The First Night

My heart beats like a drum in my chest and I steal a glance at Allen. His dark hair, black suit, and the roughish grin makes between my legs wet with anticipation.

He turns up Viva la Vida by Coldplay on the radio. I look behind us at the church and thank God the wedding is over and we can start our new lives. I never was the girl who planned her wedding, I’m not big on things being centered on me. I’d sooner have eloped. The wedding had gone by in a flash. It’s just a day. You can have a huge sparkly gown and flowers enough to intoxicate with their scent in the sanctuary, but the only thing that matters is the one whom you’re making the vow to cherish and be faithful to the rest of your life.

“We’ve done it,” I say, smiling too hugely.

“Yeah,” he says and takes my hand in his own and brings it to his lips in a kiss. “You look beautiful, Christie.”

You look beautiful,” I giggle and admire my new husband again. I know a night of passion is awaiting us and I can hardly wait to get home. The drive is short to our apartment. We’re staying the night there and then driving down the next day to a beachside condo for two weeks I can’t believe I’m going to his place and staying the night and every night from now on.

We walk up the stairs and he opens the door for me. I’m still wearing my big ivory wedding gown, jewelry, and tiara in my pinned-up hair, and Allen sweeps me into an embrace as soon as the door closes behind him. The kiss is no longer tame like it was during the tapping of glasses at the reception. It’s hot and wanting. Our bodies press against each other and I’m alive with lust for my groom. We continue to kiss as we move toward the bedroom. He unzips the back of my wedding dress and helps me out of the gown. He removes his suit jacket and tie, then lays back on the bed.

“Come here, Princess,” he orders, his voice gruff, and I fall into his arms, kissing him.

I straddle his narrow hips still wearing all my jewelry, my corset, my white thong and sparkling high heels.  I start to unbutton his shirt and find myself overcome by how sexy he looks. His hair slightly disheveled from our making out, his eyes only on me, and as I unbutton his shirt I relish in the sight of his defined pecs and abs. I love the way his muscles flex under my fingers with awareness and arousal. It makes me so wet, I can feel my vagina tightening and my clitoris throbbing.

With his shirt open, I start to work on his pants. I undo his belt and taking it off slowly. I can feel the bulge under his pants and once I pull them down I can see the head of his cock peeking over his black sports briefs. I lean in and lick the tip before even removing his pants.

“I love you,” I purr.

“Him or me?” He asks, giving my bare butt cheek a little slap.

“Both of you, the complete package.” I laugh and run my hands from his chest to his torso.

“Princess, are you going to take that thong off or am I going to have to take it off for you?” He challenges me with his gaze.

I giggle and stand. I back away from him and slide the thong off, then start to work on the corset, but it is difficult, so I turn around and let him unlatch each of the tiny hooks until I am free from my bounds and my breasts are revealed. When I finally turn around I see he’s taken off his underwear and his cock is huge and ready for me.

“You’re the sexiest woman alive,” he moans in approval as one breast overfills his hand.

“Mmm,” I groan and I feel his other hand lightly touch my sex, then rub my clit. “Oh, make love to me now.”Marriage Heat Store

“As you wish,” He says, and takes me in his arms as I straddle him once more. It’s incredible to feel him fill my tight pussy, at first a little tender, but I’m so wet it hardly matters. Allen’s lips cover one of my nipples and he sucks and licks it’s center. Ooh, I am in heaven. I thrust slow and relaxed and feel myself building toward an orgasm. My first orgasm as a married woman. I’d masturbated in the past, but this orgasm is so much stronger than any I’ve done “by hand”.

“Oh, Allen, oh!” I scream.

He thrusts upward at me. “You like that?”

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I shout. The orgasm lasts longer than any I’d ever had. “I love you!” My body continues to hold onto the tip of my release as he starts to come. The warmth caused by his release makes my own even better.

“Oh, that’s good!” He cries. “Oh, oh, baby!”

Afterward we lay next to each other in our happiness and I am excited for the years to come. We make love two more times the firsr night and finally when we fall asleep we wake up in the middle of the first night together and make love again. My body is sated sexually and mentally. Allen is my husband and I am his wife at last.

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    • BlackLace says:

      Thank you, Gina! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 It’s been three years since our marriage, but I wanted to share our honeymoon story here.

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