My Shot of Espresso

The dawn of a brand new day was breaking forth.  Glimmers of light shone through our bedroom windows and into my dreary eyes as I reluctantly shut off the alarm clock.

I stretched out my back and my entire body desperately wanted a precious few more minutes in bed next to my wife.  I wasn’t quite ready to plant my feet on the floor, stumble my way to the kitchen, and turn on the coffee pot.  A good, hot cup of coffee is my “go-to” drink to start each day like clockwork. Not today.

My wish to linger a bit longer in bed was granted in a most unexpected way. As I was flat on my back wishing time would stop for just a few moments, I felt my lover’s hand inch close toward my morning wood and my jewels. She ever so gently caressed me there. I knew right off that my honey wanted me and that it would feel so good.  My bride deftly handled my penis and balls. It felt really awesome, but what felt even better than that is that my lover wanted ME…all of me!  My beloved wife was taking charge and I find that incredibly sexy.

My partner’s hand glided its way inside my pajama shorts.  The firmness and warmth of my beloved’s grasp on my manhood was such a great wake up call. Better than an alarm clock for sure!

My wife was ready for action and I was, too.  Even though my honey wanted to keep her top on, I lovingly insisted it had to come off.  I would keep her close and warm in my embrace.

My request was worth it. My lover’s breasts were full, firm and they were pressed right smack against my chest.  They were for me!
“Come into me?” my wife asked.

I gladly obliged with my full member about to burst ready for intercourse.

“Give me all you have,” she pleaded.

My semen flowed seemingly endlessly, inside my beautifully naked wife’s private place.  This lovemaking session was happening early in the morning! I absolutely LOVE making love with my wife in the early morning.

I could feel my juice enter my lover’s special place. I wanted to give her every last drop of my liquid manhood.  I didn’t want to leave anything outside of her garden. All of my sexual cream was for my beloved. She is so beautiful early in the morning.

It happened so quickly, but it was SO good.

Time was at a standstill for those few, precious moments with my wife…my lover for life!  She made my day in a very, very special way. Facing the day’s activities became lighter because of the surprisingly wonderful jump-start my lover and friend initiated and gave me.  This morning’s quickie invigorated me. Like a shot of sexual espresso.

I wouldn’t have minded a double shot!  Next time for sure!


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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    What a great wake up call NEP! Thank you for sharing your story. It works in our house – as long as it is early morning. The closer it gets to the kids being up makes it have to be super quick. Express lane sex works for us, too!

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