The Backyard Pool

My Angel, I know you will read this…I hope you remember when the weather warms up that we make this come true.

It was the kind of day in the South that made them glad they bought the house with the backyard pool.  It was hot outside, and a dip in the pool was just the thing to cool off.  They had their own business and worked from home, so it was easy to take a break in the workday and go outside for a refreshing swim.  They changed into swimsuits and jumped  into the cool water.  After swimming and splashing around awhile, they found themselves touching…first holding hands while floating, then sharing kisses.  They were in the shallow end where they could easily stand as he pressed her against the side of the pool…and himself against her.  Their tongues played in each others mouths as they kissed passionately and they could feel the fires inside them beginning to ignite.

As they kissed, he began to massage her breasts through the thin swimsuit material and her nipples quickly stood out to meet his touch, pressing against the thin fabric.  Soon, he was removing her top and touching her huge, beautiful tits…squeezing and massaging one while licking and sucking on the other.  She was moaning quietly with pleasure as he enjoyed one of his favorite treats.  As he nibbled and sucked, she reached under the water and felt the huge bulge in his trunks, straining against the lining of his suit.  He gasped with pleasure as she began to caress him through the fabric.  They enjoyed this play time for several minutes but soon their desire increased.  With one hand, he reached down and ran his fingers between her legs on the outside of the swim suit bottoms she still had on, circling her clit with his finger.  Her breathing increased slightly, but when he slipped a finger inside her suit and touched her swollen button, she let out a little whimper.  As he massaged her most private place, she spread her legs slightly to allow him better access. By now she had reached through the leg hole of his trunks and found his swollen member and was managing to stroke him, but the obstacles to their access to each other would clearly need to be removed.

Without a word, he slid his hands to her waistband, and tugged out of the way the thin fabric separating him from that special place he loved so dearly.  No sooner had he removed her suit, than she began to tug at his trunks.  She struggled to get them pulled down over his swollen cock, but she persevered and finally freed him from the confines of the suit. They continued to kiss, caress, massage, lick, suck, stroke, touch, and explore each other, loving each other thoroughly, and neither willing to bring this lovemaking to a conclusion anytime soon.  After a while, they were in need of a break to rest and catch their breath.  Still completely naked, they came out of the pool and went to relax on their lounge chairs which they pulled side by side until they were touching.  They lay back enjoying the warm sun on their naked bodies and almost began to doze.  Soon, however, she felt his hand exploring her gently.  He began by stroking her cheek, but soon moved slowly from her face, down her neck, and lingered at her beautiful breasts.  Her nipples responded to his touch and were instantly hard under his fingers.  He continued down across her stomach and eventually his hand settled between her legs.  She shifted slightly to better meet his touch.  He stroked her between her lips, dipping a finger inside her, then sliding it back up to circle her clit.  As he touched her, she reached over and fondled him, gently stroking his cock and massaging his balls.  She would slide her hand down to massage him just below his sack, then back up his shaft to circle the head with her finger.  They lay there together, just enjoying each others bodies, and wordlessly providing loving pleasure to each other.  Eventually, they had to have more.  He said “I want to come straddle you and put my dick between your tits”.  She eagerly agreed.  He quickly moved into position, and soon was thrusting himself between those massive breasts.  Each time he thrust up, when the head of his manhood appeared, he paused as she licked it.  She carefully moved her arm under him where she could touch and rub herself as he made love to her between her breasts.  He soon pulled away and began to move down her body, licking and kissing her until his face was between her legs and he began to taste the juices that were now flowing from her.  He licked and sucked her clit and slid his tongue up and down her slit with increasing intensity as she squirmed and bucked under his touch.  Soon, her hand was on the back of his head.  Knowing what that meant, he sucked her clit hard and looked up at her, watching her beautiful face as she experienced exquisite sexual pleasure.  As she guided his head with one hand, she was squeezing her nipples with her other hand and began to writhe more and more violently.  She suddenly let out a muffled scream as she exploded into a massive orgasm.  Her body began to spasm over and over as the waves of pleasure continued to wash over her.

As she calmed from the explosion of sexual release, she looked at him, and with passion and urgency in her voice, said “I need you inside me NOW”.  He moved up her body, and slid quickly and smoothly into her.  She was so wet and hot, he almost came as soon as he entered her.  He moaned as he entered her feeling the heat of her passion as it swallowed him.  He lay still inside her for a moment to try to control himself to make this immense pleasure last.  Soon, he began to slowly pull himself out of her until only the head of his cock was still inside her.  He then thrust himself back inside her with a hard fast stoke, burying himself in her fully.  She moaned as he repeated this “slow stroke out/hard thrust in” rhythm as her passions were still burning strong.  She quickly began to rub her clit as he stroked in and out of her.  It only took a couple of minutes before he began to moan “I’m gonna come!”  “Fill me up, Baby” she cried as she rubbed herself more furiously.  Finally, he exploded inside her just as she climaxed for the second time.  He collapsed on top of her, exhausted. He looked at her as, with tears in her eyes, she said “I love you so much”.  He said “I love you too…you are my Angel”.

He rolled off her and back to his lounge chair.  They touched each other, caressing each others nakedness for awhile, then held hands as they relaxed and dozed in the sun.  Later he would awaken to the feel of her mouth on his manhood, coaxing him to action again, but that would be another story.

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  1. Michael Walken says:

    Our adventures in the pool
    ..Lisa sees me gazing back in her direction and rises from her chair. She drains the last of her margarita in a three-swallow pull and then slowly walks to the edge of the pool. Daintily, she dips in a toe. To my surprise and delight, she then walks around to the deep-end and climbs onto the small diving board. After a couple hops, she dives headfirst into the water. I watch her swim beneath the surface all the way to the other end of the pool, where her head finally pops up for air. She takes a few breaths and then tilts her head back briefly beneath the surface to pull her hair away from her face.

    “It’s nice here, isn’t it?” she asks across the water.

    “Yeah, it’s fantastic,” I reply.

    She watches me from the shallow end of the pool for a minute and then suddenly stands straight up, waist-high in the water. I feel my jaw drop a notch as her wet tank top, now totally transparent, sucks itself tightly against the contours of her tits. She stands there, casually re-tying one side of the string bikini around her hips, apparently inviting me to stare at her dripping body. Once the string is retied she returns my gaze and slowly starts to push through the water toward me, gradually sinking as she walks down the sloping floor of the pool. The cotton material of her top floats away from her skin as the water rises around her. When the water eclipses her shoulders, she raises her arms straight up, takes a deep breath and drops beneath the surface. The tank top floats to the surface alone.

    I watch her wavering shape through the water as she swims across the long pool toward the ledge where I am sitting. She bursts from the surface right between my knees — her face skyward so that her hair is slicked back by the water. Instinctively I reach out to catch her. She lands almost in my lap, with one hand on my chest and her other on my shoulder, blinking away the water from her eyes. Her skin is slippery in my hands, but I manage to pull her up onto my thigh. She turns her hips to sit there, her legs between my own. Her breasts hang between us, naked and dripping. We lock eyes for a moment, and then she throws her mouth against mine in a hungry kiss.

    Our tongues dance urgently together and her arms surround my neck. My hands slide up to her ribcage, pulling her closer to me. I can feel the softness of a naked breast there against my inner forearm. I restrain the urge to caress that pendulous flesh and instead concentrate on returning every ounce of her passionate kiss.

    For several long minutes her mouth continues to attack my own with the intensity of a new lover. Her lips suck and pull at mine while her tongue chases around inside my mouth. Her saliva tastes sweet, like peach juice. Her body twists in my lap, turning toward me and climbing higher until her knees are straddling my hips and her feet are tucked beneath her. She presses the full abundance of her chest against my own.

    Her mouth pulls away just long enough to say: “God, I love kissing you!” Then her lips latch themselves back onto my face. I give up trying to be polite with my hands and unleash them to run wild across her amazing body.

    Every tactile pleasure I had imagined these past few days while bearing witness to her nubile shape is suddenly eclipsed by the reality I feel beneath my hands. Lisa’s body is a sensual masterpiece: taut and firm where I want it to be, supple and elastic where I want it to be. Her thighs are muscular and smooth. Her stomach is rock-hard. I cup my hands around her ribcage and lift her skyward. Our mouths disconnect and she lets out a cute yelp as I raise her up until her nipples level with my eyes. I pull her to me and bury my face into her cleavage, then loop one arm behind her back to pin her in this position.

    She lets out a laugh and wraps her arms around my head. Gradually I let her slide back down, keeping her body tight against me. By the time our mouths reconnect her breasts are stacked high against my collarbones like a pair of compressed water-balloons. Her cleavage smothers the base of my neck.

    “I get the feeling you like my boobs,” she whispers into my mouth between kisses. I nod yes as our lips press against each other once more.

    She releases her grip on my head and pushes back slightly. I slacken my hold on her body so she can lean away a bit more and shift her weight onto my thighs. She drops her arms to her sides, using them to squeeze her naked breasts together. I reward her by ducking my head forward and latching my mouth onto her right nipple. She squeals and giggles as I suck on it hard. I return my hands to sides of her ribcage and pull her back toward me until her tits are again level with my face. I start to alternate between her nipples, sucking on each one until they both look maximally engorged. They now stand out like large cherries, swollen and dark-red. Squeezing inward with my hands, I compress her tits tightly together; creating a glorious display of cleavage just inches from my eyes.

    “God, I’ve never seen my nipples that big before,” Lisa says, staring down at them from above.

    It occurs to me that I’ve never felt my cock so tightly wrapped before. It has been trapped down one leg of my shorts beneath the water this whole time, and now feels like it has doubled in size. One of her shins is pressing awkwardly against it. It is time to move.

    I push myself off the seat and tumble us both into the deep pool. Our tangled legs make it difficult at first to stay above water.

    “Meet me at the bottom,” I say to her before taking a breath and dropping beneath the surface. I open my eyes and swim toward the drain at the bottom of the pool. A moment later she tackles my head from above with her hands and pulls my face to hers. We try to kiss, but end up laughing too hard to make it work. Our bubbles intermingle themselves on the way to the surface. Almost out of air, we both kick our way to the top together.

    She wipes the water from her eyes as we bob amidst the clear pool with our faces only inches apart. Neither of us says a word for a moment. Then she wraps her legs around my waist and places her hands atop my shoulders, forcing me to tread water more vigorously to keep us both afloat.

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