The Dream

I was falling. I screamed for help but the people who were watching me did nothing. They acted like I didn’t exist. It turned all dark and became silent.

Then I woke up.

My heart was pounding and I was shaking. I had only been asleep for five minutes that night and yet, the nightmare had come quickly. I usually don’t get nightmares, but when they happen, they are explosive.

I was trying to make sense of what happened when I felt a hand on my heaving chest. It was my wife.

“So that was a bad one, huh?” as she moved her body closer to mine.

I didn’t answer. I try not to let her know when I have nightmares — but she knows. When I do, the only way I find peace is to wrap myself around her. It is the only way I get back to sleep.

“How did you know I was having a nightmare?” I whispered.

“I heard you scream and yell for help,” said my wife. She giggled quietly. “Luckily for you, I didn’t hear you call out another woman’s name or that is when the real nightmare would have started!”

She moved even closer to me, tossing one leg over mine. She slowly moved her left hand down my chest, down my stomach and underneath my pajama bottoms.

“The nightmares are not real and they cannot hurt you,” she whispered, her lips brushing my ear. “But this,” she said squeezing my penis, “and how much I love you are very real.”

My wife began to nibble on my nipples, her beautiful blonde hair flowing over my chest. My manhood began to grow quickly under her gentle touch as she swept her hand over my groin. It  didn’t take long for my penis to become ramrod straight and sticking out through my pajama bottoms.

That beautiful woman slowly moved her hand up and down my rigid shaft, allowing me to revel in her touch. Her gentleness, her kindness were chasing away any residue of the nightmare.

She looked up at me, her blue eyes full of love. “Well, it looks like somebody is wide awake now,” she said with a laugh.

I pulled her face closer to my mine and kissed her deeply, passionately and urgently. She responded in kind, her hand still on my penis. As I reached for her breasts, she pulled away.

“Not tonight,” she whispered. “This is just about you.”

With that, she slid farther down the bed and between my legs. When my wife took my penis into her mouth,  the sensation sent shock waves through my body. My hips rose to meet her as she used one hand to massage my balls and the other to stroke my penis. Every now and then her tongue slowly worked its way up and down and across the opening on the top. I could see her head bob and hear her lips smack as she moved up and down my shaft.

I began to breath heavily as my hands ran up her arms and into her hair. I could feel that wonderful sensation begin in my feet and start to travel up my legs. It would eventually reach my groin, up through my penis and into…

But then my wife stopped.

She leaned away from me and rested on her knees. I could see the moonlight from the window shining softly on her face. My beloved crossed both arms in front of her, grabbing her T-shirt at the bottom. She slowly pulled her shirt up over her petite breasts and over her head. She threw the shirt aside, shaking her shoulder-length hair free. I could see her erect nipples in the darkness.

I watched as she moved her body toward my center, my erection still straight. She positioned herself above me, one hand holding my penis and the other moving one side of her underwear past the opening of her private entrance to provide access to me. I could smell the sweetness of her love entrance.

“I thought this was just about me,” I teased, as she maneuvered herself on top of me.

“I changed my mind; I am allowed to change my mind. Any problems with that?”

“Not from here,” I moaned as my wife’s engorged love lips touched the top of my penis. “I am just glad to be wide awake for this.”

On her haunches, my wife steadied herself and then slowly descended down my shaft. I could see her breasts move slightly as her love chamber took in my entire member. We both gasped as her middle met mine; her underwear keeping me securely inside her.

She leaned back, the moonlight allowing me to see her whole beauty. My hands traveled up both her sides, reached up to both breasts, her erect nipples rolling through the fingers.

My wife sighed contently. “I bet you don’t have any dreams as good as this.”

I moved my hands from her breasts to her back; my forefingers slowly tracing a path down her spine to her buttocks. She shivered. “Only if you are in them,” I said.

I heard a giggle from above. “You are such a schmoozer.”

My wife bent down and we exchanged passionate kisses. I rose my hips up to push my penis deeper into her. She grinded her hips deeper into my penis.

One more time, my wife leaned back and with her hands on my chest, began to slide up and down my shaft. It was slow and tantalizing at first. She would rise up my penis almost to the head and then slowly back down. She was taking her time. But each trip increased in speed and sound.

Making love with her underwear on was something new. But the fabric increased the sensation and I felt even more secure in her.

My wife’s up-and-down movements began to increase, faster and shorter. She began to moan softly, her hair falling on her face and her right hand touched her right nipple. I reached up to kiss her other breast and then fell back down to the bed as she kept moving.

I loosened my grip around her waist as I could sense she was getting close to the edge. She needed the freedom to move. My hips started to thrust upward and my own love stream, so rudely interrupted minutes before, began to rise through me again.

My wife suddenly stopped moving, tensed, bowed her head, gasped and grabbed my arms hard as the orgasm shot through her. I kept pushing upwards, feeling the rising sensation in my own body until the final thrust sent my love into her, causing me to cry out in ecstasy.

Once we had recovered and my penis had slipped out of her, my wife snuggled with me again. The smell of our lovemaking was evident in the room.

We kissed one final time that night. My wife put a cool hand on my face and looked into my eyes. She smiled. “I plan to make sure all of your dreams are sweet.”



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