Conclusion to Love Nest – Sex Toy Fun

I was coming down from my orgasm, when my sweet bride smiled and looked over at our treasure chest. I smiled back and got off the massage table and walk over to our chest full of toys. Now our treasure chest is a gift box shaped as a heart with a ribbon to tie it closed. This was a gift from a very dear friend who would die laughing if she knew what we stored in there.

I opened the box and pulled out Annie’s rabbit vibrator that we named Antonio. She smiled and nodded her head, I took a little dab of lubricant and spread it up and down her sex toy. Her smile got bigger and she spread her legs wider.

I walk over to her with sex toy, Antonio, in hand. I slowly rubbed the tip up and down her pussy lips, she started moaning softly. I gently eased him into her waiting pussy. She closed her eyes and continued to moan. I turned on the rotating beads first, her moaning increased. I then flicked the vibrating bunny which starting hitting her clitoris, her breaths became became quicker, I thought she was ready to come right there.

My sweet bride opened her eyes and pleaded with me suck her right titty. Being a Godly husband I did as I was asked, I bent over and moved my lips onto her nipple and starting licking at first. Then I latched on and started to suck with a few gentle nibbles for good measure.

Now remember there is a full length mirror to catch all our action? So I glanced over and oh what a view! Annie even opened her eyes to catch all the action. Her breathing was becoming faster, her moans were louder, I knew she was close this time. She took Antonio in her hand to hit the spots just right, so with my hand now free.

I lubed up my finger with her juices and traced my finger down her crack to her beautiful ass. She was so wet down there already from her pussy juices just flowing over. I slowly inserted my finger up her ass.

She took one final look at the mirror and closed her eyes as she had one of the biggest orgasms ever. Annie is usually pretty quiet and subdued, but not this time. She started screaming, “Ah, oh, ah, ohhhh! I’m COMING!” Each word dragged out in her screams.

Annie’s orgasm started to fade, she opened her eyes and we both said, “I love you!”

Being married for over 26 to the most beautiful woman I know is such a blessing. She is my soul mate and I love her so very much. As we begin our new season as empty nesters, I pray we will continue to grow closer and closer. My prayer is that these stories which are totally true will bless you as much as they bless us.

– Steve and Annie

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  1. Gina G. says:

    Well worth the wait Steve! Another wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing. Very well written and a wonderful conclusion to the story. Made me consider breaking out my vibrator ( Mr. Jolly)! God bless you and Annie. Please keep the stories cumming! ( pun intended )

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