We Have An Understanding

There are so many things about my wife which I appreciate.  But in the area of our sexual relationship one of the best things is that we learned in the course of our marriage that while we aren’t the same in our needs, we found we could accept and even enjoy our differences by just giving each other the freedom to express them.  By that I mean before marriage whenever I felt the need to ejaculate I would simply take five to thirty minutes depending on circumstances and play with my penis until I was ready to ejaculate.  It kept me from being desperate to have sex before marriage because I could be sexually satisfied while waiting to find the right mate for life.  I think simple physical masturbation for either males or females who feel the need is a blessing of God and something to enjoy and use to remain pure in relationships with other people.

In our marriage, though Gail has stressed to me that she is willing to let me come into her and enjoy her body any time I want, whether she feels romantically inclined at the moment or not (Thank God for her on that point.), there are times when either she isn’t physically available, or I just know she needs sleep or has things on her mind and the pressures of things needing to be done for work, etc..  I love her, and so I don’t want to take her time for my needs right then.  And also, I don’t want to feel like I need to simply ejaculate quickly so she can get on with things.  When we both have time we love to play with each other and experiment with mutual stimulation.  We both have a great time and love sex together.  I am just thankful that in addition to those great  times we have together, she understands that my body is wired differently than hers, both physically and mentally, and that sometimes I just need to jack myself off so I can feel calm in my loins and focus my brain on the other things in life that need attention.  It’s a real pressure, and actually a dangerous temptation, to feel so horny and unable to relieve myself that I crave sexual stimuli.  I learned as an adolescent who was trying to please God and keep myself pure that my penis was easily appreciative of the attention I could give it with my hands and the various textures of other materials.  Today I am very happily married to the right woman for me (23 years so far).  We have great communication and great sex.  And when I need an extra release I know she is glad for me to take care of myself and keep myself sexually sane and physically and emotionally healthy and focused.

Sometimes I find it fun while she is sitting on the bed reading or studying before going to sleep to just sit next to her, spread my legs and begin fondling my scrotum and penis.  I like to run my finger around under the head, make repetitive pulling strokes on it with the fingers of both hands, and just tease it in all the ways men know feels great.  Knowing she is right there and able to watch me or ignore me, but in either case approving of what I am doing, is in itself a turn on to me.  What often happens, even though she may be tired and may have a short night ahead before the alarm goes off, is that she will get aroused from watching me and lend a hand to my stiff penis.  I love feeling her soft female fingers touching and stroking the smooth skin of my penis.  Or sometimes she will just remove her pajama bottoms, unbutton her top, spread her legs a little and say, “Whenever you have had enough fun with that thing and want to shoot it into a warm wet pussy, I’ve got one ready for it.  No matter how good I’m feeling at that point, her option is always a great way to climax.  Sometimes then she begins rubbing her vulva and clitoris herself while watching me and has a climax or two while I’m just teasing my penis.  I know then that I can get into her and give us both the great orgasm that we need and are so hungry for by that point.  When that happens I don’t feel I have imposed my needs upon her needs for sleep or study, and that what she has gotten for herself is well worth it to her.  It’s always a win-win situation no matter how it turns out.

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