Kissin’ Cousins!

As a kid, my mother would sometimes say to me, “You’re building up to the much needed one, young lady!” The problem was that the time for the “much needed one” would sometimes happen most inconveniently. Like the time when I was fifteen when we were preparing to visit my step-cousins, who had recently moved near us. My uncle had remarried and his new wife had two boys. They were lads about my age and I wanted to make a real impression with my grown-up ways. So I plastered on the make-up, put on a trendy top and short skirt, brushed my hair a thousand times, and came down ready for the fray.

Mom looked at me and told me my make-up looked ridiculous (it did!) and to go and wash it off. I will admit she told me the truth but she wasn’t very tactful about it. I got real mad and we had a big argument, something we had got into the habit of doing. In the end I really lost my cool and swore, at which point Mom grabbed me and dragged me over her knee. I screamed and yelled as she adjusted my clothing so the coming spanking would have maximum effect. As the hairbrush wasn’t handy, she then told one of my younger sisters to hand her a wooden spatula out the kitchen drawer. I didn’t blame my sister for obeying but I thought she might not have looked quite so pleased about it! What followed was painful and two minutes later I was jumping round the kitchen clutching a burning rear.

I sat in the car on two cushions on the way to the cousins, minus makeup and sobbing my eyes out. So much for the trendy young lady! That I needed the spanking was probably true. That it happened at that precise time was most inconvenient not just for my bottom but for my dignity as well! Mind you, every cloud has a silver lining and, after the initial teasing about my spanking, one of the boys – a lovely lad called Darren – really took a fancy to me. When we left he kissed my cheek and told me he thought I was too nice to spank. How deluded can you get? We really liked each other and started dating, although it was not serious at the time as we were very young. It was more like a friendship, although Darren always kissed me before we parted, which made me feel great.

The most memorable incident happened on my sixteenth birthday, when Darren came over for the day as we were both off school.  As the weather was fine, we decided to go for a walk in some nearby woods. The day was hot and I was wearing some cute shorts which, I thought, showed my butt off to perfection. Had I known what was to happen, I might have worn something rather more substantial!

The week before my birthday, Darren and I had been discussing my birthday, and, in a rash moment, I’d dared him to give me a birthday spanking. I’d been spanked many a time but I’d never had a birthday spanking to that point. I’d forgotten about it, but obviously Darren hadn’t. Hence, when we reached a secluded spot, my lovely cousin stopped, kissed me on the cheek, and then said, ‘Time for your birthday spanking, Lucy.’ Then, in spite of my protests, he sat on a handy tree stump and pulled me over his knee. I squealed and wriggled but Darren told me I had this coming and then directed sixteen good smacks to my squirming rump. It stung like anything, but I was too busy enjoying lying over my handsome cousin’s lap to notice too much. After he finished I got up rubbing my butt, while my cousin gave me another kiss. ‘Happy birthday, cousin,’ he said.

‘You rotter!’ I said, continuing the frantic rubbing of my tingling rear. ‘I thought you said I was too nice to spank.’

He grinned: ‘That was when I first knew you,’ he said. ‘But I’ve thought you needed that for a quite some time!’ Of course, he was right. I was a bossy little scamp even as a teenager! But it felt good to feel that this hunky guy fancied me enough to spank me! I giggled and hugged my big, strong cousin, feeling like Jane to his Tarzan at that point!
He then told me he loved me and all the bells in my heart started to ring. I sat my freshly spanked bottom on his knee and we did some kissing. I’d always kept the relationship at arms length as we were cousins, but I realised, of course, we were not blood relatives so there was no worry on that score.

As we continued our walk, I held my cousin’s hand while continuing to rub my well-warmed posterior with my other hand. I was desperately in love with him. However, as he kissed me goodbye after a really lovely birthday party that evening, we realised we had some way to go in our relationship as we were both still very young and did not need to rush things.
We dated for nearly three years before we got married. I’d enjoyed the birthday spanking and dropped big hints to Darren to do it again on my seventeenth and eighteenth birthdays – not that he needed much encouragement!

On my nineteenth birthday we had only been married a couple of weeks and my folks gave us an evening eating out in town followed by a night in a motel so we wouldn’t have to drive back. When we got to the motel I got into some sexy night wear while Darren changed. I thought he might have forgotten about the spanking but he sat on a chair, smiled and sat me on his knee. We kissed passionately then he said, “Birthday spanking time, I think, Lucy!”

He hadn’t forgotten! I didn’t resist as he gently helped me over his knee. In fact I’d quite been looking forward to it. Only this time, of course, I got it on the bare bottom, which was very exciting and arousing. I yelped and squealed and kicked as my husband’s hand descended nineteen times on my bare buns. At the end my bottom was very warm as was my arousal as I dived into bed with my husband and we made mad passionate love. I gasped as we reached climax and kissed my husband passionately. We were still kissin’ cousins!

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