Our Passion

Turning me to face you directly, you stroke my face gently with your knuckles, and place a tender kiss on my lips . You press me against the wall and tell me to close my eyes. Your lips leave mine, working their way to my eyelids. Kissing them closed. I feel you take my hand you slowly lead to our bed. I shiver from anticipation . I felt your arm wrap around my waist. You pulled yourself close. Your breath was hot on my neck and so welcome. Your kisses sent rivulets of pleasure though me. Leaning against you, I wrapped my hands around your neck, pulling you closer. Teeth grazed my flesh ,hands filled with the weight of my breast and my nipples harden in anticipation . You turned me to face you . I smiled , blushed briefly meeting your eyes before hiding in the comforting curve of your arm . You allow me to hide, but you know … you know full well what your fingers are doing to me as they tease my nipples.

Soon you where nuzzling my neck, placing light kisses on collarbone, neck, shoulders, and ear. I could not hide the passion I was feeling and you could see it all over my face .it was then you kissed me again. your lips met mine tentatively at first . The kiss was soft , sweet, and lasted only a moment before you broke it. you questioning gaze once again met my all telling eyes and you kissed me again . This time the kiss was anything but tentative , anything but soft and sweet. This kiss demanded a response straight from my soul and I gave it to you . Your tongue plundered the inside of my mouth . It held no secrets . Mine explored yours with equal excitement . I was breathless when it ended. My head fell back. I tried to hide the heated blush. Your hands closed on either side of my face and lifted it until our gazes where locked once more. You pulled me close reaching behind me you find the zipper to my pants and slowly lower it. Time seemed to halt . My senses reeled . Everything was magnified . The sound of each set of teeth on my zipper being pulled apart.

The cool air felt punishing on the heated flesh of my back. The light teasing of your fingertips as they caressed my exposed skin .I stood before you wearing only my undergarments . A rivulet of sweet ran down my spine . It traveled under the band of my white lace bra and soaked into my matching panties . I could not have felt more exposed if I had been totally naked .Snaking your hand around my neck you pulled me to you, searing my lips with yours. Down my neck, to my shoulders your hands traveled. Grasping the straps of my bra you slid them down until my breasts were bared and my arms trapped. you took a step backward, and stood there, just looking at me. Gently you reached out and closed each hand around a breast. Lifting, slightly squeezing, you let your thumbs taunt my hardening nipples. A deep moan escaped from somewhere deep inside me and I once again flushed with embarrassment. Like before, I lowered my head to escape your all-knowing gaze. Again you lifted my chin and wordlessly signaled for me to look into your eyes. With a slight tug you released my nipples and let you hands drift down my body.

Tormentingly, you played with the elastic band of my panties. Our eyes still locked in their unwavering gaze. You fingers waltzed across the lace covering my vagina. I could feel the petals of my sex swell with anticipation. Suddenly, without warning you dropped to your knees. Tiny feather light kisses were placed on my lace covered vagina. Your breath felt hot against my skin and made me weak from wanting you. My fingers tangled in your hair, My arms still trapped from the straps of my bra kept me from exploring you further.

My panties were pushed to one side as your tongue delved deeply into my vagina. I screamed out with unexpected pleasure. It stopped as quickly as it started, leaving me gasping for air, my chest heaving. Teeth dug into my thighs. covering my body with yours, covering my mouth with your lips. With my arms now free, I tried desperately to get closer to my lover. your shirt was a barrier. It had to be removed. Like a woman who has lost all inhibitions for the first time in her life I tore at you at your clothing. The white cotton that minutes before had been your shirt, now laid in a tattered pile. your belt was jerked free and flung across the room. your pants were another frustration quickly disposed of. Shoes, socks, undergarments, nothing was going to stop me from what I wanted. I wanted you. Flushed not from embarrassment, but from exertion, I sat straddling you. you chest was smooth, the skin soft, golden. I raised my hand and gingerly touched you, Then both hands where placed on the hard muscled surface. My fingers splayed. you simply laid there, watching my face, still not uttering a word.

I reached for your lips, so perfectly formed, and traced their edges. Leaning forward, my breasts brushed against you. My nipples hardening from the contact. My tongue flicked out and traced the same path my fingers had made. The results of my torment? An explosive kiss that sent ripples of pleasure throughout our bodies. My need grew. My boldness expanded more than I had ever imagined, even in the most secret of my fantasies. I kissed, nibbled, even lapped at your skin. My teeth tortured, my tongue soothed. My hands took on a mind of their own. Across your chest I explored, down your rippled stomach and still lower. Your erection was full, proud, beautiful. I took the swollen flesh in my hand. My finger moved over the blossoming head and collected the single droplet of moisture that formed there.

Bringing my finger to my mouth I suckled it, savoring the taste of my new love. I leaned down and closed my mouth over the source of the sweet nectar. I sipped. I relished. I inhaled your fragrance. you drove me mad with desire. Not willing to wait a moment longer I once again straddled your lap. Feeling your hard penis slip between the soft folds on vagina, I began to move my hips in rhythm to the music still playing. The head of your penis was touching, teasing me bringing me close to completion. You must have sensed this, for you sat up, grasping me close. My legs on either side of your hips. With one quick lunge you where inside me. your face nestled between my shoulder and neck. Your breath hot. Your teeth biting. Capturing my shoulders, you pushed me backward, forcing my back to arch. My hair spilled down and tickled the tops of your thighs.

Your mouth sealed around my nipple. One hand supported my back. The other moved across my stomach, coming to a rest just above the spot where we were joined. Your thumb slid inside and stroked where you knew I would feel the most pleasure. I followed your lead and we moved together as if we were still dancing. Our tempo quickened. It became frenzied, wild. Together we spiraled to the pinnacle of our passion. Lightening flashed, thunder boomed. Everything went black, quiet. You felt me start to contract you new I would orgasm soon . We moved faster and hard I could feel your penis as it pulsed inside as you climax inside.

I opened my eyes and was in the arms of my love ,my life , my husband , my lover.

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