Music Man

Not too long ago we got a new girl at my work. A very qualified, intelligent, and creative girl, fresh out of college. Her faults we found out too late, as she has a knack for middle school drama. It started out with small little things, but then she started going after people’s weight. She’s a size 0, she tells us almost everyday. As it happened after a meeting last week Monday she made the comment to me about how “Missy” was far too large for the outfit she was wearing. Missy and her husband/children are dear friends of ours so naturally I stood up for her.

“I think Missy looks just fine, and, Natalie, she has a thyroid problem! She works very hard to maintain her weight. On top of that this is a professional work place, comments like this are not appreciated.”

“I would expect you to stick up for her,” she said.

“Because she’s my friend?”

“Because you’re probably only a dress size or two smaller than her.” And she walked away.

Well, if that doesn’t leave a woman fuming…

At lunch I sat down with Missy, as usual, and picked at the salad I got. Letting my little insecurities talk me into skipping lunch. Missy noticed and said, “Thanks for earlier with our resident 12 year old. And, honey, we both know your size 8 isn’t anywhere near my 16.”

I smiled, “Don’t let her get to you either. You’ve worked so hard, and you continue to do so.” Missy has dropped from a size 20 to 16 over the past 10-12 months.

“Joe, (our manager) has her on his radar, he’ll be watching out for more snide comments.”

After lunch we both were feeling much better, but as soon as lunch was over the comments and looks from Natalie started again. Needless to say, by the time I came home, I was not feeling the greatest. James recognized it immediately and as soon as we had a free moment I told him all about it.

He sighed heavily through his nose.

“Why can’t everyone just leave everyone else’s clothing size alone?” I asked.

“Because, honey, she probably is feeling a bit intimidated right now, and she’s using her looks to gain a position.”

“Well it’s a stupid way of doing so.” I laughed and kissed him.

“Are you ok?” he asked. “Because I have no problem walking in there and kissing you passionately and proclaiming how beautiful, attractive, sexy, and desirable you are. As well as mention how lucky I am to be your husband and lover.”

I laughed again, and kissed him sweetly. “You are wonderful, you know that? Joe is aware of the issue and is keeping an eye and an ear out for her. But thank you, love, and if all else fails at least I have a back up plan.”

The rest of last week was not much better and sitting down at my chair on Friday morning I was just so sick of this whole deal. Logging in, I could feel a migraine coming on so I went to go and retrieve some medicine. But before I did so, I opened up my email, and there was an Email from James.

It read:

Dear Wife,

I know this week has been trying for you and your co-workers. But I want you to know that I love you and regardless of what some gossip says, you are the most beautiful, perfect, desirable woman ever. I can’t imagine my life without you, you mean the world and more to me. You are the most wonderful mother to our five bundles of joy, and somehow you still have energy and time to be my amazing wife. I have attached two links to three songs that I feel are very important for you to hear. Listen to them as many times as you need to to get through today. And if those don’t do the trick, I still have no problem coming in to kiss you with all the passion I posses for you and make proclamations of how wonderful you are. Try to have as good of a day as you can my dear.

I love you more than you could ever know,

Your Husband

The three links for the songs were: ‘Amazing Grace,’ our wedding song, ‘What Do You Say to That’ by George Strait, and ‘Love to Lay You Down,’ by Conway Twitty. For those who don’t know the last two songs I highly recommend them if you are into country music. They were exactly what I needed, and I couldn’t help the tears of joy that rolled down my cheeks. I wanted this day to end so badly and get home and partake of that last song. I took the migraine meds and thought of how to best respond to my thoughtful husband’s email. I could email him back, but then I couldn’t get as dirty as I wanted to (he sent his email from his work email). I could text him, but I really wanted to hear his voice, and calling him made me realize how much I would want to hold and touch him. I decided to wait until we were both home, before showing him just how much he was appreciated and how much I needed his message.

Finally it was time to go home. I’m always home before James, so I said hello to the children, changed into jeans and a t-shirt and began to make supper. About a half hour later I heard James pull in the driveway. I stayed in the kitchen as he was greeted by the same rambunctious chorus as I was. After all the kids had been hugged, kissed, and resumed their play he came into the kitchen. I felt him slip his arms around my waist while I stood at the stove stirring sauce. He kissed the back of my neck softly.

“Did you get my email, baby?”

“Mm-hmm, I did and it was exactly what I needed, thank you so much, love.”

“Why didn’t you answer?”

“That question has many parts to it dear. You see I read it, listened to the songs, and was in tears and feeling very loved. I wanted nothing more than to be naked in your arms. So when it came time to reply I thought about replying to the email, and then thought about texting, and finally calling you, but none of those seemed special enough to really demonstrate to you how much I needed and appreciated it.”

“So what did you decide to do?” he asked mischievously.

“This.” I turned down the stove top, wiggled around in his arms so I faced him, checked for children, and then kissed him. Long, slow, passionate, sucking, lightly biting, tongues dancing, hot, and wet. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer, pushing his beginning erection into me. He uttered a whimper when I pulled my lips away.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“You are more than welcome, angel. You know I’m going to have a major problem until the kids go to bed.”

“Where something tight to help hold you back.”

“Tight hurts,” he pouted.

“Tight is very, very sexy on you.”

“Well then I think you should come put on some sexy panties for me.”

“James, I already have some on.”

His smile grew, he turned to walk towards our bedroom.

“And James, darling?”

He came back.

“I hope you plan to make good on your promise with that last song.”

His smile broadened, and he waggled his eye brows suggestively.

Dinner was a pleasant affair, the kids had so much to share. Child 1, helped with the dishes, and the 5 of them all got along until bedtime. Naturally there were a few complaints about it being Friday and no school when the topic of bedtime was brought up, but upstairs they went. We tucked them all in, prayed, read stories, kissed them goodnight, and returned downstairs.

As we hit the bottom stair, James smacked my butt. I smiled at him and looked at his face. He looked like a kid in the candy store, he was so excited to go to bed, there was a twinkle in his eye and I could feel myself becoming wet with anticipation. He took my hand and kissed it. He continued to hold it until we made it to our bedroom door.

“Come on Mr. Music Man, think you can hit a few more right notes?” I teased as we walked into our room.

“I might need a few minutes to warm you and me up, but, yes. The right notes shouldn’t be too hard to find.” He closed the door, “Go sit on the bed, I shall be there in a moment.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I scurried over to our King size bed, pulled back the covers and removed my socks. I settled myself into a comfortable position against the pillows and admired my sexy husband from behind. He had worn tight jeans, in fact I knew those were the tightest jeans he owned. And he looked so damn good in them. He removed his socks as well, and then his shirt. I uttered a small “mm-mm” and settled further into the pillows, maybe I would get a show too?

He selected some music, he picked the Conway Twitty song, and I couldn’t help but giggle as he started lip singing and dancing to it.

“If you plan on doing what he says, you’re going to have to get up in this bed first!”

I swear he must have thought this through and timed it. He crawled up to me on all fours still lip singing, and wiggling his hips. By the time his face was even with mine he bent down to my ear and neck and started actually singing along with the chorus. James actually doesn’t have that awful of a singing voice, and it’s so deep and sexy. I could feel the wetness oozing out of me as he sang ‘Lay you down and softly whisper pretty love words in your ear, lay down and tell you all the things my woman loves to hear. I’ll let you know how much it means just having you around, oh darling how I love to lay you down.’

We kissed again and added some hands into the mix. His torso, so hot and heavy with muscles, my softness contrasting as he removed my shirt. He paused to look at what bra I was wearing, it was a sheer lacy black one. One of his favorites, and mine as well.

“Nice,” he growled he finger tracing down into my cleavage and around my nipples through the skimpy fabric.

“I’m glad to see you approve,” I moaned. He gave a husky laugh and then covered my nipple with his delicious mouth, causing me to make, what James calls, all kinds of yummy sexy noises. He switched breasts, and I continued my coos of love and I ran my fingers through his short dark brown hair. His hands slipped back to the clasp of the bra, and he effortlessly removed it from my person. He sat back, and I could see his eyes drinking in my naked upper half.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, coming back down to nuzzle my tummy, “absolutely the sexiest woman alive.”

He nuzzled my tummy all the way down to my jeans and he took those off too. Smiling a sexy smile upon seeing the panties that matched the bra. He slid off the the side of me, tucking one arm under me and his other was running his middle finger up and down my slit.

“You have too many clothes on,” I gasped and moved to straddle him.

“Mmmm baby you look so good up there,” he growled.

“You like seeing your little wife on top,” I purred, humping his penis through his jeans.

“Yes,” he moaned, “dear beauty, yes.” He was arching up to me, I knew those jeans were hurting and to tease him with them still on would be cruel. I left a trail of kisses from his lips and jaw, all down his neck, chest, belly, and then I kissed his penis through his jeans.

“Leah,” he panted, humping against my face. “You need to take these off.” And I did so, slowly building up not only his anticipation of being free, but mine of seeing what underwear he found to fit with those tight, tight jeans. To my surprise he bounced right out, no boxers, underwear, briefs or nothing. Just my hunky husband’s, large love tool. I reached out and touched him, cupping his balls, stroking his shaft. We both let out simultaneous moans.

“Do you like your husband’s penis?”

“Of course,” I purred back, “I couldn’t ask for anything better if I wanted to.”

“Well he likes you, he likes you a lot. He’s been thinking about you all day.”

“Good because I’ve been thinking about him all day too. There’s nothing more flattering than the sight of him hard, throbbing and,” I licked his head, “Dribbling with pre cum all for me.”

“It’s always for you baby he lusts for no one but you.”

“Do you know who lusts for him?” I asked removing my panties and tossing them on James’ chest. He grabbed them and inhaled, I didn’t expect him to, but man, oh man, that turned me on.

“I would assume it’s the wearer of these?”

“Yes and no, there’s someone very warm and wet who longs for him.” I began to tease his love rod by rubbing my wetness on him, but not letting him enter.

“Would that be your hot wet pussy?” He growled, he was so turned on and so was I.

“That’s right.” And I impaled myself onto his hard penis. We both moaned, he felt so good, so big. I started to ride him, slowly. Finding a nice rhythm. He clutched my hips, making sure he filled me up with each stroke.

“You look so freak’n sexy up there, but I promised to lay you down.” And made good on his promise he did. We switched positions and he climbed over me, sliding his love tool in a single stroke. As he humped me, he did whisper those pretty love words. My arousal was hitting overload and I could feel a big delicious orgasm building.

I dug my nails into his shoulders, “Cum with me,” I whimpered.

James started thrusting into me harder and harder. My hips were matching him thrust for thrust, we were so close.

“Oh, James, mmm-hm! I’m so close, oh, yes. Cum with me baby! I want your love juices, oh my… oh, yes!” My orgasm overtook me, and I could feel him shooting his hot load into me. I was lost in paradise. There was no music, there was no bed. Just me and James in orgasmic bliss. We came down from the mountain top together, panting and snuggling close, sharing sweet words and kisses. As we drifted off to sleep, snuggled close to each other, the last words from the last song I remember where those of our wedding song “my heart knows this is real at last, what do you say to that?”

*side note: as of Monday of this week, Natalie has since been removed from our office for her unprofessional, insensitive comments.*

God Bless All!!


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5 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I am so glad for you both. I like the way you handled that woman. You stood your ground while leaving vengeance to the Lord. God gave you grace. I am so glad you have the total support and admiration of your husband. What a great foundation that gives you to face people like that former co-worker.

    Your story was also very sexy!! I totally understand why you didn’t call, text, or email back. It was so hot when you two met at the stove – kindling for later. I want you to know that what you wrote motivates me to want to be a more supportive husband of my wife. Iron sharpens iron! God bless you and your family!

  2. elise65 says:

    Loved the love and the lust in this story….what marriage sex is all about! I think you also touched on a topic that hinders a lot of marriages…I know it did mine. Our photo-shopped, doctor-cropped, boobs always dropped culture often leaves me feeling that I’m not good enough..four kids, fibromyalgia, and thyroid issues, combined to put the damper on the expression of this kind of powerful connection for so long. Praise God, I am able to do what I can to improve myself, but the truth is, I will never look like what is thrown at my hubby all day, yet embrace and learn the principle that “perfect love casts out all fear”…1 John 4:18. A husband showing “perfect love” like yours did, makes an imperfect body….well, perfect! God bless!

  3. Loved by my Wife says:

    We are blessed with the power to encourage our spouses through our words and, as this story illustrates, through our love-making. It is a reminder to take advantage of this gift & not neglect to keep our spouses aware of how beautiful & valuable they are. It is scary to think how destructive Natalie’s comments could be to someone who doesn’t have the reassurance of a faithful God or loving husband.

    I hope this was a learning experience for Natalie…

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