Dressing Room Sex

Kerri had dragged her husband along with her to the mall on a football Saturday. He had long ago lost interest and was looking all around as she shopped. She knew there was one way to get her husband’s attention. She was already dressed in a sexy little sundress that he’d complimented her on earlier. So she knew he’d noticed. It was showing more of her breasts then she normally liked to show but now she used it to her advantage as she leaned over in front of him and her boobs almost fell out of her dress.

She made a pretense of looking at the item she’d picked Up. Kerri felt a tingle in her nether regions at the look in his eyes as they were drawn to her bare breasts dangling in front of his ogling eyes. She had not worn any bra this morning. She could feel her nipples hardening as she knew her husband could see her brown areoales peeping out.

Seeing she had his attention she moved over to the sexy underwear table and held up several pair of wispy bikini thong panties. She peeped at her husbands groin area and sure enough he’d developed an erection. Putting them back she brushed her hand against his erection as she passed him. To her delight he slipped his hand under her short dress and gently stroked her though the thin material of her skimpy panties.

She groaned and and her womanly cum gushed soaking her panties where he had fingered her.

She slapped at his hand. “Stop it, someone might see,” she giggled.

She looked around to make sure no one noticed. She bent over and flipped up her short dress giving him a good look at her tiny gold thong panties. Her swollen pussy lips winked at him and caused Jerry to grow even harder. Kerri looked around and noticed there were no sales clerks around as it was the lunch hour. An idea came to her and she grabbed his hand.

“Come on.” She tugged his shirt.

Obediently he followed her. Unable to resist her impulsiveness. She pulled him into the closest dressing room and as he started to protest she stopped his mouth with an open mouthed kiss and pressed herself against him. Their loins ground together and his hands were all over her tight ass.

Jerry slipped her panties off her smooth legs and hung them from the hook on the back of the door. She moaned as he slipped to his knees, lifted her dress and lifted one leg onto the bench to expose her clean shaven and swollen pussy lips to his tongue and mouth.

She gasped and took him by the hair of his head and pressed him against her gushing vagina. He was intoxicated by her musky woman scent as it filled the small room with dressing room sex aroma. His tongue lashed wildly about and stimulated her sweet spot. He sucked and licked at her clitoris and the gold ring in it. Her juices gushed and flooded his mouth as she gasped and came hard.

“I want your cock in me,” Kerri whispered, “I want your cum in me right now!”

She leaned over hands on bench and presented her backside to him with her short dress hiked up. Jerry slid his hard, thick manhood, dripping pre cum along her open wet slit. She moaned, her vulva sucked and slurped as they built up a rhythm.

At the sound of someone entered the room next to them and they froze.

Kerri giggled softly and reached between her legs to fondle his ball sac. He pumped his wife’s soft, wet, swollen vulva from behind as they heard the person next door. Somehow the slow, cautious thrusts were setting off fireworks inside her tight grasping pussy.

A loud cry tore from her depths as her body exploded and her muscles grasped his cock greedily and milked his hot searing cum as he fired his seed deep into her.

From next door a woman’s voice asked, “is everything all right over there?”

“Yeah,” Kerri choked out,”everything’s really good.” She giggled.

“Leave,” she whispered, pushing Jerry out the door.

Outside he looked around and waited for his wife. She was laughing fit to bust as she came out. Hugging Jerry’s arm to her side they were still laughing as they exited the store.

“Wait,” Jerry sputtered, “did you get your panties?”

A shocked look crossed her face,”I forgot!” Laughing so hard they could barely walk they made their way though the mall, remembering their time of dressing room sex .


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  1. bigmam54 says:

    great story, brought back many memories. my wife and i done this a lot in our earlier days of marriage.i would slip in and play with her breast while she tried on bras in the stores,usually ending with sex or oral sex.she once gave me a bj as i stood at a circular clothes rack , she slipped in the rack and took my cock out and drained it while in middle of walmart

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