  I’m not sure how long these great nipple sensations will last, so I’m taking him up on the offer.

In fact my nipples are feeling good again… right about now! I am now embracing my pregnancy sex drive.

I would love to read comments by other woman about their pregnancy sex drive? Does anyone have a pregnancy sex drive that is like mine? I would love to hear your story even after I have this baby to call me back to the pregnancy sex drive. I like the feeling of being heated all the time.

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7 replies
  1. Sundevilff says:

    My wife was very horny during all our pregnancies. Her breasts grew two cup sizes. She love her nipples sucked and tweaked anyway and even more so pregnant. She would ride when while playing with her nipples and licking them. Very hot.

  2. HoneyGirl says:

    I have always had a higher sex drive than my husband, but this is my 2nd pregnancy & I am ALWAYS on fire! Even during the nauseous weeks…in my journal I recorded a text I sent my hubby during a particularly rough sick week: Gosh, if I’m not nauseous, I’m thinking sexy thoughts of us!
    What I didn’t text him was that they were so sexy I had to play with my breasts to get relief! I tell hubby things like “my boobies have been ACHING for you all day, Honey” and it’s not just a line!

  3. Ashleigh Henderson says:

    Hey 🙂 I have a 17 month old daughter. This was my experience too. Although I was never caught. And never really told hubs about my solo adventures. I always thought of him if I ever fantasized. Mostly I was just trying to put out my own fire and thinking abt how goooood it felt!

  4. gentleman says:

    This is one of the hottest stories on this MH website! You sure are blessed, and seem to live up to your name, Marriage Joy! You can delight that “having a bun in the oven” heated up both your desire and your responses. The sensitive love and pleasuring which your husband shares with you completes the warmth of your story. Thank you for sharing this. I’ll enjoy reading all of the stories that you post.
    Unfortunately, pregnancy isn’t so delightful for other couples. My lovely wife was more than uncomfortable most of her time. She was nauseated much of those months, and her swelling breasts were too sore to be touched. Even so, she was beautiful in pregnancy.

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