Marriage Heat – A Collection of Erotic Short Stories

By Marriage Heat

Marriage Heat is a collection of over 200 pages written by real people about their real experiences in practicing hot marriage sex. Marriage Heat features the writings from of married couples in exclusive relationships. No threesomes. No swinging or soft swinging, no pornography, and no affairs.
These Marriage Heat stories will spice up your own marriage and show you that there is nothing boring about long-term monogamy.

These stories are perfect for you if:
• You are looking for ideas to spice up your marriage.
• You will be married soon or are newly marriage and you want to learn from the sexual experiences of committed married couples.
• You learn better by story modeling than by books on technique.
• You want to fill your mind with hot marriage oriented sexual imagination.
• You have been married, but you feel stuck and you want to learn from others who are committed to hot monogamy.
• You’re tired of typical pornography and erotic content found in the mainstream media and are looking for content that features exclusive real-life, attainable, hot marriage sex.

Purchase for: $6.99

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Paperback Editions: $14.99 (US Dollar)

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