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Wife Orgasm -She Surprised Me!

Wife Orgasm -Every morning I have to work on my computer without being interrupted for a few hours. My wife and kids know to not bother me during these few hours. the work is such that I cannot leave the computer at times as I am doing work live that requires online activity during my work.  Yesterday I got a surprise! Maybe it was more of shock and awe.

My wife was getting ready in the morning as usual and my computer station is in our master bedroom but my back is to the bed and rest of the room. During my work time while I was clicking away with my mouse in the middle of one of my work events she says “I wanted to give you something to look at while working” I turned around in my chair and saw she was dressed in a very lovely but skimpy purple 2 piece number that didn’t leave much to the imagination. On the bed across the room was my wife standing there leaning over the bed as she turned on a powerful vibrator that was positioned on the bed.

I said what are you doing? I can’t leave the computer.

“You sit right there and do your work while I give you something wonderful to look at while I feel great!” She replied

Of course I smiled and said well OK!

As she turned the vibrator on she was standing there facing me across the room looking into my eyes. She smiled when I smiled knowing that I was enjoying the show. Funny thing about a good marriage is that you communicate a lot without words and both know what the other is thinking and can read it on your face.

She was reading on my face that I enjoyed the view. I was reading on her face that she was enjoying the feelings but also enjoying the fact that I was enjoying it. Like most wives she enjoys knowing that she is pleasing her husband!

After a few minutes of moving around on the vibrator back and forth her face became less interested in what I thought and more focused on her feelings. Her eyes closed and she let out some moans and when she got close she yelled Oh this feels good!

Then she went over the edge having a big wife orgasm and fell over onto the bed. Weird that I could not leave the computer and had to continue working but was not really paying attention to the screen. She said wow that felt great i should do this every morning after the kids go to school. I thought wow how many men would like to see their wives do that every morning…

We talked and laughed and then she said. “Get over here right now and go in me!” I did. I love watching my wife orgasm. Seeing her enjoy that pleasure brings me great pleasure.

wife orgasm

By: Tina


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