Mutual Blessing to Masturbate

Over the last ten years or so, my wife and I have developed an enjoyable practice of frequent masturbation by mutual approval.  I consider myself to be the primary beneficiary, not only because of my more frequent indulgence, but because I also enjoy watching – and encouraging her – to follow my example.

We have given each other the blessing to masturbate whenever we desire, and this gracious consent is a liberating power for inciting rapturous orgasms.  She has given me the assurance of her continuing love and commitment and, as a result, I am drawn even closer to her.  After either a quick or prolonged solo session, I embrace, cuddle, and pet her and want us to share together what I enjoyed alone.

Our mutual acceptance promotes honesty and openness.  I have called her at school and pointedly asked “Do you mind if I masturbate?”  “Of course not,” she will answer and then add the blessing “Enjoy yourself!”  I reply with “Thank you, baby.  I love you.  I’ll be thinking of you!”

When we’re in bed together she’ll whisper encouragement:  “Make yourself explode!” As the tension mounts through my body, I pant exclamations of “I feel so good” and “You make me so hot.”  I also praise the third member of our Trinitarian love:  “Oh, God, I love you!”   The presence and support of my wife and God incites blessed orgasms!

There is no reason for secrecy.  If I am alone at home and realize she is about to return, I strip and stroke in order to be discovered.  During a recent afternoon, she exclaimed, “Oh, baby, hello!”  After a few minutes of polite conversation, she took matters into her ‘own hand’:  I sat above her on the kitchen counter, wrapped my legs around her as she stood facing me, and she strummed my penis for a few firm strokes before I fell into her arms.

If I retire first to bed, I often masturbate and pray she will soon enter to see me.   Once while she was preparing dinner, I retreated to our secluded back porch so she could catch glimpses of me masturbating through the large window.  When she called me in to eat, she greeted me:  “I’m glad you like to enjoy yourself.”

With letters, poems, and photographs and videos of myself, I present them to her as tokens of my appreciation and love:  “Make yourself come for me, baby.”  She always has my blessing to masturbate.  When we were separated for a couple of weeks she e-mailed me:  “The bed is lonely.”  I replied with a veiled blessing to masturbate:  “You have my blessing to remember me.”  When I finally returned, I asked, “Did you masturbate?”
“Once or twice.”
“I’m proud of you!”

The mere thought of her masturbating is enchanting, and the fulfillment of seeing her is always beautiful and even more engaging.  I love my wife and I love to masturbate!  Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful woman!

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  1. arkguy571 says:

    Me having a higher sex drive than the wife use masturbation to fill in the gaps. A rule we came up with a few years that has worked really well for us, I always have to ask first, never without her knowledge. That gives her a chance to have sex if she wants it and I don’t have to hide anything. I don’t feel guilty and if she wants sex, I am ready to go. Also, asking is somewhat embarrassing I suppose, so it has cut down on masturbating. I only do it if I am really horny, not just pull it out to have fun.

    This has worked well.

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