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Traveling Sex – Heading Home for Christmas, almost there (L)

Traveling Sex – We are now only about 3 hrs away from our destination & nearly exhausted from the driving & all of the extra traveling sex un we’ve been having in the car. The both of us wanting to stop & get some late lunch… we just decided we wanted to go into a restaurant & sit down to eat, instead of drive through again. We stopped at a Long Horn we spotted from the interstate. Pulling into the parking space & turning off the vehicle, after quickly slipping on her clothes, my wife leans over giving me a warm & sensual full mouth kiss.

“Oh,” I said, what was that for?

She says, “just because I love you.”

I said, “I love you too, Baby.”

Flashing her beautiful pearly whites & soft wet lips my way…I can’t help but fall more in love with that sexy young wife of mine! I get out of her truck, go around and open her door and as she gets out smiling, giving me the biggest hug (which is her main love language). As we stand there holding each other for a minute, feeling her body next to mine… I could not help but feel my desire for her begin to grow again.

Walking on into the restaurant, standing there waiting to be seated….my wife standing in front and me directly behind her w/my arms wrapped around her waist in the front (her backside right up next to my front) I knew there was no way of even attempting to hide my quickly growing erection from my wife.

So I took advantage right then and whispered in her ear, “I NEED to fuck you hard from behind!”

My wife’s face begins to blush and turn completely red as the host walks over to show us to our seat. Sitting there in a cozy booth w/my arm around my young, hot wife was just wonderful. She seemed to get a little warm and removed her sweatshirt. I like any and every other man, truly enjoyed it “when” she would go braless in public. Yet with her in a small tighter fitting white tee, I was enjoying it even more. As soon as she removed her sweatshirt, her nipples were rock hard & peaking through… Feeling my cock becoming rock hard too, I was doing my best to not to just sit there and stare directly at her nipples. Its not that my wife cared, I just did not want to bring any more attention to my wife’s gorgeous and luscious breasts if I could help it.

Receiving our drinks & watching our server do everything he could to not just stand there & stare at my wife’s gorgeous body the whole time as he took our order, was adding to our heat & becoming more than I could take. Right after he walked away, I took my jacket & laid it across our laps. I told my wife (even though I did not want to) to slip her sweatshirt back on & discreetly lift up her bottom off of the seat of the booth & slide her sweat pants down, just enough to where I could slip my hand underneath my jacket & have access to the amazing treasure that awaited for me there between her legs.

Becoming very aroused as well and her eagerness to please me, she did as I commanded. After taking the loose waistbands of my wind pants & boxers & slipping them to just under my balls I grabbed her hand and wrapped it around my now fully erect rock hard cock. Her little hand wrapped around my big dick and the thrill of being in public was so hot and sexy! I then took the hand of the arm I had around her & discreetly lifted up the side of her sweatshirt and her tee shirt and slipped my hand over her large blood engorged breast, rolling her stiffened nipple in between my thumb & index finger. I take my other hand slip it underneath my jacket taking 2 of my fingers, I begin tracing around her hardened clit. She then whispers into my ear begging me to finger fuck her. I stroke her erect clit and slide a finger in between the very wet lips of her tight young pussy.

I begin rubbing her g spot, feeling her pussy growing even wetter and knowing I am near ready to shoot my load I tell her to loosen her grip around my cock because I REALLY want and need to hump her tight, pussy from behind. In the midst of all of this heat, our server comes over to our table, apologizes and says that our food was mistakenly given to someone else. Normally this would be a little irritating but…needless to say, this time we were actually happy, it happened.

As the server walked away my wife discreetly fixes her clothing. I tell her to go check out the restrooms and see if it would be a possibility for us to take care of things there. She quietly gets up and walks back to where the ladies restroom is located. She goes on in. Coming back to our table she says with one of her dashing and beautiful smiles, “yes, it is good.”

I knew what she meant (“yes, it is good”, is kind of our code when in public, for us to relay to the other, that the desire & need to make love can be taken care of, right then).

Standing up, letting her slide back into the booth, she whispers into my ear all of the details of the ladies r/r and says that she’ll meet me in the very last stall. It had floor to ceiling walls and was very clean. She slips back out & returns to the restroom & goes ahead & carefully strips all of her clothes off w/out letting her feet touch the floor.She calls me & tells me she is ready & there is no one else in there at that moment.

I nonchalantly stand up and walk back to the ladies restroom and slip on in. I hear my wife crack the door of the restroom stall she is in, letting me know exactly where she is. Walking in, I was engulfed by the sweet fragrances of her readiness. I wrapped my arms around her and we began kissing fully and deeply as our tongues intertwined. Feeling her aroused naked beauty against me, my cock began to throb, immediately.

I took my boxers and wind pants and quickly pushed them down to around my ankles. Standing back up I see my wife take each of her luscious breasts in her hands and roll her nipples in between her fingers. I take my big, rock hard cock and plant it between our stomachs. I reach around and take one hand to begin squeezing and groping her tight little ass. With the other I reach down a little farther and take 2 of my fingers and slip them into my wife’s warm, dripping wet, tight, pussy. Discovering just how wet and turned on she was, made me even hotter…pre cum started instantly oozing from the cockhead of my swollen dick. Hearing someone else enter into the restroom and the thought/ thrill of getting caught made us even more turned on for each other. I could not help aggressively grabbing my wife, bending her over and have her prop one foot up on the toilet. Taking my cock in my hand and beginning to rapidly hump and stroke, I bent down carefully not to touch the floor & began admiring my wife’s beautiful pussy at first, seeing her warm liquid dripping down her leg (from being so turned on & hot for me) was an exquisite sight! I knew I had to, first lick that liquid from her leg, her flavor…was amazing!

I then needed to taste more, so I moved directly between her legs licking, sucking, eating & indulging in my amazing, beautiful God-given wife!!! As she used my shirt to muffle her moans & screams of pleasure….we hear the lady in the r/r washing her hands & asking, mam, are you okay? My wife responds…yes mam, I am good, thank you. Listening out for the concerned lady to leave…my wife’s breathing became heavier & heavier as she came all over my face. It was everywhere. Standing back up, vigorously humping & fucking my hand, we both delighted in her licking all of her love & liquid from my lips, nose, cheeks & chin. Helping my wife to bend back over, I grab her hips & rub my throbbing dick against her tight pussy & beautiful little ass, playfully teasing her. She begs, oh baby please fuck me now w/your big cock, put it in me!

That command of hers turning me on even more, I could see and feel more pre cum oozing from my slit. I held open the dripping wet lips of her tight pussy and entered just my purple, blood-engorged cockhead. Hearing my wife beg for more of my cock, I stalled just barely moving my cockhead inside of her pussy in & out & from side to side. I suddenly with forceful thrust, drive the rest of my full length deep into the depths of her warmth and tightness. Feeling her trying to ride my dick in her position I helped her angle her pussy on my cock, just the way she needed to, so she could ride my dick to enjoy and make herself cum. As she rides and humps my hardened rod. I take one of her breasts in my hand and squeeze her nipple and she commands me to take my other hand and take one of my fingers to her hardened clit. Reaching my hand down to her clit, I find it standing out from under its little hood, just as hard as it could be. As I gently rub my finger over it back and forth, I delight in watching her enjoy the feelings of the sensations that it gives her. She next tells me she needs me to play with her asshole…I take my hand down from her breast & reach around to her backside.

I let my hand glide slowly and thoroughly down her back. Finally I reach her beautiful little ass cheeks. I slide my hand in between them both; they are so tight, firm & sexy. I let my middle finger finds its way to her tight little hole and I begin to gently tease, rub and stroke. Ridding and fucking my cock good with my fingertip in her tight little ass, she just could not handle it anymore….feeling her tight, pussy pulsating around my big cock, she let go and came hard all over me! She just came… and came….and came!!!

I knew then it was my turn! I kind of bent her forward just a little, grabbed her hips and began driving my big, hard rod deep into the depths of her tightness, I would pull all the way out up to just below my large mushroom cockhead and then forcefully thrust hard deep inside of her again! Then I began fucking my wife’s pussy harder, faster and I could feel my dick beginning to throb & swell up even larger and with one last good, hard thrust I could feel my balls empty as I shot my load deep into my wife.

We quickly cleaned ourselves up. I walked on out to our table as my wife got herself dressed. Once she joined me back at our table, she said that there was another woman in the restroom who came out of her stall while my wife was washing her hands. My wife says that the woman who worked there made a comment to my her that surprised us both, “Thank you, I needed that.”

Traveling Sex Stories

What traveling sex stories can you share with marriage heat couples? Traveling sex takes imagination. Be careful not to be seen…lol.

traveling sex

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11 replies
    • Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

      It’s the Mom here, yes mam Blondie…it was A LOT of hot fun as you could tell I’m sure, by reading & editing this! But you know at the time way back then (this was probably about 9 or 10 years ago) when we were trying to have our babies & w/the stipulations w/the drugs that the doc put us both on, but especially my husband & w/the drawbacks & side effects…well you do whatever you have to do to run that race of endurance to achieve the prize that God has for you. Hope you’re having a great night!

  1. Gina G. says:

    And so is the reason I am your ” #1 fan ! “. You two are TOO HOT! I loved this story! Thank you so much for posting it. Keep’em cumming!

    God bless you both and stay horny!

    • Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

      It’s the Mom here, oh Mrs Gina, you crack me up…seriously! 🙂 Although I am very happy that you enjoyed this & we’re very glad that our sexual ventures can be a blessing to you guys as well as others. Hope you’re having a great & wonderful night!!!

    • Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

      Hello Madeline35, we’re so glad that you enjoyed our story. We really don’t know if the waiter thought we left or not. He never made any comments referring to that…though I think that maybe he was just glad that we were not mad or upset about our food. Trust me we didn’t dare ask either!!! LOL!!! 🙂

  2. doctemp2 says:

    We loved it and have a pretty daring public sex life; but you got us on this one. Never tried a public restroom. Well written story as usual. Thank you! Kay 😀

    • Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

      It’s the Mom here, hello Mrs Kay! I am so glad that you enjoyed this. Like I was telling Blondie that when we were trying to have our babies & w/the stipulations of the drugs that the doc put us both on, but especially my husband & w/the drawbacks & side effects…well you do whatever you have to do to run that race of endurance, especially when you want to achieve the prize that God has for you. Needless to say He has rewarded & blessed us greatly w/3 beautiful, healthy (for the most part) babies! Hope you’re having a great night!

    • doctemp2 says:

      So true Mommyof 3…we too did the infertility thing for a couple of years before being blessed by God with our 2 babies. Its alot of work, effort and drugs! It was especially fun as we worked together to obtain his seamen specimans both times in the doctor’s office, lol! My dear hubby even had to give me daily injections for both pregancies which was not fun for either one of us. Yet we looked ahead for the greater good and now I home school them and wouldn’t do anything different (except have more sex). Please keep writing as we love your stories. Love each other this weekend too! Kay 😀

  3. Ben G. says:

    I think I’m going to take Gina out for dinner here soon! A wonderfully hot story. Had to wait a few minutes before I stood up! Lol

    Thank you for the story! God bless.

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