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Intimate Experience with My Back Door Man (L/A)

What a joy it is to be taken by man, especially from behind. I love him so much and feel so safe with him. When we are naked together, I feel so secure – so natural. He is my provider and protector, my soul mate and kindred spirit, my best friend and life partner. I give thanks to God daily for our marriage and for bringing us together as man and wife. I was so lost before I found him, yet God heard my cries of loneliness and pleas for a godly marriage partner and brought us together. What an amazing and loving Creator we serve! I am so undeserving of such love and grace.

Making love with my man is such an intimate experience. I am proud to say my dear husband knows every square inch of my body. I am his, and he is mine. One of our favorite things to do is stand naked in front of our bedroom mirror, passionately kissing one another. I adore watching as his big strong hands roam across my body, especially my most delicate parts. His coarse masculinity takes possession of my gentle femininity. As we kiss in front of the mirror – thigh to thigh, chests pressed together, and mouths locked upon one another – I marvel at his growing erection. What power my little body can have on him! LoL. I love watching his flaccid cock grow from a couple of inches to the battering ram I have come to know and love after all these years.

And yes, it is the way we are wired as man and wife—I need his cock. It’s a spiritual and physical need. Not just when I’m horny (I always think of Gina saying “Stay Horny!”) but frequently. Okay, I admit it, I love cock: how his looks, how it grows, his texture and diameter, his hardness and flexibility. I love its salty taste in my mouth and the throbbing as it slowly slides in and out of my mouth and down my throat. What a precious gift! I don’t know who loves doing this more, him or me. His cock brings tremendous pleasure to our marital bliss. While we kiss in front of the mirror, I enjoy watching as I stroke his shaft. I especially enjoy kneeling in front of him to pump his dick with both hands and suck on his hairless balls. Again, who is loving this more?

Then while still kneeling as he deepthroats me, I love to squeeze his muscular runner’s legs feeling their powerful mass. From there, I enjoy palming his tight little ass and burying my nails into both of his cheeks as I feel him tense from the sensation. In pure marital lust, I take his firm ass into my hands and squeezing with all my might. I love how his cheeks feel. So hot and so muscular. Thank you for being a runner, K!

It’s usually at this juncture where I have a decision to make—do I keep manipulating his manhood in this fashion causing him to erupt onto my face or do we change positions and move on to the main course? Usually, it’s the latter.

K helps me to my feet, and we walk around to the bed holding hands. I climb on first and get on all fours facing the mirror. My husband is right behind me, and I immediately feel him knocking at my door. I love the touch of his beautifully cut head gently probing between the crease of my round butt cheeks, teasing yet probing for entry into my lush secret garden. I feel his big hands upon my ass, roughly rubbing and squeezing. He even returns the favor by gently running his nails over my cheeks, which sends a chill down my spine. My pulse and breathing increase as his hands work over my back and ass while his throbbing tool continues gently probing and teasing me. My pussy is lubricating quickly, preparing to welcome my husband’s prick.

As I feel his hot breath and tongue working down my spine, he turns his palms outward and gently runs the backs of his nails along my sides. Goosebumps appear along my arms and legs, and my pussy is getting wetter by the minute. Slowly, he runs his fingernails up and down my rib cage, and I start wiggling my ass for him in an effort to capture his hard cock. His warm hands find their way to my breasts that sway under me, welcoming his touch. He says he loves seeing them hang like this. My sensitive nipples expand at his touch as he expertly tweaks them between his thumb and forefinger. My back arches in anticipation of the love of my life, and my pussy gets hotter as it awaits his special touch.

I feel his heat next to mine as he begins to grind on me. His thighs press against the back of my legs. Being so much taller than me, he easily reaches forward slowly to trace his tongue up my spine, to my shoulders, then ears, neck, and throat until he reaches my mouth. Our lips meet over my shoulder and lock together in pure heat as our tongues slowly begin their dance before greedily wrestling each other inside our mouths.

Our bodies press together as we slowly grind against one another. I feel my husband’s finger start working its way between my cheeks and into my tight anus. He knows this is my weakness. The first orgasm threatens to devour me. As he plunges his finger deeper inside me, I lose it.

“Oh, K, I’m cumming. I’m cumming! It feels so good. Mmmmm, K!!! Ahhhh, Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhh! Aggggggghhhhhhh,” I scream as he fingers my ass.

It is while the next orgasm is building that my beloved slides his manly cock into my feminine passage. I am so wet he slides right in. Slowly and lovingly, I ease back onto him as he fills me with his man-love. I feel his big dick stretch me as he starts pounding harder and harder. What a hot image in the mirror as I watch him do me from the back, doggie style. My breasts sway naturally with his pounding as he reaches around and cups them both. Being blessed with large titties, I love the sight of them overflowing into his hands. Some men say more than a handful is a waste, but my tits don’t stay in his hands. Neither of us complains.

I feel so vulnerable in this position. Watching my man do me from behind is an arousing sight. His hands slap my ass as he thrusts powerfully into my deep wetness and gently pulls my hair. I am at his disposal – at his mercy. And I love it! It amazes us both how we can express our love for each other in this hot, natural, and erotic manner. We have our own brand of marriage heat.

“Oh, fuck me harder, baby. Fuck me harder. Ram that cock into me, tiger. Drive it home, baby, drive it home,” I shout.

Harder and harder, he pounds me, and I hear our flesh slapping together faster and faster. Another orgasm overpowers me.

“Oh K, K, I love you so much,” I tell him as he continues to ravish his bride. “Your dick feels so good inside me. Look at us fuck, baby, look at us. It’s so beautiful watching us mate as husband and wife. Do me, baby. Do me, do me. Harder. Yes, harder,” I beg between deep breaths and bouncing tits.

He grasps my tits in his hands and pinches my nipples hard. Then K squeezes my melons firmly, causing me to gasp in further ecstasy. I love having my titties played with and manipulated. It doesn’t matter who does it; we both do an outstanding job with my boobs.

Still grinding and breathing hard, our bodies hot and sweaty; I feel his body tense.

“Oh shit, Kay; I’m gonna cum, babe, I’m gonna cum,” my husband tells me, “Your pussy is so wet and hot, feels soooooo good, babe. So good. I wish I could be inside you forever, but I gotta shoot!”

“Oh, K, I love you and need you so much. Let it go, baby, let it go. Shoot your load into me, shoot your load. Let me feel your hot love drip out of this hairy pussy,” I moan back to him. “Fuck that pussy and shoot your load, stud!”

His hands squeeze my tits harder as I feel his body tense and his penis spasm deep inside me. Feeling his explosions and watching his face tense in the mirror put me over the edge one last time as we cum together as husband and wife.

“I love you, K, I love you. I feel you shooting inside me. Mmmmmmmmm, so good, so good. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm,” I purr to my man.

As my thighs start to cramp up and my wrists get tingly, I feel my husband begin to soften and fall out and the remnants of his sperm oozing out of my cunt.

Reaching for my breasts again, my husband tightly nuzzles me before letting them go.

“Thank you for being married to me, Kay; you are such an amazing soul mate and kindred. I love you so much. You are an amazing homeschool mom. You complete me, sweetheart,” he gently says, looking me in the eyes.

Now we cuddle close to one another, lying on our backs side by side and joined hand in hand with our locked legs together. I continue to leak. We are naked on our marriage bed, husband and wife, as God made us. I love how we are one flesh and one spirit. He puts his arm under my neck to cuddle as his other hand makes it way to my glistening mound of brown pubic hair, gently running his fingers through it. I give a slow contented sigh. What a tremendous blessing and honor I have to be loved and cherished by my man like this. I adore this part of our love making—the innocent and honest naked oneness of our marriage. Such bliss and intimacy. Such romance and beauty. Such pleasure our flesh and spirit grant to one another in this mysterious fashion.

Thank you for being naked with me, darling, and for making love to me, dear husband, I love being your wifey.

Kay & K. 😀

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50 replies
  1. Ben G. says:

    Wonderful story! I love taking Gina from behind ( my favorite position). I probably shouldn’t have read this at work! Lol

    P.s: I believe Gina may be changing her ” ending” to her stories. Dropping the “Stay Horny” for something else. I could be wrong however.

    Thank you for the story! God bless.

  2. lttlb says:


    I need to quit reading these while I’m at work. You’re making me want to go home and chase someone around the kitchen. Right now. Wood under the desk is what I get for taking a break from work, and popping over to this site to read the new posts. What am I going to do? I’ve got several more hours of work before I can go home. Sheesh, thanks for making my day harder! 🙂

    ~ lttlb

  3. doctemp2 says:

    Thank you Lttlb; yet we apologize that our story seems to have distracted you at work, lol! Good thing you have that desk to conceal your wood. Sounds like your dear wife will reap the benefit of your day at the office; especially if she asks you if anything came up at work today. Enjoy your homecoming with her tonight and thanks for the compliment sir! Kay 😀

  4. Lovinghusband says:


    I loved this account. Apart from the mirror (which we which we had!), this is so much the same of what my wife and I do often! I love fucking her from behind, feeling her ass on my abdomen as we pound away. We fuck so hard in this position. My wife also loves for me to play with her ass hole with my fingers and tongue. She, too, can hardly make it as I’m teasing her ass hole. By the time I enter her cunt, she is so hungry for my cock. I cannot believe the power of her legs and core when we are fucking. I have to say the same for when she cums in my mouth – the power of her muscles are overwhelming. She crushes me – and I love it. It has made me so content with her orgasms. They are so powerful – they nearly send me over the edge. Oh, she loves me playing with her nipples as we go to it doggy-style. They get so big and hard. I know she is so horny. She just loves getting fucked by her husband!! We’ve been married over 25 years and we are as erotically excited as we’ve ever been in our marriage.

    Some day, we will get a mirror.

    God is so good to us – let us never forget Him in all of this! To do so, would be wrong and lead us to see our sexuality in the wrong light – making it an idol. Yet, when Christ and the word of God have their rightful place – we are wonderfully free to give and take in the liberty that God has given married couples in the marriage bed. So, as we continue to pursue living for the Lord – and wonderful blessing is the retreat we have each day in the sexual bliss in our marriages.

  5. doctemp2 says:

    Ben G. thank you for posting; we just hope our story didnt come between you and work today! Don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Yes, when K. takes me from behind its a real honor, just like the story. We love your stories, you and Gina keep each other warm tonight! Kay 😀

    • doctemp2 says:

      Lovinghusband, thank you for the honest and intimate post about you and your wife. I must admit to getting worked up while reading it; so much so I had to finger myself a couple of times while re-reading it! It was like reading one of your fantastic stories. One of the things I love most about being a girl is the gift of being multi-orgasmic. K. is a master at manipulating me with his mouth and after wearing me down with several orgasms–I am physically spent by the time he finishes pounding me–regardless of the position. We have been married 17 years and the sex is better than ever. Take good care sir!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Thank you Gina; you know the saying–great minds think alike LOL! Glad you enjoyed. Yes, we do seem to have a whole lot in common regarding our men, our preferences and our enjoyment thereof. Enjoy your weekend and take good care!

  6. Anon says:

    These stories are actually kind of hard for me to read because my wife doesn’t have passion for me like that. A lot of it is probably my fault, but I just long for this kind of passion so much. I really don’t even know where to begin to try to improve things other than trying to love my wife more and be nicer to her in general.

    • doctemp2 says:

      Hi Anon,

      Thank you for your honest and open feedback; you seem to have a soft heart that wants to improve your rapport with your dear wife. We are not telling you what to do yet we can share what works in our marriage these past 17 years. Its truly the little and thoughtful things that count; random acts of kindness:

      My husband makes coffee for me and writes a brief love note before he leaves for work each morning. (while I’m in bed) He does the dishes every night; takes out the trash and does his and my laundry every weekend. He picks up after himself and is not addicted to sports.

      For no reason he will sometimes send cards to me in the mail or surprise me with fresh flowers; he holds hands with me at church, in the car and when we are out in public. He is always making me laugh and is honest when he screws up and is not too proud to laugh at himself. We make it a priority to eat dinner nightly with the children and spend time talking together each evening.

      We also make it a priority to make love when we can during the week. Sometimes we have to sneak away to our bedroom while the kids are distracted; other times we may have a heavenly hour together to take our time and really enjoy ourselves.

      Hope this is helpful and not too personal; just trying to share what has worked for us over the years. Same as Blondie we sent a prayer up for you too. Keep working it sir! Kay

  7. Blondie says:

    Anon, being considerate and spending time doing little romantic things definitely go a long way for a wife. Think back to what happened with that first spark between the two of you when you were dating. I know a lot of women who need more time to warm up for sex so foreplay is always a good route when in doubt. Complimenting your wife often so she knows you find her sexy is important. With the media and porn portraying “sexy” as a certain cookie-cut brand, make a lot of normal women who don’t have the time or money to spend on up keeping their aesthetic appearance feel very insecure and maybe a little too vulnerable to pursue their husband with unreserved passion. They are as afraid of embarrassing themselves or looking silly as a lot of men might be afraid in doing certain romantic gestures. Talk to her about it and maybe even show her this site. Best of wishes to you romancing your wife! I like how you are humble about it and not blaming her necessarily, that is already a great attitude to have. 🙂

  8. Anon says:


    Thank you for taking time to respond to me! I think everything you said does indeed play a part in what we’re going through. I appreciate the compliment at the end, but I have to say I’m not always like that and I have blamed her many times before. I’m trying to do better, but sometimes I still get into thinking patterns of “She should really be doing this”, “why can’t she do this”, “it’s not fair to me”. I try to think of things I can do better, but sometimes I feel like things are just never going to change so why bother… I know that’s a terrible attitude to take because I should always be looking to please my wife regardless.

    Again thanks for the reply and support, you really didn’t have to but you did!

  9. Anon says:

    Thank you Kay and Blondie for your support and prayers. Thanks for taking the time to share what works for you Kay. Perhaps if I had been the kind of husband yours is, things would be better now. As it stands, even if I can make a complete turnaround, I’m sure it will still be a long time before my wife pursues me (if she ever will). Please pray that God would constantly place in my heart the desire to do what is right so I can better love my wife and as a result Him. Thanks again!

  10. sandsj says:

    New here and enjoying these stories what a wonderful idea real christian couples real experiences, very hot. The big difference we have both noticed is the sense of how much love there is in these stories
    steve and sandra.

  11. doctemp2 says:

    Steve and Sandra–welcome to this wonderful site. Thank you for the encouragement. Feel free to keep reading and post stories about your lives. This is a safe and confidential community of believers celebrating their love for their spouses by writing about the intimate aspects of our sex lives. We look forward to reading your first story! Kay & K

  12. hornyGG says:

    Hey Kay! I just re-read your awesome story. I was feeling horny and since Ben is at work, I chose one my favorites of your stories and fingered my horny pussy to a wonderful orgasm. So thank you for that!

    Listen, as you know by reading my stories Ben travels quite a bit for his work. As a matter of fact he will be leaving again this weekend for New Orleans. Anyway, I was thinking about getting him something intimate and special for when he goes on these trips.

    I remember you telling me that you once posed nude for photos that you put in an album for K. Well I got to thinking about that and called a friend who was a former client of mine at the hair salon where I used to work. She is a professional photographer, mainly weddings, graduations and the like. She took the photographs when Ben and I renewed our vows this year.

    It took me a bit but I finally got up the courage to ask her and to be honest was pleasantly surprised. when she agreed to do it. Like I said, she is a friend and I trust her completely. She told me she could set it up at her studio after hours to ensure privacy or she would be glad to come to my home. Only problem with that is I would have to make sure my son Randy is out of the house and gone long enough for it to get done.

    That being said, I have it set up to take place at her studio a week from this coming Friday. I am a bit nervous as I have never done this kinda thing before. I was wondering if you may can help with a little advice on how to go about this. I asked her about any limitations she may have and she told me it was all in what I wanted , that she is just taking the pictures. ( for a fee of course. Got a ” friendship ” 50% discount ).

    I figure I would do partial nudes as well as full nudes. I’m conflicted about doing “spread” shots. BEN has some photos of me with my legs spread on his cell phone ( he has several naked photos of me on that phone that he beats off too. Lol!). Do you think that would be a bit much? Like I said. I am nervous and want this to be beautiful but also hot. Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless you and K.

    Well I gotta get dressed, sitting here nude at the computer! That would make a lovely photo wouldn’t it! Lol! Lmao!

    • Blondie says:

      Hey, Gina! I once made Josh a strip tease video that I was pretty nervous about but that he really likes, and I am seriously thinking of asking one of my friends in helping me make an album for Josh as well. I’d like to hear what Kay has to say about it too as she did one! hehe 😉

    • hornyGG says:

      Hey Blondie! Never thought of a strip tease video! Funny, because we do own a camcorder. Nice idea! May just do that .next. Yeah, I’m anxious to get Kay’s opinion as well. However, I do already have this arranged so might as well run with it. You would not believe how nervous I am, it is in just about. a week. I sure hope it turns out OK!

      Just purchased a couple new teddies and some crotchless panties, as well as some under cup bra’s if you know what I’m talking about ( doesn’t cover your tits, just supports them). Got any advice you can give this old gal? Lol.

      OH and thanks for your sweet comment concerning my recent story! You cannot believe how hard it was for me to write. God bless you and yours girl!

    • Blondie says:

      Those all sound like fun to wear for a sexy photo shoot! You should work with lighting from candles during the shoot perhaps, candle light is a very sensual kind of lighting. I want to use it during my shoot!

      I think you’ll end up with a great story from your photoshoot 🙂 Be sure to let us know how it all turns out! Ben will really appreciate it I’m sure!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Hello dear Gina & Blondie! Oh ladies-YES-you need to do an album for Ben and Josh. Trust me–the four of your will love it for MANY reasons 😉

      First, it is the intimate gift that keeps on giving. I mean, what is more special and romantic than posing nude for your sweet husbands? Plus, it captures the raw honesty of your life at the time of the photo shoot.
      K still looks at them and whacks off to them, lol. And how cool is that? It really gets me off knowing nude pictures of myself cause my husband to masturbate–especially while he is away.

      In my case, we were just married. I was on the west coast and he was back in the Midwest for 3 months. So I went to a professional photographer friend of mine and explained what I had in mind. Since we were friends for 5 years and he did all my previous head shots-I trusted him completely. Remember, we’re talking LA and I’m pretty sure he is gay–we still keep in touch, lol.

      Make sure to discus everything up front and be honest; nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I wanted my sweetheart to have special pictures of me while we were apart.

      I brought several outfits and a bottle of wine to help calm my nerves, lol. There was intimate ware, formal ware, workout fare and a 2 piece swim suit, and of course, a pair of “fuck me pumps.” My only request to him was “don’t make me look fat!” lol I’ve been told I have a cute figure, yet wish my tummy was flatter–and he did a nice job of honoring my wishes.

      The entire shoot last around an hour which really flew by. After my initial nervousness (can you believe ME nervous???) I really had fun with it. As he kept clicking away, I kept imagining how excited K would be when his album arrived. And the hot lights felt good on my body.

      Probably half of my photos were either topless or totally nude. Yes, I’m talking full frontal nudity here ladies, lol. But it was fun! And knowing how much K adores my prominent bush, I wanted to make sure it was included in all the frontal shots. If your hubbies also enjoy your pubic hair–make sure you brush it before the shooting starts so it shows up better in the bright lights. My shots were done in color–so black and white is another option to consider.

      Just wear the sexy outfits you know he enjoys–yet DO NOT be offended if he dwells on your nude pictures Gina and Blondie. Its OK, that’s how men are wired, and again, it is a turn on knowing how much he adores my God-given naked body.

      I kept stripping and dancing while smiling into the camera, knowing what turns K on. I kept thinking of him even though I was stripping and naked in a photo studio. I would also run my hands over my face, ass, titties and bush with my eyes closed, imagining K was loving my naked form.

      Your photographers will know what to do, too. They will know you are nervous and will help walk you through it, so don’t worry about it.

      After all the photos were returned, I bought a photo album and divided it into sections or “chapters.” At each new chapter, I wrote romantic poetic verses in a pretty silver pen that contrasted nicely with the black photo insert pages. This way, my nudity was illustrated by the written word. I suggest you include Song of Songs scriptures with your nudity.

      Regarding ‘spread” shots–I didn’t do them for this. Like you Gina and Blondie, I wanted my nude album to be intimate, romantic, beautiful and sexy hot and honest. Yet I didn’t feel compelled to do “spread” shots. It just didn’t feel right. I did however, play with my titties and licked my nipples.

      However, when our time was about over, he said “OK, on the floor woman!” So totally naked, I walked over to the backdrop and laid on my back on the carpet and slowly began to masturbate as he clicked away. Again, I was fantasizing about K eating my pussy and fucking me, so I felt comfortable doing it on camera. I even tasted my fingers a couple of times. Ironically, he was shooting at a side angle so even though my legs were spread–out of respect–he did not shoot from a front angle that would have exposed by pussy lips. Again, the camera showed plenty of my pubic hair! lol

      Just have fun with it, Ben and Josh will adore it and it will enhance your marriage heat, I promise. I have even showed the album to my special trusted friends and they have all loved it.

      I hope this helps; feel free to ask for more guidance if you want–I’m always glad to help.

      And BTW, our next story about Gina and Ben and Kay and I going on a trip is almost completed 😀

      Between reading your posts and writing this I am now soaking wet ladies–Thank You!

    • hornyGG says:

      Hey Kay! Thank you so much for the advice my dear!

      I am nervous, but looking forward to it as well. Earlier today Shelly (my photographer ) and I got together for lunch and discussed my upcoming shoot this coming Friday.

      Ben left for New Orleans this morning and won’t be back till Tuesday at the earliest. Bummer but it gives me time to figure this thing out without him asking a bunch of nosey questions.

      Shelly has really helped me fill a lot more at ease concerning the shoot. We went to her studio and she showed me the various backgrounds and props that she thought would be great for the shoot.

      She loves the outfits I picked out and even came up with some for me herself. You would think she’s done this type of shoot before. My favorite is the ” Cowgirl ” western theme. Basically, I will be weearing a red and white western shirt ( unbuttoned ), a pink cowboy hat, a pair of white chaps and a pair of red cowboy boots. Nothing else! A western prairie scene complete with pictures of Buffalo ‘s and horses.

      We went over the various types of lighting to be used, including candlelight. ( Thanks Blondie! ) She has some awesome ideas that she said will really highlight my features and sexuality.

      .I nervously brought up the subject of ” spread ” shots. She told me that if I felt comfortable with it, we could do such shots without my vagy being totally exposed. Scarfs or various cloth strategically placed that would still show most of my bush but cover the rest. She also mentioned putting my hand there for coverage, saying it would give the illusion of me masturbating.

      She told me that if anytime during the shoot and I decided I wanted to “spread and show ” then that would be fine as well. That would be strictly up to me, that she would be fine with it.

      So now all there is left to do is just to do it! Hopefully a good story will come of it.Either way I will let you and Blondie know how it went. Wish this old gal luck! Lol.

      I am excited to hear that our little excursion story is about through, I can’t wait to read it! I am currently working on a story concerning the heat that happened Christmas Eve night and Christmas day morning. It is about finished, but I may hold off on submitting it being as I just recently submitted one. I don’t want to over load Blondie! Anyway, lots of love to you and K. and God bless ya both. Thanks again girl for the advice!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Bravo Gina–Bravo Gina girl! Way to face your fears 😀 You are now 75% of the way there–the hardest part for me was talking it through with my photographer friend and trying to plan and visualize the outfits, settings and props beforehand. You a Shelly have now addressed and removed those hurdles so great job honey!

      And at this point, it will me smooth sailing. I mean, you and Shelly have been friends for years since she is one of your faithful clients at the salon; you trust each other; and she was totally into the whole nude portrait album concept. What more can a girl ask for, lol!

      My advice to you know is to enjoy this week as the sexy anticipation builds day by day. While Randy is away; perhaps make a daily journal entry about your excitement–while sitting nude in front of your computer. I’m glad to know I’m not the only gal on MH who enjoys surfing and writing totally naked. Yet another reason why I keep The Magic Wand (your Mr. Jolly) close at hand while writing.

      And Gina K and I got quite excited as I read him your post about the shoot–especially your Cowgirl theme and garb. Ben is going to be all over those pictures (in more ways than one)–trust me!

      We liked how you handled the delicate subject of your “spread shots” too. It makes perfect sense what you and Shelly discussed and agreed to. I didn’t “spread and show” since my photographer was a trusted dear male professional photographer friend (even though I did masturbate on camera).
      However in your case, if the timing feels right, you will not what to do. If the mood feels right, and the lights are nice and warm on your nakedness, and you have a warm buzz from a couple of previous beers–you will know what to do.

      K and I predict you will do several “total spread & show” shots. if I were in your position this Friday–I would definitely show your hidden world to Shelly and Ben. This is a once in a lifetime moment for you–and these intimate tasteful images of you in all your feminine glory sweetheart will be something Ben will treasure forever–especially when he is away on his long lonely trips. Besides, wouldn’t you rather him have your “spread and Show” shots in a romantic and softly lit album than on his cell phone?”

      Again–you have to feel comfortable–that’s the bottom line.

      Its ok to be a little nervous and apprehensive, that’s normal. Just have fun with it and trust Shelly will do a fantastic job of capturing your God-given nudity, femininity and sexuality.

      We can’t wait to hear all about it–and that includes Blondie too, LOL!

      Take good care today and BTW, we sent up “our” story–hope you and Ben like it…

    • hornyGG says:

      Thanks for the encouragement my dear! Yeah, you and K are probably right, I more than likely will ” spread and show”! Lol.

      Really looking forward to our “trip” I’m really looking forward to reading it as is Ben. Gotta go! Gotta go to the church for a wedding! Will check back Later! God bless and stay horny as usual dear.

    • doctemp2 says:

      Horny GG have a wonderful New Year’s Eve my dear! K and I have special plans to close out 2013 and bring IN 2014, LOL. I plan to “Do a Little Dance; Make a little Love; and Get Down Tonite”–on his thick hard cock 😀

      Who knows, maybe we will request permission to change our screen name in 2014 to hotKK or fmHarder or perhaps forestgirl or ladygarden (my husband’s ideas).

      Gotta run some errands and will check in later. Hopefully tonight while K eats my pussy and pounds me with his man tool; we will discuss the story line for Part 2 of our adventure (between orgasms of course)!

      Lots of love to you and Mr. Ben!!!

    • hornyGG says:

      You go girl! Unfortunately Ben is still out of town in New Orleans, won’t be back till sometime New Years Day. Gonna watch the ball drop on television with my kiddos ! Maybe I can sneak in a couple self-induced orgasms with the help of “Mr.Jolly”! Lol. ( better than none at all right!).

      You and K have fun tonight and have a blessed, happy and very horny New Year! Cum Lots! Lol.

    • doctemp2 says:

      OK GG, ladygarden it is!

      However, we regret to inform you and LH that MH no longer publishes stories like the one I submitted this past week. (we received an email of the policy change effective 12/1/13). It was entitled “GG & KK’s Excellent Adventure Part 1.” So, back to the drawing board… 🙁

  13. hornyGG says:

    Awwwww bummer! Ben and I were so looking forward to reading it. OH,well! I Hope you and K had a good time last night bringing in the New year with some hot fucking! Cannot wait for Ben to get home later today! I was up till 3:30 this morning unable to sleep. Can’t wait till y’all ‘s next story No matter what it is about. You two have a blessed day! Loves and keep it horny my dear!

  14. doctemp2 says:

    Thank you Gina; yep we are really bummed too and are considering taking a break from MH. Our story was not inappropriate. (and to their defense they did not say it was inappropriate)

    We’re very glad Ben is coming home to you later day and even more glad the four of us became on-line friends in 2013. Its truly amazing how much we all seem to have in common.

    Take good care friend and may God continue to richly bless you guys and keep you in 2014.

    • hornyGG says:

      Awwww! So saddened to hear your decision to take a break from MH. But I understand completely. Ben and I have truly enjoyed ya’lls hot stories and will definitely miss reading more. There is thin line I guess and I doubt anything was wrong with your story. You two are one of our favorite contributors and dear on-line friends. Gonna miss your support of my and Ben’s stories and we both wish you two all the best in 2014.
      You two please take care, God bless and continue to stay horny! Loves to you both. Sincerely, BEN and Gina.

    • Blondie says:

      I really hope you don’t leave us long, Kay and K! I do love your
      stories and enjoy having you both here. Hope there are no hard feelings toward MH. Your story wasn’t wrong or sinful in anyway, it’s just the MH team has a new policy that doesn’t take multiple couples in one story. God bless you and happy new year!

    • ladygarden says:

      Hey Blondie; Kay and K here, we changed our name! Thanks for your patience and encouragement–it really meant a lot to us the other night and made us feel better.

      Yes, we are back! So much so, we are sending up an entirely new story tonight–hope you have fun reading and editing it.
      The Lord continue to bless you and Josh and the team at MH in 2014, thank you for all you do behind the scenes. 😀

    • Blondie says:

      Yay! :)) looking forward to editing your new story and the ones to “come” ;D God bless! I may b a bit slow in getting stuff up right now cause I am in the middle of a family wedding, but I will be back to my usual pace hopefully next week.

  15. ladygarden says:

    Hey Gina, Kay & K here; we changed our name! Hope you like it. No hard feelings, we talked everything over and got over it. Life is too short to be bothered my little frustrations.

    We can’t wait to hear all about your special nude photo shoot for Ben tomorrow; please drink in the experience and write all about it girl! Especially thoughts going through your mind the first time Shelly’s camera captures the images of your exposed breasts, ass and pussy for Ben–not to mention if you go through with the spread shots.

    We love and appreciate you guys too and can’t wait to read your upcoming hot stories. BTW, we are sending up an entirely new story tonight–hope you like it.

    Enjoy your hot day tomorrow and remember Ben as you peer in the camera lens. You will do great! 😀

  16. hornyGG says:

    So awesome that you two decided to stay! I would have missed you two dearly! Ben will be so thrilled to hear it as well. He is currently in the shower. I just finished giving him a blow job (yummm! ). Cannot wait to read your new story. I too will have a new story up probably tonight. Got the word fuck spelled f**k in the title, not sure if that will fly or not.

    Yep, tomorrow is the big day! It has been hard to keep it a secret from Ben, but so far I have succeeded. Shelly called earlier to make sure I haven’t backed out. I told her I hadn’t. Not really nervous believe it or not. I will definitely let you and Blondie know how it goes. Anyway, love ya both and so glad your back. God bless you both and keep it horny!

  17. ladygarden says:

    Oh Gina you will remember your shoot the rest of your life, believe me. I know I did :-D. And K stills whacks to the nude pics from time time–really turns me on knowing he does that. Just pamper yourself and enjoy it. You will love it and its outstanding that you are feeling good about being shot naked already without being nervous. And if you di get nervous, just trust your instincts and Shelly–remember the reward you will be sharing with Ben for the rest of his life. We love you guys–enjoy your hot Friday! 😀

    • hornyGG says:

      Thanks so much for your support! Like you I think it is so hot to know my husband likes to beat off to pictures of me (via cell phone) I just Hope that he enjoy’s this album as much as K enjoys your photos. Hey, if he whacks only once to them is a compliment right. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. Maybe I am a bit nervous!!

  18. ladygarden says:

    Its OK to be nervous, just go with it and remember the long term payoffs. Trust me girl, you will feel SO GOOD about yourself tonight after you go thru with it. It will be a huge turn on to you BOTH honey. Pamper yourself, drink some beer and face your fears–you will be fine and very pretty and sensuous.
    I guarantee 😀 😀 😀

  19. ladygarden says:

    Thank you for the morning smile and laughter Blondie about “stories to Come!” Cracked me up girl. Enjoy your day and family wedding. We appreciate you and be safe! 😀

  20. Anonymous says:

    Kay and K, Well the deed is done! It went surprisingly well, considering I was really nervous and tense the first 6 or 7 shots.
    Shelly was awesome, very professional and extremely helpful in helping me to relax. I soon got into it and really enjoyed dressing sexily to being completely nude.
    I began to focus on Ben and the rest seemed to flow naturally ( Thanks for that bit of advice my dear Kay!).
    The shoot lasted about an hour and a half. Girl ,you wouldn’t believe how turned on I got as the shoot progressed(then again, I guess you would! Lol.)
    As for spread shots, YES! I did “spread and show. I even slipped in a finger on a couple of them ( still can’t believe I did that!) We used candlelight for the spread shots and Shelly had soft jazz music playing in the background. ( Thanks for the candlelight suggestion Blondie! ).
    I can never express my gratitude to Shelly for her help and support during my shoot. I don’t think I could have done it with any other photographer. She was as I said, AWESOME!
    I also am so grateful for the advice and support that you and Blondie gave me, it meant more than y’all will ever know!
    I was so horny when I got home, I went straight to our bedroom and masturbated to four not so quiet orgasms (thankfully I was alone in the house!) Gonna molest Ben when he finally gets home! Lol.
    Shelly said the photos should be ready by Tuesday. I cannot wait to see them!!
    I really can’t wait for Ben to see my “special gift” for him. Who knows maybe I will get my brains fucked out! Lol.
    Story coming soon. God bless you and K. and please keep it horny!
    Blondie, the same to you and yours! Like Kay, I definitely recommend you do one for Josh! God bless!

    • ladygarden says:

      Our lovely Gina we salute you sweetheart! We are so very proud of you for following through with your dream and doing this for your dear Ben. He may have to explain to his company how he so quickly obtained Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in his right hand! 😀 LOL.

      So now you can see for yourself how exciting, yet scary it might have been at first with those initial 6-7 shots. Then it became fun; your confidence and swagger skyrocketed; and the more you thought about Ben; the sexier you became! And now you felt the same thrilling excitement I experienced posing totally naked for K.

      Wasn’t it a tremendous rush when you were finally nude, and the hot lights were bathing your exposed flesh while Shelly’s camera clicked away? The total freedom, intimacy and trust you felt standing there with no clothes on as her camera captured the complete essence of your unique femininity.

      And oh Gina, not only did you proceed with the ultimate act of love in permitting Shelly to take several Spread and Show shots–you even traveled the Second Mile by letting her capture the red hot image of you fingering your sexy hungry pussy for Ben! Well done dear–well done! That was an amazing act of trust and boldness and your part. He will LOVE it! 😀

      Oh yes, you will get your brains fucked out upon his arrival, no doubt about it. We cant wait to hear all about your photos, and your session, and his reaction to them!!! You two will share this special gift your years to come.

      K is gone, so getting worked up reading your post; I’m going to go masturbate in the shower. I will try to give achieve a vocal 4 orgasm salute in your honor Gina!

      My oh my–we are so proud. Congratulations on a job so very well done. Sending you our sweet love…

    • ladygarden says:

      Truthfully no, too many snares out there, lol! I am the one who loves being in the nude and whenever possible, I try to write totally naked at the computer (with the bedroom door locked of course!) 😀

  21. KarenLovesSex says:

    Great story! This has to be our favorite position. When Matt nails me from behind…..I lose it. I swear one time when he was fucking me doggy style on the bed I came 8 or nine times! I remember walking funny for the next week or so after that. lol 🙂 Plus rear entry sex can be done almost anywhere. I LOVE IT!

    • ladygarden says:

      KarenLovesSex thank you for writing-we are glad that you do love sex; what a wonderful gift from above! We appreciate your feedback of our story. I too am multi-orgasmic but wow, K has never got me to 8 or 9 while doing me–you and Matt have quite a good thing going–what a blessing ;-D.

      Yes doggy style is so intimate; I how he works my breasts, slaps my ass, gently yet firmly yanks my pony then pulls my arms up towards him behind my back–especially while we are watching ourselves in the mirror.

      Take care and we hope to read more from you soon! 😀

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