Surprise Weekend

A few minutes before I arrived at your job, I sent you a text message which said, “Go to the city. Have a coffee. Go shopping. Have dinner at a nice restaurant. Go to hotel. Make love. Sleep in the nude. Make love again. Eat breakfast. Go shopping again. Like to join me?” I was giving you a surprise weekend.

I had prepared everything. Booked a hotel, a table at the restaurant, packed an overnight bag for us without telling you about it. I wanted to surprise you with a relaxing weekend and take you away from all the daily chores and responsibilities and just be together.

You were very surprised when I met you at the door and asked what I was doing there.

“Picking you up!” I said.


“Didn’t you get my text?”

“I don’t know. Let me check.”, you say and pick up your phone. A broad grin spread across your face while you read. “Mmm. Sounds very nice. Is that NOW?”

“Yes, if you want to?”

“Of course I want to! Let’s go!!” you said, with your beautiful smile shining all over your face. That smile was worth everything, and still it was only the beginning.

We held hands and made some small talk about our day, the kids, the house and so on, while we were driving towards the city centre. I parked the car and we went to a coffee shop and had a latte. In front of us in the line to the cashier was a beautiful young woman wearing a nice summer dress and it was obvious she didn’t wear a bra under it. It looked natural and beautiful. I quietly wished to myself for my wife to go without a bra some time. I like the natural shape and bounce of the breasts rather than the unreal shape of them in a tight bra that prevents them to move at all. I guess I am a man…

When we sat down at a table I could clearly see your soft breasts held tight in a white bra, when I looked down your low cut top. You saw I was looking and I think you leaned forward a little extra, just for me. We both like it when I look at you and as the evening would turn out, this was just a starter.

When we left the coffee shop I told you you could buy any and as many clothes you’d like and I would pay for it all. I also had made a shopping list for you to begin with. The listed items were; new bras, panties, a swim suit bikini, a summer dress and a jacket. You agreed that you needed all that desperately and we started to shop for the bras.

“What size do I have?”, you ask me as we arrived in the bra department.

“Are you asking me that?”

“Yes, I can’t remember.”

“I think this one will fit”, I said as I gave a nice white one to you.

“Ok, I’m lucky to have you to remember all that. You are my bra expert,” you said with a smile.

“I know, and it’s my special interest,” I replied.

“I know.”

You picked out a couple of nice looking bras in both black and white and went to the dressing room to try them on. I sat down on a small stool on the outside of your booth.

“I don’t know which one to choose. Can you have a look?” I heard you say.

“Ok!” I replied and snuck into your booth.

You stood there watching yourself in the mirrors wearing only your jeans and one of the bras. You looked so hot and I think you for me to get a look at you more than to really help you.

“What do you think about this one?”you asked.

“Wow, it looks very nice. Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do, but I have to try the other ones as well,” you answer and takes the bra off right in front of me.

You showed off your beautiful topless figure to me and I saw you from three different angles in the mirrors at the same time. I could feel some movement in my jeans. I could not believe how lucky I was. I stood together with my beautiful topless wife in a changing room in a lingerie shop. Now that was a new and very exciting experience. You tried on the other bras and showed them to me, and while you were changing I got to look at your soft and swaying breasts in three different angles. I liked three of the bras, and it happened to be the ones you liked as well.

I didn’t dare to stay in the booth any longer. I was afraid the staff would mind and I was also getting a bit aroused with the accompanying swelling in my jeans from the sight of your half naked body.

You dressed and came out after a short while. We went to pay for the bras and the girl at the cashier looked at us with a suspicious expression and a smile in her face. We just smiled back at her and pretended nothing.

Next you wanted to look for a swim suit bikini. We went into a couple of shops and ended up in a large sports store. There were plenty of sporty bikinis. You picked out one and I picked out a couple of them for you to try. You liked the ones with blue and white stripes. You were a bit worried that the white parts would become transparent and show your dark nipples and pubic hair when it got wet.

You took the bikinis and went to the changing room to try them on. Meanwhile I got some new boxers for me and when I was done I approached the changing booth where you were.

“Can you come in and have a look?” I heard you ask.

I entered her booth and had the most stunning sight. My woman with her slender, but curvy body in a very nice blue and white bikini. The top was without shoulder straps and the bottom hugged your butt and followed your contours on the front tightly. The shape of your soft and round padded venus mound was clearly visible beneath the fabric.

“What do you think?”you asked.

“Oh, it’s wonderful. Please, buy that one!” I replied.

“I like it too, but I have to show you the other ones as well. Just to be sure.” you said and started to take the bikini off. Without hesitation you unsnapped the bra and pulled the bikini bottom off. Your totally naked body was just inches from me. I instantly got an erection that strained hard against my jeans. You tried the other bikinis on, but that was just a blur to me. I was intoxicated by the sight of your nakedness when you changed between the bikinis and was no longer in a state where I could give you any useful advice.

We ended up with the first one you tried on and went out in the street. I slowly came back to my senses. My heart beat slowed again and the swelling in my pants subsided. I felt flushed and sweaty. You just smiled at me and caressed my hand that was holding yours. I could feel my upper arm “accidentally” brush lightly against your breast now and then as we walked along the street.

After a while we entered a shop that had a lot of nice summer dresses on display. You immediately started to go through them to find one you liked. After a while you had picked out four different dresses. You went to try them on.

You came out from the changing booth and showed one dress after another to me. They were beautiful. They were stretchy and hugged your chest tight above the waist and below they flowed out long and wide down to your ankles. The fabric was thin and light below the waist and thicker and wrinkled by the stretching material above. The dress was cut off just above the breasts and had thin shoulder straps. We settled for two of the dresses that was absolutely gorgeous on you. One plain white and one white with a flower pattern.

“I would like to wear this one tonight,”  you said and held up the one with flowers on.

“Sure,”  I said and you went into the booth to put it on.

“Come and look,”  you said and I looked into the booth.

“My black panties show through the thin white fabric,” you said a bit disappointed. You could not have it like that.

“Wait here while I run and buy you some white ones,” I said and left the store.

After some time I returned with a couple of white panties and gave them to you. You put on a pair and now the panties were just barely visible through the fabric. It looked very nice.

“What should I do about these bra straps?”, you asked. “It does not look nice with these straps over my shoulders beside the straps of the dress!”

“Can you remove the straps?” I asked.

“No, it’s not possible on any of the bras.”

“Can you take the bra off an try the dress without?”, I asked and my heart started to pound although I expected “no” for an answer. I know she is very modest and doesn’t want to show anything inappropriate.

“Ok, I can try,” I heard you answer to my big surprise, and you started to take the bra off.

The dress looked a lot nicer without the bra straps and your breasts were held tight against your chest by the stretchy fabric of the dress. You were satisfied I assured you that you looked absolutely gorgeous and that no one would care that you didn’t wear a bra. Except for me who enjoyed it very much.

We paid for the dresses and went out in the street towards the restaurant. The shape of your bosom under the dress revealed to anyone that looked that you didn’t wear a bra, but the stretchy fabric would hold them in place so there wouldn’t be bouncing or swaying and the fabric was thick enough to not be see through.

The sight of you was very exciting for me. Your long hair flowing over your shoulders. Your soft breasts naturally formed without a bra under the dress and your panties slightly visible through the fabric. They moved sensuously when your hips swayed as you walked. We held hands once again and now I felt the very soft touches of your free breast under the thin dress against my arm as you walked close to me.

As we were walking along I told you I had figured out a secret sign for us to use when we were in public and wanted to tell the other that you wanted to make love as soon as possible.

“What sign?” you asked.

“Just squeeze four times with your hand,” I said. “Three times means I love you and four times I want to make love.”

After a while I squeezed your hand four times. You looked at me with a big smile and immediately squeezed my hand four times as well. My penis got erect as I anticipated the evening and I tried to walk as normally as possible so that no one would see my predicament.

We arrived at the very nice Italian restaurant when the sun was setting. We got a table outside on the terrace and sat down. The light wind was a bit chilly and I could see the contours of your erect nipples pushing the thin fabric of your dress out. You were beautiful.

We got our nice meals and talked and ate slowly, just enjoying each others company. Enjoying to be undisturbed by the kids and able to talk and eat in peace for once.

Finally we were done and I think we both longed to proceed to enjoy each other in private the way husband and wife are intended to be together and in the way God created man and woman. Without any clothes and without feeling embarrassed or ashamed of our bodies. We went to the car and drove off to the hotel. I put my hand on your soft thigh. You spread your legs slightly and put your hand on top of mine and pulled it up towards your groin. My hand was resting high on your thigh and my little finger was against your soft venus mound. You held my hand there and caressed it softly.

When we arrived at the hotel we checked in and went to our room. It was a nice and spacious room with a couch, a small table, a very comfortable king size bed and a modern bathroom.

You immediately wanted to try on all your new clothes. You pulled your new dress over your head and your breasts swung free since you hadn’t worn any bra. You had nothing on but your new white panties under the dress. I could feel my penis stir in my pants as I saw your beautiful body with all it’s curves. Your long neck, your shoulders, your soft and hanging breasts with your dark nipples erect from the chilly air in the room, your thin waist and broad hips. Your soft bottom, your round Venus mound and delicious vaginal lips tightly wrapped by your panties and your long and slender legs with the softest thighs.

You knew I was looking and your show was for me as well as for you. You tried on both your new dresses, which were wonderful. Then all your new bras and panties one at a time. At last you put on your new bikini. I took off all my clothes as well and tried on my new boxers. They were soft and felt nice. my penis was semi erect when my clothes came off. I’m sure you noticed but neither of us cared.

It was wonderful and exciting to see you dress and undress completely so many times right in front of me. After I had tried my boxers I took them off and didn’t care to put anything else on. I sat naked on the couch and watched your little private fashion show. I get aroused very easy when I see your naked body and my penis gives me away every time. I know you like to see the reaction you cause.

When you were done trying all the clothes, you stripped naked as well for the rest of the evening. I stood up from the couch and walked over to you and took you in my arms. We hugged and kissed for a little while. I felt your soft breasts press against my chest, your hips pressed against mine and my hard penis stood straight up and was trapped between our bodies. The soft and smooth skin of your tummy felt wonderful against my erection.

We broke our embrace and went into the bathroom together to get ready for bed. We washed up and brushed our teeth. Your breasts wiggled and my penis wobbled from the movements. It was a great view in the large mirror.

When we came out from the bathroom, I took out a couple of candles and a bottle of massage oil from the overnight bag. I put the bottle on one of the nightstands and lit the candles around the bed. You were pleasantly surprised of my thoughtfulness and said that you really enjoyed the candles and that you wanted a massage.

You laid down on your front on the bed and I straddled your bottom. I poured some oil in my hands and started to massage your neck and shoulders softly. My, for the moment, relaxed penis rested against the small of your back.

“Mmm, that feels great”, you murmured.

After spending quite some time at your shoulders I moved down and started to stroke your back with long and slow strokes all the way from your shoulders down to your round and soft bottom and back up again. I really like to massage your butt. Feel the soft and smooth mounds between my hands.

After a while I decided that I was done, stretched out and laid down on top of you. I stretched out my arms and took your hands in mine, kissed your cheek and then put my cheek against yours. I felt my hips press against your soft butt and my penis was against your thighs. You parted your legs and my penis fell in between them. My erection returned now and as you felt it you lifted your hips slightly, reached your right hand down between your legs and arranged my penis so that it pressed against your crotch. I had a full erection now and the head was pressing against your labia right on top of your clitoris.

You wriggled your hips slowly making your labia rub against my penis. It felt very nice. We were very relaxed and we both enjoyed this close embrace very much. We just laid there for some time feeling our bodies close together.

After some time you took my hand and brought it to your mouth. You kissed it lightly at first and then put my index finger into your mouth. You licked and sucked it for a while and then moved on to my middle finger. All the fingers of my right hand got that wonderful and exciting treatment from your soft, warm and wet mouth at the same time you thrust your hips rubbing your genitals against my penis between your soft thighs.

When you were done with my fingers I returned the favour and sucked all your fingers into my mouth one at a time. Why haven’t we done this before, I thought to my self. It feels great and is very exiting.

We were becoming more and more aroused and after a while we both wanted a little more action. I rolled off of you and you rolled over onto your back and spread your legs a bit. We kissed deeply and your tongue found it’s way into my mouth. When our tongues had explored our mouths for some time I poured some more oil in my hands and started to rub and stroke your chest and soft breasts. The soft sensations with your breasts in my hands kneading them softly was wonderful. I could feel your dark aerolas wrinkle and your large nipples stiffen.

You took some oil as well and moved your hands to my very erect penis. It felt like coming home when your hands closed around me. Like it was the most natural thing to do together and I wanted it to last forever. The sensation was mind blowing when you moved your slippery fingers along my long and thick shaft and a desire to feel your exquisite vagina deliciously surround it started to grow in my mind. I knew you would want my large penis deep inside you eventually, so I wasn’t worried.

I moved my hands slowly along your tummy down to your dark triangle of pubic hair. I followed the outline of it with my index finger, from the top over to one side and down to where it disappeared between your round and soft thighs, then back again and over to the other side. After a couple of turns around your pubis I let my middle finger start it’s way across your hairy triangle over your round and soft venus mound to where I could feel your labia part. I felt you spread your legs wider to welcome me to your most sensitive and private area, that was only for me to explore and enjoy. A wonderful creation and a gift too generous to be true.

Your outer labia were swollen and and your inner ones protruded between them. They were smooth and slippery from your  arousal. I stroke them on the outside a few times until I just had to touch your hidden treasure and slipped the finger in between. You were so hot and wet and your vagina was engorged and wide open. I let my finger slowly move forward over your opening and up over your hardened clitoris.

“Aaaahhhmmm!”, was your response to that move and I felt your grip around my hardness tighten.

I stroke your clitoris and along your crevice down over your dripping entrance, back and forth. You spread your legs wide with your thighs perpendicular to your body and flat against the bed and moaned in pleasure for every stroke.

“Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmm.”

You gave me full access to you now, and you wanted me to bring you to “heaven” in the way only I could. Your strokes along my penis were now deliberately focused to bring me towards the top as well. Your oily fingers stroke along it’s full length, gripped the head and rotated, swirled around the rim of my swollen glans. I could clearly feel the delicious tingle start to stir between my legs and along my penis.

“Uuuhhhmmm! Uhhhmmm!” came over my lips  and my hips thrust forward in rhythm with your delicious caresses.

Our hips danced with involuntary thrusts against each other. The “itch” between our legs demanded us to thrust forward in an attempt to increase the pleasure even more. There was no way we could hold it back. We just had to move, and press our bodies against each other. You reached your other hand down to where my fingers were busy and you helped me pleasure you. Both our fingers were now stroking your slippery clitoris and dipping into your soft and wanting vagina. It felt wonderful to have one of my fingers and one of yours deep inside you at the same time and stroking your clitoris together.

I took one of your breasts in my mouth, sucked the erect nipple for short while and the reaction was immediate.

“Ooooooohhhhh!!! Uuuuuuhhhhmmmm. Uuuuuuhhhmmm! Please, come inside me now! I need your penis inside me right now!”.

I was not in a condition to say no to that request. I was rock hard and my penis stood straight up in anticipation. I positioned myself between your legs and moved forward until the head was against your wet and swollen labia. You took my penis in your hand and pressed it against your self, the head parted your labia and was right at your opening. You pulled softly on my penis to command me to push it into you now. You wanted it. You desired it. You needed it.

I thrust my hips forward slowly and I could feel your opening give way. I felt your vagina stretch around my hardness and open up as my penis entered. You were so wet that there was no resistance and I thrust my penis all the way in in one thrust.

When you felt my penis slide deeper and deeper into you, you pulled your spread legs up towards your chest with your feet straight up in the air to take me as deep into you as you possibly could. We both let out a loud moan from the delicious sensations our genitals sent to our overheated brains. Finally we were joined into one flesh in the most pleasurable way possible. We rested like that and just kissed sensuously  for a short while, until the sensations from where we were joined together made us move slowly against each other.

I slowly withdrew my penis until only the tip was still inside you and felt your vagina caress me along my full length. I felt you squeeze your vaginal muscles around me and the incredible pleasure made me thrust into you again. I just couldn’t resist. I was totally unable to lay still and had to thrust into you again and again. Your hips were bucking and grinding with me.

I pressed myself fully into you and then we ground our hips against each other. You pressed your clitoris hard against my pubis, the way for you to reach orgasm while we make love. I knew that was what you wanted right now. You wanted me to bring you there now.

Every grind of our hips sent a lightning bolt into your senses and your body was out of control. Your hips bucked wildly and you groaned out loud for every move.

“Uuuuhhmmm. Uuuuhhhmmm. Uuuuhhhmmm.”

I knew you were close now. I stopped the motion and I could feel your hips shaking uncontrollably and your vaginal muscles contract in your pre orgasmic phase. I pushed forward once.

“Uuuuuuuhhhhhhmmmm!” was your response.

I waited a few seconds and then withdrew and pushed my hips forward again.


And again.

“Uuuuuuhhhhmmmm! It feels sooooo goooood, honey! Please, don’t stop now! Please, go OOOOOOONNNNNN!”

I thrust into you just when you said it and you screamed from the pure pleasure between your legs.

I deliberately stopped once more to tease you and asked you if it felt good.

“Mmmmmmmmm! Soooo Gooood!” you said.

“Do you want an orgasm now?” I asked.

“Ohhhhh, YEEESSSS!”

“Are you ready?”

“Ohh, YEEEEESSSS! Just give it to me NOOOWWW!!”

I withdrew and thrust hard back into you and I felt your vagina tighten hard around me.

“Aaaaaaahhhhh!” you said

I thrust once again.


I know you so well and now I knew that the next thrust would bring you the orgasm you have longed for.

“Here it comes!” I said and drove my penis deep into you and pressed hard against you.

“AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! MMMMMmmmmmm!” you screamed.

You exploded in a wonderful,  beautiful and pleasurable orgasm that rocked your whole body. I felt your vagina contract several times around my penis. We rested a while until you came down from your orgasm.

“I love you and I love when you orgasm!” I said and kissed you.

“I love you too, and now it’s your turn!” you said.

I started thrust into you in a slow pace to be able to feel all the wonderful sensations from our union. In and out. In and out.

“Uuuummmm. Uuuummm. Uuuummmm. It feels so good when my penis slides in and out of you!” I said.

“Good, honey! Then keep going. Keep going!” you encouraged me

I could feel my penis and my body tense more and more for each thrust and I could feel the familiar and wonderful sensation as my body prepared itself to release my seed.


“Go on! Go on!” you shout again, knowing I was close.

I pushed my penis into you as far as it would go.


The muscles in my groin contracted rhythmically. We both felt my penis twitch deep inside you as my sperm forcefully spurted out from me into you. I could feel spurt after spurt leave the tip of my tingling penis.

“O, darling, I love you.” you said as I collapsed on top of you.

“I love you, too! Thank you for marrying me and thank you so much for doing this together with me. You are wonderful!” I replied.

We snuggled up and went to sleep. When we woke up the next day we did it all over again. It seems we can never have enough.


By: Jorge Mejía peralta

By: Jorge Mejía peralta

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    • Westcoast says:

      The stories I have posted here are the only ones I have ever written, so the answer is just recently.

  1. Blondie says:

    I love how you write about knowing your wife so well you know when and how to make her come. I am so glad my husband has taken the time to really get to know me that way too. 🙂 So much fun to find each other’s “triggers”. Thanks for the story!

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