Oral Trust

Being married, it’s not always easy to make Love to your husband on a regualr basis. I love my husband and his body, every part of it, but sometimes schedules conflict and whatnot. We hadn’t made love for a few days this week and I wanted to give him a little something special since it’s been longer than usual. I wanted him to finish orally, and not only that but I wanted to give him control.

When he came home from work that night I was already waiting for him in bed, wearing nothing. He saw I was waiting for him and so he slipped in next to me after taking off his clothes. He still had his underwear on, a nice pair that countoured around his package and started to make me wet. I asked him to sleep in the nude with me so we could be closer, I gave him a kiss and we exchanged a few words and I encouraged him to go to sleep.

After a few minutes I could tell he was out of it but not yet sleeping, I thought it would be a nice surprise to coax him out of sleep with a few kisses, not on the lips. I slipped under the sheets and between his legs, he moved a bit but didn’t realize what I was doing. I didn’t use my hands, I just used my tongue to help his flaccid penis between my lips. He was already warm, I rubbed my tongue along the tip of his penis and immediately he started rousing from sleep.

I kept playing with my tongue, his penis fastly growing firm and filling my mouth. I could feel his heat inside me. He pulled the covers from over my head and smiled at me, I smiled back as well as I could with his now very stiff 7 inch penis in my mouth. Usually we turn on our side and I love to give him oral this way and we transition into sex before he finsihes. This time I moved onto my back on the bed and motioned for him to come on top of me. I pulled his hips up near my head and guided his shaved testicles onto my face and over into my mouth. I know he loves me playing with them.

After a few minutes, with my hands on his hips I guided his penis into my mouth and moved his hips up and down until he understood he was in control this time. He moved very slowly at first and inserted only the tip of his penis into my mouth for me to tease with my tongue. After a few moments I encouraged him to go faster and deeper and within a few more minutes I was going wild underneath him. I couldn’t get enough of his thrusting himself swiftly into me, very deep but just shallow enough that I didn’t gag. I don’t know what it is about oral but when he is in me I feel like I can’t get enough of him. I pushed my tongue against his penis and could fel his muscles.

I could tell he was starting to finish so I pulled his hips toward me and his penis was as deep into my throat as it has ever gone. It was a little uncomfortable but the feeling of his semen gushing into my throat was too satisfying to deny. I love my husband and his penis so very much, it is all mine, no other has seen it and no one except me will ever give it pleasure. I held him on top of me for several minutes just loving every moment my mouth was able to be wrapped around his beautiful organ that only I could satisfy.

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8 replies
  1. 76servant says:

    Just simply erotic! Women, pleasing your man like this without no inhibitions will inspire men to return the pleasure! From another hopeful husband! Thank you for sharing!

  2. yankmetoo says:

    I enjoyed the story. I believe you are the controlling person, when you initiate oral sex on your spouse. I dream of the day that my wife would allow me to bring her to orgasm orally. It is such a special tender act of love

  3. Afrodite37 says:

    Really nice, just would enjoy more if it sounded a bit less ”physiological” and more daring erotic. ”Penis” and ”semen” are not my favorite arousing terms… 🙂 But I understand there are other more discrete readers that prefer a more proper language. Maybe some adjectives to enhance it ( ops no pun intended…) Thanks.

  4. seaside says:

    Beautiful women. How do I convince my wife to start swallowing my cum loads. She sucks me very nicley but stops short of the swallow and switches to hand jobs. I am just aching to shoot my load down her throat. I eat out her snatch regularly and swallow all the juice I can get – I love it, but she does not want to swallow my load. Any suggestions?

  5. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    Seaside, just ask. But it’s personal for each. It took me a while but the missus will swallow now.

    I always knew she didn’t want to so even when she decided she would try it, I has a hard time going over the top because I knew she really didn’t want to.

    Being that she does a lot of “dirty” talk now, she would start asking me if I wanted to cum in her mouth. Knowing that she really didn’t want me to, I’d ask her, “do you want me to?” It took her a while before she would answer “yes” but she finally did.

    Then it was changing the question from, “do you want to come in my mouth” to an action statement of, “I want you to cum in my mouth”.

    Once she started using the action statements, it became very easy for me to do it, and her to want it. Now she will swallow asking me to give it to her. I usually like the ride in her pussy so I only take her up on it sparingly.

  6. coolassmick says:

    Lucky husband, yours – I put myself into that category, too. My wife, Corinne, sucks and swallows my load after a long blowing session; naturally, I reciprocate – I take that back, I initiate it; it is so arousing to witness her on her hands and knees sucking my cock with deep wondrous eyes; watching her swallow is the ultimate thrill to me; your story matches my world! Your husband is lucky; I'am lucky, too! Husbands, claim your happiness!

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