Sexy Transformation

I have been happily married for twenty-seven years or so I thought. We certainly lived busy lives with me teaching school and going to college to complete my educational degree and my husband working a full-time secular job as well as pastoring a church. We still found time for each other with occasional dates and sex about four times a week.

I thought life was comfortable- but suddenly my comfort zone was shaken. I was concerned about the amount of time college was taking away from my husband, and thought he may have felt neglected. He started spending more and more time on Face Book and started contacting old flames. This concerned me greatly, set up all kinds of red flags for me, and decided it required a confrontation. I called my husband on it, and we sat down to have a serious heart to heart about the situation. I had written some thoughts out on paper, and when my husband came home from work we spent the time in a face to face confrontation. My husband made sure to lock his eyeballs into my eyeballs for the first time in probably years- we’ve just been so busy.

I made a vow that day that my husband “shall have no need for spoil” Proverbs 31:11b. I vowed that day that the most important thing to me was my husband. I was going to supply his every need and desire. I was taking the words “no,” “headache,” “too tired,” “don’t feel good,” and “not tonight” out of my vocabulary. I was going to be what he needed.

What I did

I started dressing for bed again. I had many outfits my husband enjoyed that I just hadn’t taken the time to put on. I was putting them on again, before he ever entered the bedroom. When he entered the bedroom I was ready for him. I was attacking him with kisses, hugs, and groping and feeling. He knew in no uncertain terms that I wanted him, and I wanted him NOW.

School let out for the summer- yeah! I started sexting my husband at work. Boy, did those messages get hot and steamy. I walked around my house ready and waiting for my husband to get home. Many times I would be playing with my tits, and rubbing my clit as I thought about what the plans were for that evening. He would sext me how he was going to suck my tits, eat my pussy, finger me- I’m telling you I could cum just from the anticipation. He would get home and I would be meeting him at the door. Most often with my skirt flipped up, underwear showing, and my tits hanging over the top of my tank top.

Next came the regular cock sucking. Every morning before my husband ever went to work I could be found on my knees three to five times sucking on his cock. He would spring to attention so nicely that made me hunger for more. I enjoyed the reaction I would get. I liked to know he liked the attention I was giving him and it caused a desire in me to do it more. He would come for lunch and I would drop his pants and suck some more. I couldn’t seem to get enough of his meat- I hungered for it. Each time I would bring him to a point of explosion and stop. He’d tell me he wanted to save his load for that night- something to look forward to.

My husband is very good to me, and it wasn’t all about him. Each morning I do 120 sit-ups. As I complete my last sit up, he would be right there ready to eat my pussy. He has an expert mouth and I cum so easily with his lips sucking on my clit. Then he shoves two fingers deep into my pussy and I just explode- EXPLODE.  He knows how to curl his fingers just right to hit that G-spot. Oh, man, it is incredible. He then goes off to work and sexts me most of the day telling me how hot I am and how hot he is for me. Lunch time he comes home and I suck his cock and he fingers my pussy. Sometimes three times during that lunch break. He is soooo good to me.

The hardest parts are when he comes home at night. Most often the children are home and we have to remain calm, but we have committed to each other that we would be in our bedroom before 9pm. I put on an outfit and the arena is ours. We kiss, we hug, we suck, we rub, we play, we tease, and we torment each other until we can’t stand it anymore. We end with mind blowing sex.

It’s been nine weeks since I have made that commitment, and I pray that I will keep the heat hot for the remainder of our marriage.


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15 replies
    • Tim Mattingly says:

      I have been praying for years that my wife would have this transformation. What a temendous blessing you are to your husband. I covet all the readers prayers that my wife would have this transformation. I have asked her to read these stories and she thinks they are porn. Please pray for her sexual awakening. Thanks!

    • CMLove says:

      Hi, Tim! Thank you for asking for prayer concerning your wife’s sexy transformation, or lack therof. I applaud you for sticking with your wife during this time and I can only imagine how hard it must get sometimes. I will be praying for you both and Let me be a voice of encouragement-prayer truly is so powerful! I was closed off to a lot of sexual freedom because of my past and my husband kept praying for me. It took a few years, to tell you the truth, but God slowly chipped away all the skewed views I had about sex and nowbI sometimes want it more than my husband does! You have no idea the great transformation God does when we come to him with desperate prayers. He changed my life not only sexually but spiritually as well! I will pray the same thing for your wife! Is there any reason, like past abuse or use of porn in her past, that might shed some light on her views of sex now?

  1. Senior Marriage says:

    Us husbands appreciate it sooooo much when our wives take the initiative and really care about sexual lives together. It greatly helps us stay pure and faithful, makes us much easier to live with, and we’ll practically do anything for our wives if they just keep it up. Sounds like you’ve discovered a win-win situation.

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