Candid Camera! Our Sex Tape (L)

Ben had the day off, so we decided to do some long over due yard work. The weather was nice and just being able to spend it with the love of my life made all that much better.

We planted new shrubs, and a whole lot of beautiful bedding plants.  It was really looking good, our hard work was really paying off. The yard and the flower beds were not the only thing that looked good.  I love watching Ben work. The way his muscles flex and the overall manly sexiness of a strong man hard at work. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t lusting just a bit.

“Baby, are you hungry?  Wanna stop and take a break for a little while?” I asked him, slipping off my garden gloves and knocking the dirt from my shirt and jeans.

He leaned on his shovel, smiled and said, “Yeah, a sandwich sounds good. A cold beer sounds better he replied.

“Coming right up! I love you!” I told him as I walked past him, giving him a flirty grin. I walked away from him, exaggerating the shake of my ass just a bit.

I fixed us each a sandwich, grabbed him a beer and myself a bottled water. I grabbed a blanket then walked back outside where Ben was spreading more soil. We spread the blanket under the large shade tree in the front yard and ate.

We talked about one day re-painting the pool house and about a few things we had talked of doing around the house that we have continually put off. We talked about taking a trip to see my parents and spending Christmas with them. Then New Years Eve and New Year’s Day with his mom. His dad passed away a little over two years ago.

“Well I guess we might as well get back to work so we can finish up! I’d say we are just about through.”  I said as I stood and put my gloves back on.

Ben stood and stretched,  then said,  “Yep, not gonna get done on it’s own!”  He then walked over to me, grabbing my arm he gave me two soft kisses on the lips.

“I love you, Gina!” he said softly.

“So sweet! I love you too!” I replied as I looked into his deep brown eyes and smiled.

He pulled me close and kissed me again, this time more passionately. His tongue entered my mouth searching eagerly for mine. They met and danced as we kissed.  My entire body tingled from my head to the tip of my toes.

A soft moan escaped my lips as we kissed.  A kiss that intoxicated me with it’s power and heated my cunt with desire. Whether it was his intention or not, he had just sealed the fact that he was gonna get some that night.

“Mmmm… So, shall we get back to work or do you wanna get naked and screw right here in the front yard?” I said teasingly after we broke our kiss.

Ben laughed and replied,  “Don’t tempt me!”  We both laughed, then got busy finishing up the yard.

We were just finishing up when our son Randy’s school bus arrived. We all three walked into the house. Ben and I were both filthy and not to mention tired. Ben went to take his shower as I washed my hands and took something out for supper.  Randy started on his homework.

Several minutes later Ben emerged shirtless and wearing a pair of blue jean shorts that if I may say complemented his form quite nicely. If you know what I mean!

“My turn!” I exclaimed as I made my way towards our bathroom. Shutting the door I started my shower water, then undressed.

The water felt so good as it caressed my body.  I latherd the soap onto my body beginning with my breast. My hands felt so good as I lingered over my tits massaging them. I smiled naughtily as I traced my fingers around my dark aureoles. My nipples reacted to my stimulation, becoming firm and erect as my breast swelled from my touch.

“Such a bad girl!” I whispered softly to myself and I ran my stiff little buds between my fingers, gently pulling on them. I continued playing with my titties for a couple minutes becoming quite aroused.

I left my breast and slowly began to work the lather over my abdomen, then down both my legs, purposely ignoring my pussy. I then reached behind me and worked the lather over my ass. I gasped slightly as I tickled my tight asshole with a finger.

I returned to my breast, tweaking my sensitive nipples once more sending erotic shivers throughout my body. My breathing became shallow from my arousel as I basically teased myself, having not yet given my pussy the attention it ached for.

I slowly ran my right hand down the front of my body, while keeping my left hand on my tit. Finally reaching my pubic mound, I ran my fingers through the soft curls . I ran my hand between my legs and cupped my hot cunt. I wanted so bad to call for Ben and have him fuck my hot little pussy as I began to finger myself, working a couple fingers in and out of me.

I closed my eyes and thought back to a couple days prior, when I walked into the bathroom one morning as Ben was showering. I peeked into the shower curtian to tell him good morning, only to find him standing there holding his long and very erect cock in his hand slowly stroking it.

He smiled and ceased his stroking when he noticed me peeking in. “Don’t stop baby! Keep going!” I told him as I slipped off my gown and got into the shower with him. By now I was pumping my fingers into me furiously as I recalled the sight of him working his hand up and down his big dick.

I got on my knees in front of him and watched as he continued to beat his meat in front of me.  “Let me know when you are gonna cum baby!” I told him, then reached and fondled his nuts causing him to groan deeply. In real time I was now stroking my clit, my orgasm approaching rapidly.

Ben groaned as he began to pump his meat rapidly with his hand. ” NOW! Oh fuck!” He growled as his hot creamy cum shot from his dick in four long spurts landing onto my breast.

In real time my orgasm washed over me, my body twitched as I propped myself up against the shower wall with my free hand. ” I’m cumming! Oh-Ah,” I panted, my legs clamped tight trapping my hand between them.

Once my orgasm subsided, I finished with my shower, then got out feeling refreshed and a smile on my face. Wrapping a towel around me and walked into the bedroom.

Ben was sitting on the end of the bed. “Feel better?” He said with a smile when he saw me. I began to wonder if he had heard me.

” A lot better! It’s a wonder how a good hot shower can revitalize you!” I replied, deciding to keep the other part to myself. Like a naughty little secret. I then shut the bedroom door.

Ben had taken the camcorder and all its accessories from the closet and was fiddling with it. We have only used the thing only a couple times since we purchased it a little over a year ago.

“What are you doing with that, baby? ” I asked as I removed my towel and slipped on a pair of shorts ( no panties) and a pink Hard Rock Café t-shirt.

“Just thought I would check it out. See if the battery will still hold a charge.” He replied.

“Personally, I think we should sell the thing! I mean really, we rarely even use it. It’s basically an expensive dust magnet!” I said. However my suggestion fell on deaf ears.

I opened the bedroom door, then went to prepare supper, which was done in just a little over an hour. The three of us then sat at the table as Ben said grace. We then ate heartedly.

After our meal, Randy helped me clean up, then we all sat and watched a movie ( Iron Man 3 ).  It was a pretty decent movie, though I’m not really into the super hero thing. But I had watched the previous two, so might as well watch the third one. Right?

After the movie, I had Ben and Randy take some boxes of summer clothes that I had packed up for the winter to the pool house. Randy then retreated to his room to play video games. Ben and I snuggled on the couch and watched some television.

I absolutely love and cherish times when we can just be close together and just relax and just enjoy being together. I feel so safe and secure next to him, his strong arm around me holding me close. We don’t even have to talk for me to feel loved by him.

I sat there, my head on his shoulder, my right hand resting on his thigh slowly stroking him. “Baby, I love you so much! Thank you for helping with the yard!” I whispered softly into his ear.

He smiled as he looked into my eyes and said, “I love you too! You are welcome my babe!” He then gave a couple soft kisses on the lips.

I pulled his mouth to mine kissed him, slipping my tongue through his sweet lips. I continued stroking his inner thigh as we kissed. Breaking our kiss I whispered into his ear,  “Baby, I want you so bad! Make love to me! Take me to bed and ravish me. I need you to fuck me! Will you do that for me baby? Will you just fuck the shit out of me?”

“I sure will baby, I want you too!” He said softly, tracing his finger over my lips, then slipped it into my mouth.

I sucked sensuously on his fat finger as if it were his dick. I slowly worked my hand up his thigh till I reached his crotch and his warm bulge. I cupped him as we again kissed.

Our passion was soon interrupted however as we heard Randy walk into the room. I quickly removed my hand from Ben’s crotch as Ben and I both chuckled. My pussy was throbbing and had soaked my inner thighs. I was one horny ole broad! Lol.

It was a little after nine when I told Randy it was time for him to get to bed. He protested briefly, then finally headed for bed.

“Well, I am going to bed! Are you coming sweetheart?” Ben asked as he rose from the couch.

“Right behind you baby, gonna pour me a glass of wine. Do you want something?” I replied, then stood and kissed his sweet lips.

“No, I am good! Just want you, my baby!” he answered as he walked off towards the bedroom.

I poured myself a glass, then clipped the lights off as I made my way to the bedroom. I stopped off at the laundry room for a moment to check the clothes that I had put in the dryer earlier. They were dry so they could wait till in the morning.

Ben was already in bed, when I walked into our bedroom and shut the door behind me. I smiled and winked at him as I walked to the bathroom.  “Don’t you dare fall asleep! ”  I say.

I walk into the bathroom, remove my clothes, then brushed my teeth. I dabbed on a small amount of perfume (Ben’s favorite), ran a brush through my hair, then walked nude into the bedroom. I didn’t bother putting my gown on as it wouldn’t stay on long anyway.

I walked over to my side of the bed, then slipped in next to him for some nude cuddling (love that!). I put one leg over one of his and kissed him, sucking his tongue into my mouth. As we kissed I ran my hand over his chest, slowly sliding it down over his flat abdomen, then under the sheet to his pubic area.

I ran my fingers through his dark pubic hair for a moment,  then grasped his cock which was already starting to thicken and expand. I gently began massaging and pulling on it, slowly masturbating him.

Breaking our kiss, I gazed into his eyes and softly said, ” I love you so much! ”  I then kissed him, flicking my tongue over his lips, then gently pulled on his bottom lip with my teeth.

“Hey, I have an idea baby! Let’s make a sex tape!” He said as his hands caressed up and down my naked back.

I looked at him and let out a small laugh, his dick now erect and still in my hand.  “Do what? A sex tape! Are you serious?” I replied.

“Sure, why not? It will be fun and we can watch it together afterwards. Your the one who made the point that we rarely use it. Why not use it and have fun with it! ” Ben said, then kissed my neck sending erotic shivers throughout my body.

I moaned softly and said, “Yeah, fun until someone else finds it! I don’t want my naked ass ending up on you tube or some porn site! I would be so embarrassed!”

Ben laughed and replied,  “Don’t be silly! That won’t happen! No one but us will ever see it, I will hide and secure it. If it will make you feel any better, we can erase it after a few days.”

I gazed into his eyes and smiled. “Ok, I guess! But we have to be careful, I don’t want Randy or one of the girls to accidentally find it! ”

“They won’t! I will lock it up in the bottom of the gun cabinet.” Ben replied as he got out of bed and walked over to set up the camcorder on the tripod. I grinned as I watched him walk, his hard dick bouncing and leading the way. It is always such an erotic sight to behold!

He finally got everything set up and plugged in at the end of the bed, then the little red light came on which meant it was recording. I’m generally not camera shy. I’ve let Ben take provocative nude and semi nude photos of me with his cell phone (Lord, I pray he never loses that phone!) but I must admit I was a bit nervous and intimidated by the camcorder. Especially considering the situation.

“Ok, baby! Let’s see some skin!” Ben said with a chuckle.

I couldn’t help but laugh and felt my face heat up as I lowered the sheet and exposed my tits.

” Beautiful baby! Let’s see the rest of that sexy body!” Ben said as he grabbed his cock and gave it a couple tugs. It had lost some of it’s hardness, but still looked impressive.

I slowly moved the covers away, kicking them down to the end of the bed until I was fully exposed. I began to feel more turned on than nervous at this point. I concentrated on Ben and his beautiful dick instead of the little red light.

“Spread your legs, baby! Let’s see that pretty pussy! You are so beautiful and sexy!” Ben said as he continued to slowly pull on his meat.

I grinned then opened my legs wide.  “Like this baby?” I said softly, then ran my hand over my moist fur covered cunt.

“Yes, like that! So hot, baby, yes touch yourself! Play with your sweet little pussy!” Ben said, still holding his now fully erect cock in his hand.

I opened my swollen pussy lips with my fingers, then slipped a finger into me, slowly working it in and out. I smiled and gave him a wink as I removed my finger and brought it to my lips and took it into my mouth and sucked on it, tasting my sweet pussy juices.  ” Mmmmm, so good!” I said in my sexiest tone.

Ben walked over to the bed, getting in on his knees.  “Kiss me baby! Kiss my dick!” He said.

I leaned towards him and kissed the swollen mushroomed head of his penis, flicking at it with my tongue tasting the precum that had formed on the tip. I then took the head into my mouth and sucked on it, gradually taking more of his hot dick into my mouth.

Ben groaned deeply as I sucked his dick, working my head slowy up and down his thick shaft. I fingered myself as I sucked him, completely forgetting that we were recording the whole event.

“Baby, that feels so good! But, lay back I wanna fuck that hot pussy of yours!” Ben groaned.

I let his dick slip from my lips, looked up at him and smiled.  ” I want you to fuck me, baby! I need you to fuck me! Please put your big fat dick inside me and fuck me good!” I panted still fingering my hot dripping cunt.

He had me lay back across the bed, so to get a good angle for the camera. I really didn’t care as long as I got dicked good and hard. I lay back and opened my legs, inviting him in.

He got between my legs and mounted me, kissing me passionately. I groaned as I felt his bulbous dickhead slip past my swollen pussy lips as he entered me until he was buried balls deep.

“Ohhhh, Ben! Baby, you feel so good and so deep! I love the way you fill me, baby!” I panted into his ear as he began thrusting slowly. We kissed again as I began to roll my hips in unison with his thrusting. In no time I could feel my orgasm starting to build deep inside me.

“Ohhh, baby! Faster baby! Fuck! Fuck me! I’m cumming! Baby, I’m cumming! I panted burying my face into his neck as my body spasmed.

“Oh, baby!” Ben groaned as my nails clawed his back. He propped himself up with his arms and we gazed into each others eyes as he began pumping into me with more vigor, his nuts slapping against my ass as he humped me.

” That’s it baby! Fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy! Fuck it hard! Mmmmph! ” I panted, my breathing coming in short shallow gasp as I looked into his eyes. His facial expressions showing his pleasure. Oh how I love pleasuring my husband it turns me on so much.

“My dick feel good to you baby? Baby, your pussy is so hot and feels so good! I’m fucking you baby!” Ben panted.

“Mmmmmph! Oh yes baby, your dick feels so good! Give it to me, yes fuck me! Mmmmph! Baby, your gonna make me cum again! Ohhhh, baby! I’m cumming! Oh fuck, baby!” I panted as my body spasmed beneath his once more. The last coming in a bit of a squeal.

Ben got up onto his knees, holding on to my knees he began to thrusting in long steady deep strokes. The bed rocked and creaked in rhythm to our fucking. I reached my hand down and began manipulating my sensitive clit as he fucked me. My body lurched as I spasmed again. I swear for a moment there I honestly thought I was gonna black out.

“Ohhhh, fuck! Gina, baby, I’m gonna cum! I wanna cum on you! Ohhhh fuck!” Ben growled as he pulled his dick from me, spraying my pubic bush, stomach and upper torso with his warm silky cum in four powerful spurts.

He collapsed beside me breathing heavily as I lay there covered in his sperm . Both of us totally spent.  ” I love you Ben!” I panted, running my fingers through his love he had just deposited onto my body.

“I love you too baby!” He panted then got out of bed and retrieved a warm damp wash cloth from the bathroom after turning the camcorder off. He walked back to bed cleaning his spent penis with the rag, then handed it to me.

“Well, wanna see how it turned out?” He asked with a grin.

“Ok, sure! But I gotta pee first!” I said getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom.

When I got back Ben had just finished hooking it to the television. Turning it on and got back in bed to watch it.

I couldn’t help but laugh at first, actually felt a bit embarrassed. But after a few minutes found it to be really erotic watching our fuck session on tv. The picture and sound was fantastic.

I don’t know if I will ever agree to do another one, but it was a fun and exciting experience. Will make a great source of inspiration for my solo sessions! Lol.

Well, I hope ya’ll enjoy my little story! I had four self induced orgasms while writing it! I am such a bad horny old broad! Lol.

God bless you all and stay horny

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13 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    I had so much fun editing this, Gina. Hot story and what a fun idea. Once my husband accidentally left his “sleep talk” recorder (yeah, I was trying to convince him he talks in his sleep a lot. He says the craziest things! lol) on while we were having sex and it was so hot to listen to it afterward. Stay horny, girl!

  2. Gina G. says:

    Thank you so much Blondie, so glad you enjoyed it! Every once in a while Ben comes up with an off the wall horny idea! Lol.

    It was so much fun writing this and remembering that night. I have watched it several times with Ben as well as alone. The result always ends in a wonderful orgasm or two. I have no regrets in making it what so ever.

    God bless you always and stay horny!

    Ps: I am always horny! Lol.

    • Gina G. says:

      Ha! Thanks for the comment IttIb. Please don’t give Ben any ideas! Lol.

      God bless and stay horny!

      P.S. Looking forward to another story from you! Hurry up! Lol!

  3. Gina G. says:

    So glad you enjoyed it Madeline35! Sorry it took so long, but I have been enjoying all the other wonderful storied from this site.

    I don’t know if we will do another one or not, but it was truly a fun experience. I will try not to take so long next time! Thank you for your comment! So happy you enjoy my stories enough to miss them 🙂

    God bless you and yours and stay horny!

    • Gina G. says:

      Thank you HoneyGirl! Yeah, I know what you mean about ” needing” it more during pregnancy. I am lucky to be married to a man who was and still is willing to service my needs whenever my little pussy craves it.

      Unfortunately the later I went into my pregnancies sex became uncomfortable and often painful, no matter the position. This was truly frustrating for the both of us.
      We compensated by masturbating together. This helped but the desire to have his dick often still lingered. We have more than made up for it since! Lol.

      Thank you so much for your comment and so glad you liked my story. I love your stories and look forward to reading more from you.

      God bless you and yours and stay horny girl!

  4. doctemp2 says:

    Gina, thank you for another classic; we loved it! You two rock–K and I love reading stories from you, Blondie, Mommyofthreewifeof1, Westcoast and so many others. Your story reminded me of the time I posed nude for a professional photographer friend shortly after K. and I were married and we were apart for 3 months. I sent K. my nude photos in the form of an album as my first birthday present to him 2,000 miles away. Perhaps a future MH story! lol Kay 😀

    • Gina G. says:

      Thank you so much Kay and K ! I am so glad you enjoyed the story 🙂

      I am sure K loved and enjoyed your photographs, I am sure they were beautiful. I so look forward to more stories from you two. You two are a real inspiration to Ben and I, as are others.

      Once again, thank you so much! God bless and stay horny!

  5. doctemp2 says:

    Thank you Gina; yes my dear hubby loved the photos as it was alot of fun posing for them. Even more so since I used to have a crush on my friend the male professional photographer 5 years prior, lol. Remember, we’re talking LA lifestyle here! Its an honor to inspire you and Ben–thank for that sweet compliment. K and I are getting more comfortable sharing our sex lives with interested readers and will try to keep doing so, we just dont want to bore anyone. Have a hot weekend and we promise to stay horny! Kay 😀

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