First Year Marriage Sex

First Year Marriage Sex – That Magical Night

First Year Marriage Sex – This story is about the journey that many newlywed couples face experiencing that first year marriage sex

First Year marriage sex lays the foundation for years of marriage heat.  First year marriage sex can be very bonding as newlyweds figure out how to get into sustainable marriage heat pattern.  Enjoy this story about first year marriage sex and the journey for more marriage heat.

First Year Marriage Sex – That Magical Night

It was about a month sense my husband Ryan and I had any sexual interaction. We have been married for about a year now and both love the Lord. Being newly married, the sex for the first few months was great. It took a couple of weeks for my vagina to get used to his 7-inch penis. I saved myself for marriage, as did Ryan, so my vagina was not used to something that big and thick penetrating it. But once I got used to it, the sex was great.

About 6 months into the marriage Ryan asked if could try something new out-you know, keep things exciting. He asked for me to give him a blowjob. I know for some people that is no big deal; and some of you may be asking, “Why did it take 6 months for him to ask, or for me to give a blowjob”? Fair question, I don’t know why, I know its odd, but I just think both of us were nervous to try new things. Long story short, I blew him for the first time about 6 months ago and I enjoyed it. His cum was not as sweet as I expected, saltier instead, but I enjoyed knowing I gave him that pleasure. I also like the thought that I had swallowed his cum. It felt so very intimate to me. I think for some women the taste puts them off, but I think the taste is just fine, sometimes even enjoyable. But regardless of the taste, knowing that your husband’s intimate fluid is in your mouth, throat, and stomach is extremely erotic to me. It opens the door for a deeper sexual connection.

As time went on, we both become more comfortable exploring not only each other bodies, but also what each enjoyed sexually.

The main reason I am posting this is because for these past 3 months sex has been somewhat dull. I don’t know what happened; I think I lost interest at times, as did Ryan. So the sex was a quick in and out, if you know what I mean. This led up to this last month of pretty much no sex. Granted I was sick for like a week, and he has been busy, but we both expressed that we wanted more passionate, steamier sex, but neither of us, or at least I, did not know what that looked like. Well I am here to tell you, I do now!

We found out together that even though both of us are more introverted, when it comes to having sex with each other, we both need to get a little dirty with our mouths-both orally and verbally. And when I say a  “little” dirty I mean a LOT dirty. Let me give you an example of two nights ago, the whole reason I am writing this.

It was 10pm and I had just gotten out of the shower and brushed my teeth, Ryan had to gotten home from work. He had to work late that night. I put on just a simple nighty- nothing crazy sexy- just two thin straps to hold it up, and it went down just right below my waist, then I put on some panties-no bra. This was just my average bedtime attire. Ryan came in the bedroom and gave me a hug, and kiss, but a lingering kiss. I asked him about work. He said it was fine and that he just wanted to go take a shower and then bed. I said:

“ok baby, well I am going to go to bed now, love you”

I then gave him a kiss, but a slipped a little tongue in there. To my surprise he kept kissing with more tongue. And then said:

“Love you too, hot thing”

I went and lay down in bed and started to doze off. I don’t know how long it had been since I first lay down, but I was half awake when I felt Ryan’s arm grab me and hold me tight. He was spooning me in the bed. He then reached his hand under my nighty and began caressing my stomach. I knew then he wanted me. Sure enough just then He said:

 “Baby, I know it is late, but I want you so bad right now”

I was fully awake now. I playfully said:

“oh yeah, how do you want me?”

He turned my head towards his face and he kissed me. He said:

“Ann, I feel this urge just to ravage every inch of your body, I want to taste every inch of you.”

He was so serious. I looked at his moist lips and then his eyes and I could tell he was serious. He looked at me as if I was a lost diamond he had been looking for forever, and he just found me. I slowly stuck my wet tongue in his mouth and stroked his tongue and lips. He tasted so good. He then said:

“Baby, I want to taste you. Would you like that?”

At first I was confused, and then I realized what he meant. Ryan had never licked or eaten out my pussy before. He fingered it a few times but that was it. I was nervous I have to admit. I thought, what if it tickles or feels weird, what if it taste bad to him and makes him turned off. But I told myself that this is another great sexual bonding time. I can try to enjoy his mouth and tongue in my vagina even if it is not the same as his dick in me, which I love! And it can’t taste that bad. I mean if I can and even enjoy taking his big hot cum wad in my mouth, he could surely tolerate my vagina fluid. And He was the one asking me. So I said in an erotic whisper:

“Yea baby”

He said:

“oh baby I hope your really wet”

If I wasn’t already I was for sure after I heard that. The thought of him wanting my pussy secretions really made me turned. I said:

“Oh baby I want my pussy fluid in you”

I could tell this comment made Ryan even hornier. I could tell because I had not said anything like that before and his eyes got wider and I could see saliva slightly building up in the inside of his mouth around his lips. He passionately kissed me with an open mouth. His tongue was practically in the back of my throat. I could feel is salvia run down my tongue flowing back into my throat. I moaned showing my love for how he is kissing me. He pulled is tongue out, and I said;

“No, I want more of your tongue, I want more of your wet mouth”

I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth back to mine and stuck me wet, thickly salvia coated tongue in his mouth thrusting my tongue as far back as I could. It was like I could not get my mouth far enough in his to satiate my desire to taste and feel my man. This went on for like another minute. Then he licked and kissed my neck. He then grabbed one breast out of my nighty and started sucking it. I have medium to large areolas. Ryan put the whole areola in his mouth and gently sucked on it. I moan with so much joy and pleasure. Ryan stopped sucking my breast and said:

“Baby, I love your nipples so much they are so beautiful”

I responded by saying:

“Oh baby your mouth and tongue feels so good on them, please don’t stop”

Ryan then takes my other breast out and sucks on it. I take is free hand and put three of his finger in mouth. Ryan moans, which I just love hear, especially because this is just the beginning, we haven’t even got to the real hot stuff yet. Ryan then takes his fingers out of my mouth and he puts them in his mouth and then put is salvia on one nipple and he sucks the other nipple. It felt so good. But then while is mouth is on one nipple and is left hand is gently rubbing my other nipple, his right hand feels the outside of my panties which are soaked in the middle with my pussy fluid. Ryan pulls my nighty completely off, I am lying on my back my breast laying soaked in his sweet kisses. He said:

“Baby, you are so beautiful”

At this point he grabs my panties and quickly takes them off. I am now fully naked and I see his head go straight for my pussy. He starts out slow at first and it tickles. His tongue is gently flicking my clitoris. I love the fact of knowing he is down there. I slowly start thrusting me pelvis towards his mouth. I said:

“baby, it kind of tickles can you be more forceful, I want it hard”

Ryan automatically just grabs my ass and pulls my wet hot pussy deep into his mouth; his toung is as deep as it can go in my pussy. While Ryan is down there he moans a little, like he is enjoying a great feast. It feels so good to me. Ryan says:

“Baby your pussy tastes so good”

I think I possibly blushed a little. I loved knowing my husband was enjoying my most intimate and precious area. This made me want to enjoy his, like really bad. I said:

“baby, please come kiss me let me taste me on you”

Ryan looks up at me with so much passion. He comes up and sticks his strong tongue in my mouth. We begin to suck each other’s tongues back and forth, I moan. It was so hot tasting him before and after he ate my pussy out. I loved the contrast. I loved tasting my pussy on his mouth it was so erotic. By this time we are just feasting on each other mouth. My pussy fluid is almost gone from both of our mouths. I then said:

“now it is my turn”

He looked at me like I was the most amazing woman in the world. His shirt was already off and I could see his erect penis bulging through his sweat pants. I pulled his pants down along with his boxers. He said:

“Baby my cock wants your mouth bad”

I don’t know why, but I never was so excited to suck him off. I was going to gently spit out some saliva on his penis and rub it for a little bit. But I noticed he already had pre-cum. I decided to lick is pre-cum off first and then rub him. I lick is pre-Cum, it never tasted so good, and then I took three figures and put them in his mouth. He suck my fingers for a second and then I took those finger and put them in my mouth and then I had my pre-cum and salvia “lubricant.” I took it and started rubbing his dick. Though I know he like it, I was teasing him a little because I knew he wanted his dick deep in my throat. I passionately kissed him while I was rubbing his dick and then I whispered in his ear:

“ I am sorry baby, but I can’t wait any longer I NEED your fucking cock in mouth now”

I never use explicit language in normal conversation, but when I did this night his eyes widened and he said.

“oh my god”

I went down and took his whole beautiful erect cock in my mouth and I just enjoyed it. I knew by now I did not have to do a lot more work to get him to cum, so I just licked, and deep throated, and licked some more. Almost pleasuring myself with my husbands cock. I loved feeling his dick in my mouth; it was and IS so amazing. He said:

“baby, your are so fucking hot, I love you”

I responded by saying

“you know what I love….your big wad of cum shooting in my mouth. Baby I want your cum in my mouth, like really bad”

It was a weird feeling for me, cum is not something that I think about “wanting”, I don’t mind it but I had not really ever truly desired it until that night. Looking back I remember feeling such a strong desire to take in my husbands cum. Thinking to myself this is something I will only every get to do with him, and even more so no other women gets my husbands cum. It is so arousing to me to think that my pussy is my husband, and only he gets to take it. And my husbands cock and his cum is mine and only I get to take is cum. That turns me on and always gets me going especially when I am enjoying his cock in mouth in the moment.

Ryan said:

“oh my god baby, I am so lucky! I am getting closer to cumming baby!”

What is needed for us is that my husband and I verbally see our desire for each other and for us to so wanting in partaking in each others body, so I said again for emphasis:

“ oh fuck yeah baby!  Fill my whole fucking mouth up with your hot white sexy cum load.”

Ryan started moaning:

 “oh fuck baby…oooohhhhh, ahhhh, I am cumming, ahhhhh”

My husbands cum load blows in my mouth, some goes straight down my throat coating the back throat, and the rest in the side of my mouth. I gently moan and swallow it. My mouth is still on his cock. I keep gently rubbing his cock and more cum comes out. Most going in my mouth but some got on my chin, which I kind of liked. Ryan is still recovering by laying down on his back gently breathing and moaning. I sat up on his stomach. I want him to look at me, my breast dangling down in front of him, while is cum is on my chin. He looks at me with a smile and said:

“you are truly amazing”

I want to smile, but I resist. I try to look at him intently and erotically. I take his cum that was on my chin and rub it on my nipples. I didn’t know it would cause the reaction it did, but I felt his newly erect penis on my back. He is ready to go again. His smile is gone and once again all I see on him is mad, erotic passion. He sits up and kisses me harder than ever before, if that was even possible. He said

“Baby, I want to fuck you so fucking hard”

I say:

“Oh my god Ryan you are so fucking hot, I want your big fucking hard cock really deep in my fucking pussy”

Looking back I don’t know what got into me, I never talk like this, but we had some amazing beautiful passion and you just lose yourself in the moment, it was freaking amazing. Anyway, once I said that, it was like I had set off other spark in him. All he said was:

“oh my god”

He grabbed my face and brought it to his mouth and kissed me hard, his tongue deep in my mouth. He took control and laid me on my back on the bed. He then grabbed my hips and thrusts them close to hid huge cock. He then inserts his cock in my pussy and all he says is:

“Fuck baby your pussy feel so good”

I said:

“Don’t move it, just let me feel your big beautiful fucking cock in me, I love it so much”

He starts caressing my cum covered breasts and slowly starts to hump me, he couldn’t wait long. I start moaning pretty hardcore. It felt great, but the moaning was manly from the emotion of everything. I said

“oh fuck Ryan your cock feels so fucking good.

Ryan said:

“Oh yeah you like it”

I respond:

“oh I fucking love it, please don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, oh fucking shit, keeping going”

Ryan started going faster and faster. I just now realiz I had not cum all night, I was having so much fun just doing what I was doing with my husband, but then I felt the build. Ryan had already cummed in my mouth so he could last longer. My orgasmic building got really strong. I said

“oh fuck baby you feel so good, I am about to cum, please don’t stop ohhh ahhh, ahhhhhh”

Then Ryan says:

“Oh yeah cum for me baby”

He starts rubbing my tits and then and cummed and it felt so good. I said:

“that felt so fucking good baby”

Ryan slowed is thrust down but never fully stopped. I said:

“Oh baby I want you to stick your fucking cock as far in me as possible and then blow your hot wad in me.”

I really liked the idea of him cumming deep inside. If feels so intimate. I could tell that the dirtier I talked the more he enjoyed it and the faster he could cum. Ryan said:

“Oh yeah baby? I want to cum DEEP inside you, my cock loves your fucking pussy. My cum wants to be in your pussy”

He started to thrust faster and faster and then he started to moan, he said:

“Oh baby I am about to cum”

I respond saying:

“ oh yes, yes, yes baby I want your cum in me, deep in me, so so bad!!”

He gives one last giant orgasmic moan and then stopped his thrusting. I told him:

“baby leave your cock in me for a second”

He did and he laid gently on me, my breasts squeezed against his chest. He is catching his breath and I turn his head and kiss him. He kisses my sweat-drenched lips, cheeks, neck and then looks deep into my eyes and says:

“you are are so fucking hot”

I just respond by a smile and a long kiss. And then I feel a slight hardness arise in my vagina. It is my husband’s penis, I look at him in amazement and say:

“your hard again?”

He smiles and gently says

“come here”

He reaches his arm around my back and lifted me up so we are both sitting up and I am sitting with his erect penis inserted in my pussy. His arms are around me holding and balancing me. He starts to kiss me, and I naturally without even thinking or choosing, like out of instinct or something, just start slowly to bounce up and down on his penis. I feel something drip down my thighs. It is his cum! He cummed so deep it took a little longer for it to drain out. I looked down and I see his cum drain out of my vagina onto my thighs, all over his penis and legs, and on the sheets. It was clearly a massive load. He said:

“baby your are beautiful, this is beautiful”

When I heard him say that I was experiencing his warm cum drip from inside my body onto my thighs, I feel is hard penis in my vagina, I realizing he has been rubbing me left breast this whole time, while he has pushed his right nipple against by right breast and now his mouth is kissing my sweaty neck. I realize two people cannot be more physically connected than we are right now. In that moment another spark goes off for me. I, one last time, thrust my wet tongue in his mouth. I am practically making hot love to his mouth with my tongue. I think even he was surprised but my veracity, but I can’t tell you how much he loved it. I tell him:

“Baby please fuck me hard, don’t stop what your doing”

I use a little of my strength to wrap my legs around him and start humping him hard! We are sitting face to face- mouth to mouth. I tell him:

“baby please grab my fucking boobs and my ass”

He takes one hand and grabs one of my boobs, and the other hand he grabs my butt cheek. His previous cum is all over both our pelvis and legs. I say to him

“Don’t take your tongue away from mine, I don’t want to stop tasting you”

So there we are, it is so beautiful: our cum dripping pelvises, our sweaty bodies, and our hot wet mouths inseparable, we hump like crazy! Ryan says:

“you are so fucking hot!”

We are both building up a orgasm. I think Ryans’ gets to his climax sooner, but he holds out for just a second while I come to climax as well and then we both cum together at the same time. While both of our mouths are wide open and our tongues both glistening wet with each other’s saliva, are eyes connect during our mutual climax. My arms grasp around his hot, sweaty body holding him tightly. We are both breathing heavily, and I once again feel his warm white cum flow out of my vagina. We both lay down next to each other and he kisses me. Saying:

“Goodnight baby, this was amazing, you are amazing”

I respond slightly out of breath saying

“we both are baby”

For me this is what Christian marital sex can be like. No fear, no limits, just pure enjoyment of each other. Ryan and I both desire to have more nights like this. As I hope others reading this out there also have nights like this with their spouse.



Marriage Heat Comments:

First year Marriage Sex is part of a bigger picture of issues in the first year of marriage. Check out this link and read a article you may relate to. will be a big encouragement for learning about first year marriage sex.
















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13 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I really was really encouraged by this Sex Union. I have been married 28 years and don’t want to pretend to be an expert. I want to say that I think you both should be heartened by how far you have come in your first year. My wife and I were NO WHERE near as bold as you were for years. Don’t be afraid when a plateau comes (“dull”) – it can be the God-ordained means to motivate us to pursue one another more fervently – and take some creative “risks” – all the while trusting in the fact that God is for us and striving with us. I must say that I agree that was a magical night! God bless you in your marriage. Keep seeking the Lord in all things! Thanks again. I look forward to more writing from you.

  2. Chris says:

    WOW, I justed wanted to say what you guys experienced is literally the most amazing thing i have ever hoped for and dreamed of and i am so blessed to hear it. I have been saving myself for marriage and as a guy its hard.

    But hearing this or rather reading this and how absolutely perfect that was, gives me hope. I had often thought i would never meet someone who has saved it for marriage and would have to settle for less, but now i have been encouraged to wait some more.

    All the things Ryan did i want to do, and the things you did were amazing. SEX is way better Gods way and i cant wait to have a story just as perfect as that, and every night too if i can,

    Thank you

  3. lovegood says:

    Wow! Please write more! This was very hot! I wish I could have been as uninhibited as you when I first got married! I think I was just naive. So glad to have this website for that very reason. My hubby gets horny after just knowing I’ve been on this site reading these amazing and “inspiring” stories people post. I’ll be in bed under the covers and he’ll hop in under the covers with me and ask what I’m doing. When I tell him I’m on Marriage Heat he will ever so gently brush his hand up my thigh (which always makes me quiver, and little “damp”), and softly part my legs a bit, then rub two of his fingers over my panties. When I ask what he’s doing he says, “I want to feel how wet your panties after reading the stories”… which only makes me more wet… And away we go ;). I love having a Godly, HOT, sex life with my hubby! This website has blessed our sex life so much! Hope you’ll share another hot story soon!!!!

  4. cameron says:

    Just catching up on all the stories and this one was a very good one. If you are ever finding it “dull” try taking a shower with him. It help me a lot. Take care. 🙂

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