The Gift (L)

Tuesday morning started like the previous couple mornings,  early ( between 3 and 4 am) and with Ben’s dick inside me. I don’t know whether it is the moon or something in the water, but he had been really horny. I love the sex, I just wish it wasn’t so early. But who is complaining!

“Gina, baby! Your pussy is so hot and wet!” Ben groaned as he thrust himself into me in long deep strokes.

“Fuck! You love this p-p-pussy! Fuck it, Fuck my pussy!  Fuck my pussy hard baby mmmmph!” I panted as I worked my hips to meet his thrust.

Ben grunted and groaned above me as he pumped his long stiff dick into me, his big meaty balls slapped against my ass with each stroke. I raised my knees and held them with my hands, resting my heels on his thrusting ass. It felt so good and I was soon approaching climax.

“Ben, Baby! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop! Fuck me! Ohhhhh baaaby! ” I panted, my nails dug into his shoulders as I came. My pussy throbbed and pulsated around his thick shaft coating it in my juices.

“Baby, turn over! I wanna admire your sweet ass as I fuck your hot pussy from behind! You have such a nice ass baby!” Ben said as he slipped his dick from my throbbing wet cunt.

I smiled as I turned over and got on my hands and knees. I rested on my forearms,  my ass stuck up high for his viewing pleasure. He groped and kneaded my ass cheeks with his strong hands. I let out a soft moan as I felt him run a finger over my tight asshole, just tickling it for a moment sending erotic shivers through out my body. I love it when he stimulates my asshole,  it is so erotic and makes me want him more.

“Baby, fuck me! Put your dick back inside me, I need it! Please, fuck my pussy!  Fuck me hard! Grrrrrmmmpph!  Yessss! ” I groaned as he entered me, thrusting his near eight inch pussy pleaser deep into me.

“You like that baby? You want to get fucked don’t you baby? You like my hard dick in your sweet pussy don’t you? Fuck, you got some good pussy baby!” Ben growled, holding my hips as he pumped in and out of my hungry cunt with long deep strokes.

“mmmmmmph, Yes baby! mmmmph, I love it! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me with your hard dick, fuck me hard! mmmmph! ” I groaned as he humped me.

Grabbing a handful of my hair Ben pounded into me,  making deep guttural sounds as he fucked me. ” Gina, turn over! I wanna cum in your mouth baby!” Ben panted as he pulled his dick from my well fucked and dripping pussy.

“You gonna feed me baby?” I panted as I turned to face him, eager to taste him. He was on his knees holding his dick in his hand as I leaned forward to suck him.

“Baby, just open your mouth and stick your tongue out!” he growled,  then proceeded to beat his meat with quick rapid strokes.

“Fuck! Gina, I’m gonna cum! Baby, grrrrummmph! ” he growled as he delivered his hot cum onto my tongue, mouth, nose and chin. A few drops came close to hitting me in the eye. I wiped his cum from my face with my fingers then sucked them clean.

Ben rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom, then came back with a warm damp wash rag and handed it to me. “Here ya go baby! I love you!”

I wiped my face and smiled.

“Come here!” I said, then grasped his softening cock taking it into my mouth and cleaning it with my tongue.  “Mmmmm,  I could suck on this dick all day baby! Why don’t you get back in bed and let me suck you till you get hard again! ”

He ran his hand through my hair and said,  “Wish I could, but I can’t today. Besides your going to have to get Randy up for school before too long. Now let me go shower, I am already running late.”

I released his cock and looked up at him pouting and said,  “OK, if you would rather go to work, than work on this!” I grinned as I ran my hand over my pussy, then spread the lips open with my fingers teasingly.

He shook his head, chuckled and said,  “Baby, you are so bad! But I love you so much. ”

“You better! ” I said with a wink as he walked to the bathroom and started his water.

I guess I must have dosed off because the next thing I knew, Ben was gone and my alarm was going off. I rose from the bed and walked nude to the bathroom having needed to pee. Afterwards I slipped on my gown and awakened Randy for school.  I fixed him some breakfast, then got him off to school.

After Randy left I picked up a little, then showered.  After my shower I slipped on a gray thong, my favorite gray gym shorts ( the short kind, not the long type ) and one of Ben’s t-shirts (no bra. I hate wearing a bra!) and my flip flops. I then went out and sat by the pool.

I sat outside enjoying the morning breeze and the peacefulness of it. I so love sitting outside in the mornings,  it is so relaxing. My time to put everything out of my mind and just be me. I sometimes will pray and feel a real closeness to God.  Other times I may read a good romantic novel or perhaps a saucy erotic novel. The latter often leads me to indulge in masturbation and orgasm.  Most of the time I just like to relax!

I sat out by the pool for a little over an hour then walked back into the house. I turned on the stereo to my favorite classic rock and roll station and cranked it up a bit as I picked up around the house a bit more.

It was a little after 1 when Ben walked into the door. It was a pleasant suprise to see him.  “Hey baby! What are you doing home so early? ” I asked.

“I took off early, I got to fly out to Wichita this evening. ” he replied, in his hand was something in a white plastic bag. He put his hand on my hip and kissed me twice.

“Oh really! What time is your flight? ”

He set the white bag on the kitchen table and began fixing himself a mixed drink.  ” 6:15, can you help me pack while I take a quick shower? ” he replied.

“How long will you be gone?” I asked, my eyes going from Ben to the mysterious bag that sat on the table. Curiosity was beginning to get the best of me.

“I figure no more than 2, maybe 3 days at the most. ” he said then took a sip from his drink.

“Okay.  What you got in the bag?”

He smiled and grabbed then bag and said, “I was wondering how long it would take for you to ask! It’s for you.” He then handed it to me.

I was a bit excited as our anniversary is coming up in a little over a week. I opened the bag and peeked in. I was in no way expecting what I saw in that bag. “BEN! What in the world! ” I said with a laugh as I removed the item from the bag.

It was a vibrator! A 7 1/2 inch vibrating dong to be exact. It was a perfect replica of a man’s dick, right down to the veins. The on / off and speed control down at the bottom end. Three speeds, low, medium and high. I know this may be hard to believe,  but I have never owned a vibrator. I guess I’m a bit old fashioned, but I have always been a “let my fingers do the walking ” kinda girl when it comes to masturbating.

“Where did you get this?” I asked with a laugh.  I honestly believe I blushed a bit, if you can believe that.

“Yesterday at lunch Glen wanted to go into this adult novelty store down from the office.  He talked me into going in with him, which I did reluctantly. It wasn’t that bad as all the porn videos and magazines were kept in the back part of the store.  The sex toys and other novelties up front. Anyway,  I saw that and thought it would be fun to see you play around with it one night. So I stopped and purchased it on my way home.” Ben explained with a grin.

“Well, I don’t know exactly what to say. Kinda wasn’t expecting to get a sex toy! So I guess,  Thank you!” I replied.

“There is a package of batteries in the bag as well. So it is ready to go when you are! The lady at the register said it is one of the better selling models ” Ben said,  then kissed me on the cheek and headed for the bathroom to shower.

I stood and gazed at my gift for a moment, then walked to our bedroom. I put Mr. Jolly (name on package ) into my side table drawer, still in the box and bag. I then packed Ben some clothes.

“Hey Gina! Wanna go somewhere for lunch?” Ben said once he had finished his shower.

“Sure baby! Your clothes are packed! ” I answered as I zipped his luggage bags.

“Thank you sugar! Hey can you come here for a moment baby?” He asked from the bathroom.

I walked to the bathroom. Ben stood nude drying himself.  “Baby, your looking really sexy, I love those shorts on you! I was admiring your beautiful legs and your fine ass as you were packing my clothes. ” he said with a smile as he walked over to me and kissed me softly on the lips.

I grinned and said, “You were! Well, it is the same ass and legs you have looked at for what will soon be thirty years baby! Thank you for the complement. I love you!” I replied then kissed him, allowing his tongue to explore my mouth and tongue.

“What would you say if I told you, that I want to get you out of those clothes and fuck you right now!” Ben said, then took my hand and placed it on his growing member.

I smiled as I pumped his growing cock with my hand, “Didn’t you get enough pussy this morning baby? Sure baby, I’d like for you to fuck me!” My pussy started becoming quite moist by now.

“Turn around and lean over!” Ben said, his dick now fully erect in my hand.

I turned and leaned over, propping myself against the lavatory. I felt Ben’s hands touch my hips and slowly slipped down my shorts as they fell around my ankles.

” Such a hot ass!” Ben softly said , then kissed each butt cheek.

“Mmmmm, baby!” I moaned as he slowly slipped my thong down past my hips, letting it fall to the floor around my ankles.

“Are you gonna use the toy I bought you while I am gone baby? Are you gonna fuck this hot pussy of yours with that fake dick?” Ben groaned as he massaged my ass cheeks.

“Do you want me to baby? I will do it for you and cum thinking about you. Imagining it is your dick fucking me baby!” I panted,  my pussy now dripped and ached for him.

” Your such a dirty girl! Tell me you want me to fuck you dirty girl!  Would you like some dick in your pretty wet pussy baby?” Ben said. His words setting my cunt on fire.

” YES! YES! BABY FUCK ME! GIVE ME THAT DICK, PUT IT IN! I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME HARD! ” I exclaimed as I frigged my clitoris with one hand.

“Mmmmmph!  Ohhhh, Ben! Mmmmmph! Mmmmmph!  Mmmmmph!” I groaned as Ben pushed his dick into me and began thrusting hard and fast.

“You LIKE THAT DIRTY GIRL! YOU LIKE TO GET FUCKED HARD, DON’T YOU BABY? ” Ben growled as he fucked me with heated passion.

” Y-Y-YESSS!  MMMMMPH, F-FU-FUCK ME! MMMMPH!  OHHHHHAAAARGH! ” I screamed as I began to cum.

“OH, YOU FUCKING DIRTY GIRL YOUR PUSSY IS SUCKING AT MY DICK! I’M GONNA SHOOT! I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA, GRRRRRRMPH! ” BEN bellowed as he exploded inside me in an intense orgasm.

We dressed and Ben loaded his luggage bag into his truck. I folded some clothes and piddled around the house, while Ben checked the oil and water in both vehicles.  It wasn’t long when Randy arrived home from school.  We then loaded up an went to eat pizza at a local pizza place.

When we got home it was about time for Ben to head to the airport. I walked out to his truck with him and we kissed good bye.

“I will see you in a couple days. I love you.” Ben said then patted me on the butt.

“I love you too baby! Call me when you get there! ” I replied.

I waved as he drove away.  I love that man. I know I have said it many times before in my stories,  but I do love him with all my heart.

It was around 7 or so when Alicia called and invited Randy and myself over to watch a movie with her, Trey, Kristie and her new boyfriend Kyle. I gladly accepted the invitation.  Randy was excited about going (he likes hanging out with Trey.).

It was a nice time.  I always enjoy anytime I get to spend with my three children at the same time. I do miss those days, they grow up so fast! The movie wasn’t really my cup of tea. It had a lot of shooting, explosions and the like. I do like Sylvester Stallone however (a yummy hunk of man!).

It was almost eleven when Randy and I finally made it home. I told him to shower and get to bed. It was way past his bedtime and he can be difficulties to wake up in the mornings (especially on a school day).

It had been a long time since 3:30 this morning and I was tired (probably from all the physical activity during the day. Lol).  I started my bath water and undressed. I lay in the tub and just soaked, it felt so good and relaxing.

After my hot bath, I slipped on my robe and went to the kitchen.  I poured me a nice glass of wine, made sure Randy was in bed, then headed for bed myself.  I shut my bedroom door, slipped off my robe and slipped into my gown. I crawled into bed and click on the tv,  I flicked channels before settling on the Cartoon channel (Hey, I like cartoons, especially the older ones). I watched for a bit as I finished my wine.

It was almost 12:30 when I finally turned off the tube. I lay there trying to go to sleep, but for some unknown factor I couldn’t.  I got out of bed and fixed me another glass of wine.  I was about halfway through with that glass when I remembered Ben’s little gift he had gotten me.

I opened my bedside drawer and took out the bag. I couldn’t help but smile when I took out the package and removed “Mr. Jolly” from his container. I ran my fingers over it and said softly,  ” Well hello Mr. Jolly!” then chuckled, feeling really silly. I took the batteries and put them into the fake cock ( just to see if it worked! ) It did.

Now to be honest, after all the sex Ben and I had today,  masturbation hadn’t really crossed my mind. Till now! I wasn’t able to go to sleep, so… Besides maybe a nice little orgasm will help me sleep.

I got up from bed and retrieved the KY from the bathroom.  I finished my glass of wine, then slipped off my gown and got into bed. I sat up against the headboard and opened my legs. I ran my hand over my bush, then licked my fingers and slipped two inside me. I worked my fingers in and out, slowly finger fucking myself as I began getting wet.

I removed my fingers for a moment and tasted myself,  then slipped then back in. My heart rate increased and my breathing shallow a bit. I removed my fingers again, this time grabbing my new play thing. I squirted some KY onto the tip and worked it along the shaft getting it well lubricated.

I ran it up and down my moist pussy with out the vibration just to get a feel for it. I then inserted it into me, gasping a bit as it slipped easily inside me. I began slowly working it in and out, slowly fucking myself.  It felt good and I hadn’t even turned it on yet.

I was now panting as I increased the speed of which I thrust the fake dick into me. I worked my hips in rythm to my thrusting. My other hand massaged my tits, tweaking and pulling on my stiff nipples.

I slipped the fake dick from my pussy and brought it to my lips kissing the head, then took it into my mouth for a moment. I turned my new toy on low then ran it over my clit. I groaned as my body twitched.  ” Mmmm sooo good! Fuck! Ohhhh fuck it!” I panted. I slipped it back into my throbbing pussy once more and pumped it into me. The sensation was intense and I felt my orgasm building inside me as I gasped and groaned.

” Ohhhhh, I’m cumming!  I’m cumming!  Mmmmmph, Fuck!” I panted as I came. My body spasmed nicely.

As my orgasm subsided,  I removed the toy and ran my hand over my throbbing pussy.  I turned it off and chuckled softly.  ” Mr. Jolly, I think you can stay!” I panted.

It was a new and pleasurable experience for me. Why had I waited so long? I texted Ben saying, “I love the gift! And I love you!”

“I love you too! Sweet dreams!” He texted back.

I was soon sleeping peacefully.

This took place last Tuesday.  I know it is a little long , but I hope y’all enjoy it! Our 30th anniversary is the 24th. I will share details!  God bless you all!

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14 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    Thanks Strawberry! The sex is real as it happened. The only thing I take liberties with are the conversations we have during sex. Naturally it is impossible for me to remember word for word exactly what was said, but it is close and the passion I hope is expressed.

    God bless you and yours! Stay horny!

  2. Gina G. says:

    So sexy to be so honest! This is the woman I fell in love with and married all those years ago. I love you with all my heart. Don’t ever change, just be you.

    I love you Gina! Ben

    • Gina G. says:

      I love you too Ben my love! Thanks for the sweet comment. Sweet talk like that just might get you laid my dear! Lol…

    • Gina G. says:

      Thank you noryar13. So glad you enjoy my stories! Can’t wait for more stories from you as well. God bless you and yours and stay horny!

    • Gina G. says:

      Thanks Steve & Annie! We had a beautiful day. Renewed our vows at the church, had great fellowship and supper afterward in the fellowship hall, then to top it off had some hot hotel sex. Will tell all about it in my next story ( about through ).

      Looking forward to your next story! God bless you and yours! Stay horny!

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