Sexy Nights that your Husband will Love

Sexy Nights that your Husband will Love
1.  She puts on a style show for you.  Model every sexy outfit you have, or at least 5 if you have a whole bunch.

2.  Masturbate while he watches.  This one is hard if it is your first time in front of him, but you can start by slowing undressing while he just watches, then begin to touch your breasts, then move one hand on down and spread your lips and ask him does he like that.  Once encouraged, you can begin to touch yourself.

3.  Sex outside.  Try it in the back yard if you have any privacy there.  Around 3 a.m. is good if you are concerned.   Put on a jogger with nothing under it and take a blanket.   The blanket can be used to conceal yourselves too.   But when you are about to reach climax, drop the blanket for at least a few seconds.  He will love it and you will likely too.

4.  Oral sex.  Got to be on any guy’s list.  If you don’t want him to come in your mouth, there are a couple good solutions:  a.  He wears a condom and gets to come while you are still sucking him.  b.  No condom, but you pull him out of your mouth just before he comes and continue stroking with your hand.

5.  Dress up & role-play.  I love it and don’t consider it lusting after someone other than my wife.   Being a pirate is just fantasy. I do not recommend playing like she is Susan that you know at the office, that is an entirely different thing.

6.  Pictures.  With a digital camera, you don’t have to send them in to be developed.If concerned, you can agree ahead of time that the memory is erased right after you are finished.

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