Birthday Surprise!

My wife is generally rather reserved when it comes to physically intimacy. She is a very spiritual, God centered women who had been under the misconception that sex was dirty and joy in sex was wrong. But, over the past several months we had been praying and studying and that has brought her to realize the importance of sexual intimacy in our marriage. And our sex life has been much better lately, however, that wasn’t enough to let go of all her inhibitions, so I was in no way expecting the “Birthday Surprise”.

She had arranged for our children to stay over at her parents for a sleepover and had planned a nice evening out. We did some shopping and had a nice dinner, enjoyed a nice conversation, but I had a sense that she had other things on her mind. With each sip of wine, she became more playful. When we arrived home, she told me to go get ready for “bed” as she had to take care of a few things. So, I did as I was told, lighting some candles and getting some music ready for our night. I jumped into bed letting my mind wander a bit… what did she have in store? A few minutes later she arrived wearing my favorite pink nightie. It hugged her sexy sculpted body, framing her gorgeous breasts and extending down to barely cover her butt (my favorite feature). It was then, I got a glimpse of her sweet swollen mound of love. Her pure, pale skin glistened in the candle light, she pulled the sheets back and jumped into bed and seductively said… “Your wish is my command”

Shocked at my shy wife opening up, I stumbled… not knowing what to say. I had thought about this many times, but now in the moment it felt overwhelming and I locked up. Before I knew it she jumped on top of me and I could feel her moistness against my hardening cock. At that moment, I snapped out of it, pushed her onto her back, looked her in the eye and said “My cock needs a taste of your pussy.”

I entered into her wet, slippery love hole and plunged myself deep inside of her, saying playfully “You only get a little taste, because you have more work to do.”

She let out a quiet moan that suggested she was ready for long night of lovemaking. While continuing to pound my wife’s beautiful pussy, I nibbled on the left side of her neck, up to her ear lobe, flicking her diamond studded earring with my tongue, and whispered: “I want your mouth around my cock.”

She does do this for me, but it is not something she enjoys, but tonight she wanted to serve her master. She rolled me to side and slid down and took her small mouth and delightfully petite tongue and engulfed the head of my cock. She took her right hand to the underside of my balls and massaged them, getting more forceful as the minutes passed. She knew what I liked! She took her tongue and licked up and down my swollen shaft then taking my head that was dripping with her saliva and my pre-cum once more in her mouth. I shimmied my way to get access to her now dripping wet love nest.

I aggressively rubbed her clit.

“Oh baby” she mumbled. I then slid my right index and middle finger inside her and pulsated them on her fleshy g-spot, while my thumb remained firmly on her clit. She began to jerk her hips and she took her mouth off my cock, still grabbing my balls and let out a deep moan. With a high pitch excited voice she gasped, “You are soooo good to me!”

I responded, “I want you to cum all over me baby!”

She responded: “Yes, baby, Yessss. I am gonna cum, make me cum.”

Just then she screamed and squirted her love juices all over my hand and as I licked them clean, enjoying the taste of my bride, she slithered back up to me and said… What do you want next? To be continued….

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Thank you Chase for writing. I look forward to you continuing. It is exciting for us as couples to grow in our sexual intimacy. What a great surprise! God bless you and your family.

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