“Love” – An Erotic Poem

Alone together, twilight fading,
A candle flickers, music plays.
My shoulder serving as your pillow
while I softly stroke your hair.
You lift your head, I touch your cheek,
in your eyes I see desire,
Waiting for a sign, a gentle touch
to strike a spark and start a fire.

The space between us disappears
as I guide your lips toward mine.
Pressed together, slowly parting,
Giving way for tongues to dine,
A feast of passion, taste of heaven
fuels the hunger of desire.
Draws the need from deep inside us
Provides the spark to start a fire.

Hands now searching, seeking pleasure,
Heartbeats quicken, passions rise.
I touch your breast, feel you quiver,
catch your breath and close your eyes.
With whispered words of urgent longing,
Seeking evidence of desire,
A subtle shift your hands find treasure
And touch the spark that starts the fire.

With parted legs you beg me enter
Guiding hands lead me within.
Slow, the dance begins between us
to a song as old as time.
Needing, giving, each responding,
nears the climax of desire.
Wildly thrashing, quickly building
from tiny spark to raging fire.

A moan, a cry, hips pushed upward
In desperate need for love’s release
Shivers of orgasmic pleasure
spread from hips until complete.
My body tenses, love erupts,
A final thrusting of desire.
Deep within our juices mingle
to douse the spark and quench the fire.

Alone together, flesh to flesh,
A candle flickers, music plays.
Two hearts and souls, intertwined,
joined in passion’s warm embrace.
The sweet perfume of our lovemaking,
lingering fragrance of desire.
Content to rest among the embers
left from the spark of passion’s fire.

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