The Beach

My wife and I enjoy going to a very private beach where we get totally naked and enjoy some cheese and wine.  We usually take at least one vibrator along and then we masturbate together or just have a good fuck-session in the sun.   Here is a “letter” I wrote my wife to invite her for some good beach fucking……..


How would you like to have sex on the beach?  Naked!  Completely naked with your boobies swinging free in the wind and your hard nipples open and ready and desperate for attention.  The sun kissing your back and the cool breeze making you very aware of just how wet you are as you feel it cooling your wet pussy while I am there to pleasure every part of you.

Total freedom!  No one else can see or hear you. You can scream FUCK ME at the top of your voice.  You can spread your legs as wide as they can go and invite me to eat your pussy.  You can shout words like cock, prick, pussy, arse…. You can say words that you previously were shy to even think.  Do you like the idea?

I will also be completely naked. Standing there with my hard cock.  You will see my cock dripping precum in the sand, just waiting for you to ask me to plunge my cock into you.  When you ask me, I will first force you onto you back and force your legs open to get access to your pussy. By this time your clit will be hard and double in size.  I will go on my knees and gently start licking all around but not touching your clit.  I will lick the inside of your thighs and fondle your arse but stay away from your pussy. My one hand will pinch your nipples and squeeze your boobies.  You will feel how the wetness starts running down your crack and into the sand.  Your clit will pulse and your desire will take over your mind and body.  The fact that I am not touching your clit will be a torture for you. Your desire to feel my tongue and lips there will drive your passion to an extreme.

Your silence will be broken as you hear yourself saying through clenched teeth, “Suck my clit NOW or I am going to beat you senseless!”  “Suck me!  Suck me you monster.  SUCK ME!   Put my clit in your mouth!  Oh yessssss.   Bite my clit.  Yes. Bite it.  Suck my pussy!!” 

You will feel your thighs shaking as you reach one climax after the other.  You will feel the immense pleasure as I plunge three fingers into you pussy while increasing my tongue licking and sucking on your little love button.  Feel me as I sit back and just focus on fingering you.  Fast.  Faster….  And again you start shaking as you cum over and over but I do not allow you escape as I push my face between your legs, lifting your backside higher off the ground, allowing me access to push my hungry tongue deep into your pussy, tongue-fucking you to another climax.  You feel my tongue as it goes into your tight pussy and the pleasure is immense as my tongue goes in and out at a rapid speed.  You hear the slurping noises as I eat you.  Now I am like an animal as I rub my face between your legs trying to get your juices all over my face.

But I am not done yet. My cock is hard and throbbing.  It is so hard that it is painful.  I grab you by the hair and bring my cock close to your face, waiting for you to lick the precum of its head.  Your tongue makes little circles around the purple head while your hand plays with your own wetness dripping from your pussy.  Oh, the pleasure as your finger is rubbing over the tip of your clit.  You open your mouth and pull me closer and allow my cock to slide into your mouth and deep into your throat.  My balls slapping against your chin as I fuck your mouth.  You grab my arse with both hands and pull me closer, deep-throating me as the full length of my hard cock goes down your throat.  You keep it there and then slowly pull it out until your lips fold around the head and you fondle my clean shaven balls.

Your husband pulls his cock out of your mouth, pulls you onto your feet and then picks up your naked body and walks into the waves.  The near weightlessness of your body that the water creates, allows you to wrap your legs around his middle.  He lifts you just enough for his cock to slip into your pussy.  You wrap your arms around his neck as your mouth eagerly searches for his.  With tongues entwined he bounces over the waves. Each movement felt by both of you as his cock plunges into your pussy.  Another orgasm overtakes you while he sucks your tongue into his mouth and puts his finger at the opening to your anus. He gently stimulates the opening with a finger while pushing his cock into you.  You grunt into his mouth as your body is overtaken by the delicious sensations as you pussy gushes into the cold water…….

How would you enjoy making this happen?  Get ready.  We are going to the beach tomorrow morning.

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6 replies
  1. ClimaXX says:

    Hi Harper. She accepted the invite. We packed a basket with some treats (and toys) and went to the beach and played the entire afternoon.

  2. ClimaXX says:

    JT, you asked about getting caught. Yes, there is always that possibility, but the place we go to is at a point where when we do see people approaching, it will take them at least 15 minutes to reach us. That makes it quite safe. We can speed up an have an orgasm, or we can get dressed and start again when it is safe. That creates some extra tension that make for great orgasms. And…. if we ever do get caught, we remember that we are married and that sex in the marriage (and on the beach) is beautiful.

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