Sex Night – Unexpected Surprises (L)

My wife and I got married when we were both teenagers and have been married for over 20 years now. As you can imagine our Sex life was pretty crazy when we first married. Not only were we newlyweds but we were also full of teenaged hormones and inhibitions. It seemed like all we did was have Sex. Hot wild sex. 7 days a week most of the time several times a day.

Now let’s fast forward about 22 years. We are still happily married and the proud parents of 4 children. We’re both gainfully employed and leading very busy lives. So busy in fact that we didn’t have a lot of time for each other. Sex was quickly becoming something we had on special occasions and maybe a couple of quickies a month. But that was about to change. Someone told me about and I started reading the stories here. I quickly discovered that my wife and I had to start making more time for each other,  time for having sex. I also quickly discovered that some of the things I desired to do with my wife sexually weren’t weird or perverted. I realized that my wife probably had some of those same wants and desires. That’s when I decided it was time to find out. To put my theory to the test. I spent the next couple of weeks planning and getting the things together for what I hoped would be the first of many memorable nights.

After I had everything I needed and my plans worked out for the surprise sex night that my wife knew nothing about, It took a couple of more weeks to find the time to act out the plan. Alone time with your wife is at a premium when you have 4 kids the youngest less than 2. Finally I chose a day. I couldn’t wait any longer. All the planning and waiting had made me so hot and horny tomorrow was the day. The surprises would start before my even woke up in the morning.
The day started as usual. I woke up got showered and ready and left for work. My wife works from home so was still in bed. Before I left though I put a letter I had written to my wife on her dresser. Nothing erotic just a love letter.
I was still driving to work when she called me. She said she had read the letter and loved it. She felt like we were back in high school and she was a school girl again. Then she asked me what I had done wrong or if I was up to something.i laughed and told her she would just have to wait and see, but that she would probably be really tired and walking funny tomorrow if all went as planned later. She sounded shocked, but said she couldn’t wait and was getting turned on already. Then she said she was still in bed so why didn’t I just turn around and join her.

Step 1 of my plan was complete. She sounded intrigued and already at least a little bit horny.
Later that morning I sent her a text message. It told her where she could find the second letter I hidden for her before I left this morning. This one was still a love letter, but also described how beautiful and sensual I think she is. How much I love her breasts, her as and her legs. When my phone started ringing 20 minutes later it was her. I couldn’t wait to hear her reaction. I wasn’t disappointed. She told me not only was the letter a surprise, but it really turned her on and she was soaking wet between those legs I love so much. Then she asked me what I was up to. I told her she would have to wait and see, but she was right about one thing I was up. I was rock hard just hearing her voice and thinking about later.

Step 2 was complete. I could tell by her voice she wasn’t kidding when she said she was hot and wet!
I spent the next 2 hours sending her very erotic and explicit text messages, 1 about every 20 minutes. After the 7th text message my phone started ringing, it was her. She was practically panting when I answered the phone. She said that she was so horny she was soaking wet and wanted me right now. She was getting no work done because all she could think about was screwing my brains out. I said good. I guess my letters and text messages are having the desired effect. You know good things come to those who wait, but not to worry I was going to make her cum over and over again later. Then I quickly ended the call. She called me right back but I didn’t answer. Instead I sent her a text message. I told her I was so hard with anticipation that I was throbbing and couldn’t talk to her right now. I was afraid I might cum in my pants if I did. I was only half exaggerating. She responded with a message of her own telling me how much she was enjoying this setting back and forth and was wondering why we hadn’t done it before. Then she to use her words sexted me again. She said she had removed her panties because they were soaked through with want and anticipation. I almost had to remove mine after that message, I was supposed to making her hot, but I think I was just as hot as her.
Step 3 was complete. I think we both realized how much fun sexting was and we were both getting really hot.
As always seems to happen when you have plans. The rest of my day at work didn’t go as smooth as my plans and surprises for my wife were going. I knew early in the afternoon I would have to work later than normal. Except for the set messages with my wife the rest of the day was crapy. I ended up leaving really late. When I got to my car I called my wife to let her know it was on my way home and where she could find another letter. She didn’t say a word and hung up the phone. I wondered what that was all about was she excited I was coming home or mad I was leaving so late. I started the car and my hour and half commute home wondering if all was ruined.
I was about a half hour in to my drive home when my phone started ringing. It was her and I hoped she was still excited and not mad. I answered the phone not knowing what to expect. When I said hello my wife was panting into the phone, she sounded as if she had just run a marathon or really close to an orgasm. She said she had read the letter and that I better be driving fast. She said she was so wet her juices were running down the inside of her legs. Then she said the kids had been asleep for hours so if I didn’t hurry she might just have to cum without me. One of my greatest turn ons is to watch my wife pleasure herself during foreplay. She knows this really gets me going but rarely does it and never to orgasm or for more than a few minutes. Now it was really time for me to wet my underwear just picturing it. I told her I was driving as fast as I could. If she decided she couldn’t wait though she better call back because if it wasn’t me making her cum I wasn’t against phone sex. She laughed seductively and told me just to hurry up and get home before she hung up the phone. Just as I was thinking about how well this plan was working out she surprised me with one more sex text message. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened up the message. My very shy and conservative wife had just sent me a picture of her soaking wet vagina with 2 of her fingers deep inside it. The text with the picture read. Don’t worry I’m waiting for you. I just wanted to show you how bad I want you.
I made it home after that in record time. I pulled in the driveway and ran to the door. I was just about to put my key in the lock, when the door flew open. My wife grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me in the door. She was standing there in a short sun dress and I could see the inside of her thighs were shiny and wet. My penis was instantly hard as a rock. She pulled me close and planted a big kiss on my lips as she fumbled with the zipper on my pants. I hadn’t seen my wife like this in many years. I wanted her so bad. It took all of my strength to pull myself away from her. I took a step back and told her to wait, I still had another letter for her and planed surprises for her I’m sure she would love. She said forget the letter and surprises! Just fuck me now! Once again it was my turn to be surprised. She must be insanely horny my wife never talked like that. I took her by both hands and walked her over to the couch in the living room. She sat down and I leaned over her kissing her deeply and fingering her soaking wet vagina. Her whole body was shaking and she got even wetter. After breaking off the kiss and removing my fingers from her several minutes later, I took another letter from my pocket and handed it to her. I told her to just sit and read her letter, it would give her all the instructions she needed. I needed to go up stairs and finish setting everything up for her surprise. Again she told me to shut up and just fuck her! I told her I planned to several times in fact, but not yet. I couldn’t help but want to just do as she said and fuck her, but I wasn’t done teasing her yet. She started reading her letter so I went upstairs to set everything up.
I collected everything from the bedroom closet where I had hidden them. I lit all the candles, laid out the new lingerie and blindfold I had bought for this night. I ran a bubble bath in the soaker tub for her and took a step back to look around. I had almost forgotten the furry handcuffs I had picked up at a local sex shop. I took them out of my drawer and placed them with the other stuff on the bed. Everything was now ready. I went downstairs to send my wife up for her bath and other surprises.

When I got back down to the living room I found my wife still sitting on the couch with her dress hiked up exposing her from the waist down. She smiled at me and said she had read my letter and would follow my directions. I said too. Start with the bath and send me a text when your dressed, before you put on the blindfold and cuff your hands behind your back. She jumped off the couch grab my rock hard penis and said she couldn’t wait. Then she turned and practically ran upstairs.
The next half hour seemed like a year as I sat there waiting for her text, by now it was almost midnight and I couldn’t wait to make love to my wife. I was starting to get impatient. I was about to go upstairs and say screw the surprises and make love to my wife and cum deep inside her when my phone alerted me to a new text. She was ready, now it was my turn to run upstairs!
When I opened the bedroom door I found my wife lying in the middle of the bed bathed in candlelight. She was wearing the teddy, garters and stockings I had left out for her. She was a complete vision of beauty. She also had the blindfold on and was wearing no panties just like I had instructed her in the last letter. But instead of having her hands in the cuffs behind her back, she was squeezing her breaststroke with one hand and had the fingers of the other buried deep in her vaginal. When she heard me enter the room she told me to lock the door and watch her pleasure herself for a while. I know it drives you crazy show enjoy the show for a few minutes. All I could say was I want you sooooo bad! I locked the door, walked over to the bed and watched her while I undressed. She was right watching her was driving me so crazy I started stroking my very hard penis. She laughed and said no fare I can hear you playing with yourself but you get to watch me. With that said she started driving her fingers harder and harder into her vagina and moaned that if I didn’t get on with pleasing her instead of myself she was going to make herself cum. Without saying another word I climbed in the bed beside her slowly sat her up and cuffed her hands behind her back before lying her back down gently. She didn’t protest but just kept moaning at me to funk her.

I kissed her deeply on the mouth then whispered not yet in her ear, it’s my turn to make you moan. Tonight is all about bringing you pleasure and even more than that multiple orgasms. Now just relax and enjoy. Then I sat up on the bed just looking at my beautiful wife and thanking God for bringing her into my life. I thought about how much I love her as I gently moved my fingertips up and down her body from head to toe. Each touch of my fingers brought soft gasps and moans from her lips. Then I lay back down beside my bound and blindfolded wife and gently kissed her mouth and circled her nipples with my fingertips. Then I slowly moved my hands down her body and touched her inner thighs and vagina. This made her moan even more. Man did I love my wife. I slid 2 fingers inside her and used my thumb to tease her clip. She started to grind her pussy into my hand and begged me not to stop, she keep saying your going to make me cum. I continued to pleasure her with my hand until she was moaning so loud I thought she would wake up the neighbors. She was moaning and saying make me cum make me cum. When I could tell she was right there I stopped. She kept grinding the air with her pussy and screaming at me to make her cum. She was right where I wanted her so I said not yet I’m not done with the surprises.
My heart was pounding. This next surprise could make or break all my plans and a whole day of teasing. I reached up under the pillows where I had hidden a small bullet type vibrator. My wife and I had never used a vibrator or sex toys. My wife always seemed not to sure if the topic of introducing sex toys to our relationship was brought up. I wasn’t sure how she would react. Well I thought time to find out.
I started kissing her mouth and then slowly kissed my way down her body to her inner thighs. I kissed her thighs and pussy before lightly licking her clit. She pushed her hips up off the bed to meet my mouth and moaned at me to eat her. So I did. I buried my tongue so deep inside her that my nose was pushed hard against her clit. She went crazy grinding her pussy into my face and bucking wildly as she moaned and gasped for air. I knew she was about to cum any second. So I stopped and said time for my last surprise. She begged me not to stop make me cum! Funk me NOW she screamed! That’s when I turned on the vibrator. When she heard the soft steady buzzing of the vibrator she went perfectly still and quiet. I didn’t know what she was thinking and was waiting for her to say something, anything. Then she smiled, grinned from ear to ear and said so that’s what your up to. Your sooooo bad! Are you going to make me cum or what?
I took the toy and lightly touched her breasts with it rubbing it on her breasts and nipples, she moaned softly and said it feels good. I made my way down to her inner thighs with it and again she moaned. So I slowly and gently touched her pussy and clit with it alternating between them sometimes gently sometimes a little harder. She was now moaning steadily and asking me not stop. I pushed my fingers deep inside her while stimulating her clit with the vibrator. Then I pushed the vibrator inside her and stimulated her clit with my mouth and tongue. By now she was grinding herself into me and moaning uncontrollably. After several minutes of me stimulating her with the vibrator, my fingers and my tongue. She stopped moving and and ordered me to let her have her hands free. She said she wanted to play with her new toy. She already calling it her new toy, I guess she liked it! As soon as her hands were free she removed her blindfold, grabbed her new toy and said she was going to make me as hot as she was. She told me to lay beside her with my face near her pussy and my cock near her face. When I got in the position she told me I could watch her but I that I couldn’t touch her. If I wanted to touch anything I could touch myself or put my cock in her mouth but that she wanted to show me how much she loved her new toy! So I did both. I put the end of my dick in her mouth and started stroking my shaft. She let out a devious little moan and started trying out her new toy inches from my face while sucking on the head of my super hard penis. I watched as she discovered what she could do with the vibrator. She used it on the lips of her pussy, inside her pussy and on her clit. By now I was stroking my dick so fast and hard the head of it still in her mouth I wanted to blow my load. She stop her skillful play with her toy long enough to take my cock out of hand and put in her mouth up to my balls. She knew I was going insane and wouldn’t last much longer, I was going to cum it was my turn to moan uncontrollably! Then she stopped. She smiled and she said now you know how you made me feel. Then she said it was her turn for surprises. She said she was going to make herself cum now and I was going to help her. She told me to put my face back between her legs and not to come up for air until she was finished having an orgasm. I instantly buried my face in her pussy and hungerly ate it while she used the vibrator on her clit! I think it took about a minute before her whole body started to shake and spasm! She came so much my entire face was soaked and there was a huge wet spot on the bed. Just seeing this pushed me over the edge and I began to cum adding my wetness to hers on the bed! This truly was a night of firsts and surprises. When my wife stopped shaking and regained her senses she laughed and said. I guess my new toy made us both cum baby, now are you going to make love to me or what.
It only took us about 5 minutes of fucking before we turned into jello after both having another amazing orgasm. We were just laying there holding each other my penis still inside her when I looked over at the clock it was 3:00 am. So I asked my wife when was the last time we have been up having sex until 3 in the morning? She said it’s been far to long! I agreed and asked, when was the last time we had two orgasms in a day? Again she far to long. I agreed and asked her if I had surprised her with this unexpected day long adventure. She laughed and said absolutely, but I have one more surprise for you. I actually had four orgasms today. So I guess I owe you two more. When I looked at with questions written all over my face. She blushed and said I had my first one this morning after reading your second letter. Then I had my second orgasm after I sent you that picture when you were on your way home. Sorry she laughed you were making me so horny I let my fingers do your job because you weren’t here to do it. You better go to sleep. You have to get up for work in two hours and I owe you two orgasms. Make sure you hurry home though so I can repay my debt and I don’t add to it. I can’t wait to see if my new toy and mouth have the same effect on you as they did on me. Now it was my turn to laugh and I said you truly are full of surprises. I love you so much.
Stay tuned for how my wonderful wife repaid her debt.

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  1. cherishlife says:

    Inspiring story. We found this site to be very inspiring to us as well. I was actually “shocked” at some of the stories at first…”Christians do that”. Some of my Christian friends think that this site is some “sex site”. Most however, like you and your wife and us have been inspired. I am looking forward to reading more of your stories.

  2. 76servant says:

    Amazing and inspiring! Found MH’s adventures encouraging that we as Christians can share and give new ideas through the sacred bed in our bond marriages! Thank you all!

  3. Russell says:

    My wife and read your story together and it turned into the most amazing foreplay. Great story. Can’t wait to read how she repaid her debt to you. Thank you so much for sharing god bless.

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