Allie and Andrew: The Audition

It had been a couple of weeks since Allie had tied her husband up and teased him with her riding crop. She had been nervous about his reaction and her view of herself. Thankfully the experience had revived the spark in their relationship and their mutual trust had never been stronger. Not to mention they had had sex more often and it had been much more passionate than it had ever been. They kissed each other during the day – not just when having sex – and they found that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Allie had been thinking about planning her next night of passion. It had been quite clear that Andrew enjoyed when she took control of the situation. What had surprised her most was how much she enjoyed planning the evening and being the one to call the shots. She knew that she would make use of her restraints and toys in the future, but she wanted to follow-up with something just as sexy and thrilling, yet different. The plan came into focus while she was shopping with her friend, Nancy. She found a black pencil skirt on sale that fit her perfectly. While modeling it for her friend, Nancy said, “You look amazing. Like a CEO or someone in charge.” Allie thought how she might use that ….

On Friday afternoon around 4pm, she called Andrew at work. She had a simple message: “The kids are at my parents and I have plans for you.” Andrew felt the tightening in his pants. The last time she did this she had tied his hands over his head and given him a night he’ll never forget. He responded quickly, “I’ll be home right away.” He gave his bank manager a lame excuse about why he needed to leave early and drove home a little faster than was safe or legal. He burst through the front door, yet wasn’t sure what to expect. No sign of Allie. He went straight to their bedroom and found the door closed with an envelope taped to it and a folding chair in the hallway. He opened the envelope and began to read:

You are at an audition for the lead role and narrator in a play. The director will be with you shortly for your audition. Wait here.

Andrew was a little confused. He had expected something similar to last time. He used to act in community theatre, but their growing family had not allowed time for it lately. He was familiar with the casting routine, but suspected that this wasn’t going to be the usual process. He sat in the chair and waited dutifully in the hallway.

After about 5 minutes, Allie opened the door to the bedroom. “Mr. Johnson – please come in.” As Andrew entered the bedroom he got his first look at his wife. She was holding a clipboard and was dressed in the form-fitting black pencil skirt, black stockings, black heels, and a white button-up blouse. Her hair was pulled up and she could have passed for an executive or lawyer in any firm. Andrew couldn’t shake the smile from his face.

Allie extended her hand, “I’m Ms. Smith. I’ll be directing this production. Pleased to meet you.” Andrew shook her hand – but found it difficult to pretend that this wasn’t his wife who was actually an elementary school teacher. She didn’t seem to be thrown by his lack of commitment to their new roles. “I see that you’re auditioning for the role of Brian – the male lead. As you know, Brian is also the narrator for this play.”

“Yes, that’s right.” It was all Andrew could think to say.

“Well, let’s see what you’ve got.” She said with a coy smile. As you know, this play is about a man that slowly loses control to his sexual partner.” Now Andrew understood – his smile widened. Allie continued, “Let’s start with some of the narration. As you know, you’ll be sharing Brian’s internal thoughts with the audience. Here’s a portion of the second act that I’d like you to read for me.” She handed Andrew a few pages and sat in a padded folding chair that she had brought up from their basement.

Andrew was thoroughly distracted by his wife. She looked stunning in her outfit and having her sit in front of him with her legs seductively crossed was almost more than he could bear. But he knew from previous experience than it would be worth it to play along. He glanced at the paper and began to read.

She consumes my mind. She enters my thoughts when I least expect it. I can’t help but touch myself, yet it provides no satisfaction.

Andrew glanced at Allie. She was staring at him. “Please continue,” she said.

I want to grab her and hold her to the bed. I want to feel her skin on mine as we kiss. But more than anything I want to please her. I want – no, I need to please her. I need her to direct my moves. I need to lick her – pleasuring her. She consumes me.

Andrew was feeling flushed. He had never said anything like that out loud to his wife or anyone. And even though he hadn’t written it, he still felt that he meant it. He was also as hard as a rock and only his suit jacket covered the evidence that he was completely aroused.

“That was nicely done,” Allie responded. “Let’s move on to the next step.” Although Allie had grown much more confident in the bedroom, she was still sensitive to her husband not going along with this. So far, so good. “As you know, Brian appears unclothed as various points in the play. Are you comfortable being nude in this production?” She tried to ask the question as normally as possible. She held her pen to her clipboard as if taking notes.

Andrew smiled, “I’m comfortable with that.”

“Well, as the director, I can’t have any surprises later. I need to check and see if you fit the role – physically. Please take off your jacket and your shirt.” She re-crossed her legs as if to accentuate the request. Andrew kept his eyes on his wife as he took off his jacket, undid his tie, and removed his shirt. His erection was now in plain view. Allie smiled to herself at the sight of him straining against his slacks. She had hoped that he’d like this little scenario and now she had some clear proof.

“I see you keep yourself in fine shape. Please turn around.” Andrew’s shaft surged at the thought of being gawked at in such a raw, sexual way. He turned slowly and gave her the view she requested. “Very nice,” was his reward.

“As I mentioned, the character is nude at various points in the play. So I’ll need to see more.” She let the question hang there. Andrew turned around and slowly removed his belt, then his shoes and socks, and finally his slacks. His erection strained against his underwear. He had tried to undress as slowly as possible – hoping that this would please Allie.

Allie gave him a half-smile. “I’m afraid I’ll need to see everything.” She coyly touched the end of her pen to her mouth and she recrossed her legs again. Alan thought she was using her legs to torture him, but Allie found that she had to change positions occasionally because of the intense throbbing in her crotch.

He removed the last piece of clothing and stood there – proud of his erection, proud of his wife and their relationship – and completely turned on.

“Let’s have you read a few more lines,” she said – trying not to break character and run to him. Please lie on the bed and read from the second sheet. Andrew complied and read a few more sections of the ‘script.’ Allie asked him to reposition himself on the bed and read a couple more lines. She watched as he crawled from one side of the bed to the other. Andrew made sure to look at her as much as possible. He wanted her to feel the lust in his voice.

As he crawled across the bed, she felt her clitoris throb – as if it was saying, “More! More!” She decided to chance it and go off script. “Mr. Johnson, as you know there is a scene where Brian crawls across the floor to his partner. Many actors can’t pull it off. Please get on your hands and knees at the foot of the bed.” Andrew slowly got off the mattress, stepped to the end of the bed, and slowly got down on his hands and knees and looked up at her. Allie quivered. With a slight catch in her voice she continued. “Please crawl towards me as if I were your lover.” Her voice cracked on lover. A few months ago she would have been terrified to ask this of her husband – but her desire overpowered her fear. He crawled slowly toward her – making sure that he held her gaze. Andrew’s cock swung slowly as he made his way across the floor. He had heard her voice break and knew she was enjoying this as much as he was.

She stopped him when he was 5 feet away. “Nicely done. Please stand.” Andrew stood up, happy to be closer to her. When they had started he had been doubtful about roleplaying, but he was thoroughly enjoying himself. He loved knowing that his wife had planned this and had been thinking about him in this way.

When she originally mapped out the evening (she literally had made notes that she held on her clipboard), there were two points in her plan where Allie felt she was pushing the boundaries. Time for the first one. “The last scene in Act 2 is when Brian begins to masturbate for his partner. I need to see that you’re able to do that without embarrassment.” Allie grew nervous again. She had never said the word “masturbation” to her husband, and they had certainly never done it in front of one another. She tried to act as nonchalant and confident as possible as she said it, but it was another moment that she was worried that she had pushed too far.

Andrew stared at his wife as he reached down and encircled his shaft with his right hand. He moved slowly – partly to tease his wife, but mostly so that he wouldn’t climax. He saw Allie’s face as she glanced lustfully at him and then gazed longingly at what he was doing. The throbbing returned and she was forced to recross her legs again. The fear quickly gave way to desire.

She wasn’t able to keep this up much longer – but since he was so close to her, she decided to go off-script one more time. “Thank you. You can stop,” she said. “But I need to inspect you more closely. Please come over here.” She stayed seated while Andrew slowly walked over to her – his erection pointing directly at her. Like last time, the fact that he was naked while she was clothed was a huge turn-on for Andrew. He never would have known that before she had planned these ‘encounters.’ He stopped just in front of her, hoping she’d relieve him.

“I just need a closer look.” She replaced the cap on her pen and set her clipboard on the ground. She took the pen and brought it slowly to his shaft. Smiling, she gently stroked his tip with the pen. Allie heard Andrew’s deep inhale as she finally touched him. She used the pen to lift his cock gently up and then let it fall. She pushed it from side to side and pretended to be inspecting it. When she glanced up she could see that his eyes were closed and he was thrusting his hips forward. Using the pen, she stroked him to his base and then played with his balls. Andrew’s gasps grew louder. Finally she said, “You have some very nice equipment here. Please step back.”

Both Andrew and Allie were close to breaking character. Allie decided it was time for her final request. This was the other part of her plan that she had been nervous about – but now her confidence was growing. “Mr. Johnson. There are several good candidates for this role.” She uncrossed her legs. “What I need to know is if you’re willing to go the extra mile. I’ll need you to completely trust my direction.” She spread her legs halfway apart. Andrew could see that her stockings ended at mid-thigh. She continued, “I’ll need you down in the trenches, working hard, never stopping. Your acting skills will be important, but as the narrator your oral skills will be what really takes this production over the top. Are you willing to dive in and give it everything you’ve got? What are you going to do to convince me to give you this role?” She had practiced this speech in her head for the last week, but it was different in the heat of the moment. In case there was any chance that he missed her message, she spread her legs wider and pulled her skirt up just enough to show him that there was nothing beneath it.

Although it wasn’t uncommon for Andrew to perform oral sex on her, Allie had never requested it. And she certainly had never so clearly demanded it. In half a second Andrew was on his knees in front of her. His tongue found her bud quickly and lavished it with attention. This was no time for going slow or being gentle. Both of them were beyond the point of being warmed up. He pushed her skirt up higher and pulled her to the edge of the chair. He put all of his pent up sexual tension into his tongue and was gratified to hear her moaning so quickly. One hand reached around to the small of her back to maintain the firm pressure on her, the other hand extended up to fondle her breasts through her blouse.

Allie wrapped her legs around her husband’s torso and she thrust her pelvis at his mouth. She knew she wouldn’t last long – she quickly felt the inner tremblings that signaled the beginning of a big one. Andrew’s tongue kept up a steady pace as he felt her slowly tense. As she began to moan, “Oh baby, oh baby,” she grabbed the back of his head and held him firmly to her. Only after she collapsed into the chair did Andrew stop.

After a few moments of enjoying the aftershocks, Allie stood up. She had put her husband through a lot and she wanted to reward him. “Your turn,” she said and she grabbed his shaft and led him to the bed. She positioned him beside the bed while she laid down on her back with her legs off the bed. “Take me here,” she said as she encircled him with her legs and pulled him to her. The mattress was just high enough that he could stand and enter her while she lay on her back – a completely new position for them.

Andrew gazed down at his wife. He was definitely ready. He slipped easily into her and began long, slow thrusts. “Unbutton your blouse,” he said. For once, it was Allie following his commands and she quickly complied. “Don’t stop there,” he said. Allie unhooked the front clasp on her bra and pulled it wide to give him a good view.

Andrew could feel Allie’s stockings against his bare skin; her legs pulled him into her with each thrust. After a while her legs began to tire, so she raised them to rest against his shoulders. Andrew had never been so free to control the pace and the depth. The entire experience – the ‘tests’ his wife had just put him through, the assertiveness of her commands, the planning of the evening, his wife laying on their bed completely exposed to him, the feel of her high heels on his shoulders, the gentle bounce of her breasts with each thrust, and the friction on his shaft as it slid into her – it all overwhelmed him and quickly he climaxed into her.

After Andrew helped Allie out of her clothes, the couple cuddled under the covers. “You are amazing,” he said as Allie beamed with pleasure. Then she smiled coyly. “Well, you definitely got the part. But you’re going to have to audition again for the sequel.”


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  1. Taryn says:

    Incredible. This story inspires me. I love how you scripted your role and made your husband read out and perform his lines. I would love to try this with my husband in an audition room of a theatre. Or better yet, on a theatre stage (without an audience of course). Another idea for the sexual role-play bucket list. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice story. Would love to read the first one, however, I am unable to do so.

    To the marriage heat powers that be, I am a member, logged in and unable to read numerous stories. Ever since your upgrade of servers, this has been an issue. Please fix it, it is so very bothersome. Never an issue prior to that, so unsure why it is now.

  3. Steph Ott says:

    nice…..wish i could read the first one…..come on marriage heat…… ever since your server change, many stories remain "for members only". there has been ample time to fix this issue. please address this…..missing too many great stories……..

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Sorry to say this, but I agree. Same thing's happening with me for some reason.

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