The dice game

Some time ago I “invented” a sexy dice game for me and my beloved wife. Maybe I should start with a brief description of the rules. We have one blue and one red dice for me and my wife. The numbers indicate different body parts; 1: back/butt/legs, 2: chest/tummy/thighs (except breasts), 3: hands, 4: mouth, 5: breasts, 6: penis/vagina. We throw the dices and the numbers that come up indicate which body parts that are going to touch for two minutes. I.e. blue 4 and red 5 means my mouth is going to be on my wifes breasts for two minutes, and so on. When we finally get two 6:s there is no upper time limit, but a lower instead which states the minimum time we must keep going before orgasms. It’s all very exciting. We tried the game a couple of weeks ago and my wife loved it.

Yesterday we agreed that my wife was going to plan an erotic evening for tonight, and this morning she texted me “Candles, massage oil and the dice game”. I’m really excited about it right now. We were going to play the game a while ago, but as we showered together and soaped each other up before, we got heated up so much that we never got to the game. We had to will ourselves to stop the shower, and when we got to the bedroom we were so aroused that we just got on top of each other and made love right away. Let’s see how it turns out tonight.  I will continue this tomorrow and tell you how it was.

After we had finished our usual evening cup of tea, sitting on the couch talking through our day, my wife lean against me.

“I think it’s time, honey”, she says and caress my arm.

We put the dishes away, turn off the lights, lock the door and check in on the sleeping kids before we head to the bathroom for a shower. We undress and start the shower.

“May I wash you?”, I ask the naked beauty standing about 1″ from me.

“Please, do!”, the beauty reply.

I lather up my hands and start with her back, then her arms. I reach around and rub my soapy hands over her tummy and her nice and soft breasts. Her nipples respond and hardened to the occasion. I take some more soap in my hands and rub her round butt and down her smooth thighs and legs. On the way up I gently reach between her legs as she parts them for me. I wash around and between her soft folds with slow and gentle fingers.

“OK, your turn!”, she says.

She put a lot of soap in her hands and pretty much follow the same procedure on me. When she finally reach for my genitals she is very soft and lingering. Her soapy slippery hands feel marvelous as they take my soft penis. She strokes it slowly and in about three seconds I am rock hard and point straight up. She continue to stroke me and lean in for a kiss. We kiss passionately for a while while her hands lovingly caress my hardness and i reach for her breasts.

“OK, that’s enough for now. I need to shave my legs. Go wait for me in the bedroom”, she say.

I dry myself off and go to the bedroom. I had put a heater on earlier in the day, so it’s warm and nice. I light the candles and then lay down on the bed to wait for the naked beauty I am going to have a great time with tonight. My penis is semi erect in anticipation.

After a few minutes she enters the room. She’s beautiful. Her long brown hair in a pony tail, her loose breasts sway as she walks, her just trimmed dark triangle between her thighs point towards her treasure. I can hardly wait to make love to this woman.

“Are you ready to start?” she ask.

“Oh, yes!”

She lay down on the bed beside me and throw the dices.

Red 3 and blue 3, hand to hand.

“Lay on your back and close your eyes” she command.
Then she start the timer and gently stroke and caress my hands for the two minutes.

I throw the dices; red 4 and blue 3; my hands to her face.

She lay down and close her eyes as I caress her face. I gently caress her forehead, eyebrows, nose, cheeks chin and lips with my fingers. I let my eyes roam over her naked and beautiful body. I look at her crotch and the soft rounded shape of her venus mound is clearly visible beneath her dark but thin pubic hair. Can’t wait to stroke her there…

Thank you, God, for creating the woman with all her wonderful features and body parts. Thank you for creating her with breasts, hips, venus mound, thighs, clitoris and the wonderful vagina. Thank you for this beautiful woman that I get to spend my life with and enjoy this heavenly gift of sex and pleasure with.

Next turn, red 1 and blue 3; my hands on her backside.

“Oh, this will be nice” she say as she turn over on her front.
I straddle her thighs and my penis comes to rest on her butt. I pour some oil in my hands and start a slow massage of her shoulders and back. I can feel her relax more and more for each stroke. I pour some more oil in my hands and continue to massage her round butt. It’s so soft and round.

Red 3 and blue 4; her hands to my face for two minutes.

Her soft hands caress my face slow and gentle. As she stroke my lips i open my mouth and suck one of her fingers into my mouth.

Red 4 and blue 2; her mouth to my chest.

She straddle my legs and bend forward to start kissing my chest. As she does I feel the soft touch of her hanging breasts, one on each side of my penis. Her soft kisses on my chest are nice, but the sensation from the soft caresses of her breasts around and along my erect penis takes priority in my mind.

“Oh, I forgot, I’m not supposed to do anything with my breasts now, right?” she say with a teasing smile on her lips.

“No, you’re not, but please don’t stop. It feels so good!”

Red 5 and blue 4; my mouth on her breasts.

She lay down on her back and spread her legs.

“I wonder why,” I think with a smile. “It’s her breasts that will be treated.”

Anyway, I position myself between her legs and lay down on top of her with my face hovering just above he breasts. I start the timer and then caress around and over her whole breast with my face. I love the feel of her soft breasts. I simply can’t get enough of them. My wife put her hands on my head to keep me close and press my face into her breasts. After a while I kiss all around them and on them closer and closer to the center for each kiss. Finally I kiss her nipples. I could feel them grew hard in my mouth and I feel her start to rock her hips beneath me as my tongue swirl around her large and hard nipples. Soft moans escaped her mouth. Beep, beep, beep.

“Oh, that felt very nice. Is the time up already?” she ask.

“O, yes, my love.”

Red 6 and blue 5; her vagina against my breast.

“How on earth are we supposed to do that?” she ask with a laugh.

“I don’t know, but let’s try. I lay on my back and you straddle my chest. Come on” I reply.

She straddle me and pour a lot of oil on my chest and rub it in for a while. Then she pour more oil in her hand and reach between her legs to lube her self. It’s so exciting when she touch her self. Then she sits down, lean forward to get good contact between her vulva and my chest. She put her hands on the wall behind the bed and start to grind her pelvis against me.

It’s so hot to feel her slip around on me. Her breasts sway above me and I can’t resist to touch and caress them.

“Mmm, I found something nice.” I say.

“Good, then you have something to do as well while I enjoy myself” she reply.

Her movements become more and more urgent and she let out some moans now and then. It was obviously very nice for her.

Red 4 and blue 6; her mouth on my penis.

“Ah, you really want this one, don’t you?” she say with a smile.

“O, yes. It’s so nice.” I reply.

“Lay down then.” she say as she straddle my legs.

She bend forward and I feel the soft press of her breasts against my thighs. She takes my soft penis gently in her hands and stroke it a few times. It quickly grows longer, thicker and harder for each stroke. She lean closer and start to plant soft kisses up my hard shaft. She linger a while when she reach the head and kiss and lick the super sensitive spot on the underside where the head and the foreskin meet. After a while she open her mouth and lovingly embrace the head of the penis with her mouth. She takes all of the head, which is quite big, in her soft, wet and slippery mouth.

It feel so nice as her tongue swirl around the head and she move her mouth back and forth over it.

“Oh, that feel very very nice” I moan.

“Uh-hum” she reply with her lovely mouth full of my hard penis.

I start to feel a brief tingle spread from where her mouth was tightly connected to me. She has never sucked on me this long before. She just do it briefly, if at all, as part of foreplay. I hope the time is not up very soon and glance at the timer. I realize I hadn’t started it. I didn’t say anything and hoped my lover wouldn’t care and continue what she was doing.

I got more and more aroused for every swirl and move of her mouth. My hips start to rock lightly as I could feel the sensation of an orgasm start to build slowly and I moan for every breath. To my surprise my wife just keep going. I feel I’m going to orgasm soon if she continue much longer.

Suddenly she let go of my very excited penis. Smiles at me and say “That was good, huh?”

“Oh, yes! VERY good” I pant.

“Maybe I shouldn’t stop, then?”

“That depends on if we want to end the game now?” I reply surprised.

“I guess we continue the game” she say.

Red 6 and blue 3; my hands to her vagina.

“Mmmm, this will be nice. I have longed for it.” she say as she throw herself on her back and spread her legs wide apart.

I sit down between her legs and just look at her. She is beautiful. Her arms above her head. Her long brown hair spread on the pillow. Her blue eyes looking back into mine. Her little smile as she expectantly wait for me to pleasure her body the way only I am permitted to and I am the only one that have ever done. Her soft breasts that are flattened out to the sides of her heaving chest with their dark and wrinkled aerolas and erect nipples that have been nursing our three wonderful boys. Her flat tummy with the small stretch marks after her pregnancies. Her dark hair triangle that points to where she can’t wait for my fingers to touch her. Her swollen outer lips spread apart and her pink inner lips standing out like a funnel into the wrinkled opening of her wonderful vagina. I have had the pleasurable opportunity to have my large penis in that little heaven on earth way over a thousand times by now, but I can never get enough. Her erect clitoris above the dripping opening that long for my ministrations.

Oh, I love her so much it almost hurts. It’s an unbelievable privilege to get to do this pleasurable stuff with her. I am so lucky.

I gently touch her rounded venus mound and she close her eyes to just revel in the pleasurable sensations my fingers will give her. I let my fingers lightly slide down between her legs and over her swollen lips, then up again. My thumbs stroke her outer lips a few times and then her inner lips. After a short while I let my thumb run slowly along her engorged clitoris, up and down. A moan of intense pleasure escapes her as she thrust her hips in time with my strokes to intensify her pleasure even more.

The index finger of my other hand find it’s way into her wide open and slippery vagina. Slowly I penetrate her as deep as I can reach. I feel her pleasure as her vaginal muscles contract hard around my finger. I withdraw slowly and press up on the front wall to find her g-spot. I find it easily and massage it in slow circles while my thumb continue to stroke her clitoris. She moans with every breath and her hips thrust hard against my hands in a steady rhythm. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Two minutes were up, but I didn’t care about the game any more. My wife was at such high level of arousal and my penis was harder than ever, standing straight up and throbbing with every beat of my racing heart. A small drop of clear fluid had formed at the opening on the tip. Suddenly she reach down and push my hands away. Catching her breath she pants “We have to stop now, otherwise I will have an orgasm very soon and will not be able to continue the game.”

Ok. I calm down a bit and throw the dices again.

Red 4 and blue 4; mouth to mouth.

“Mmm, I’d love some kissing now. I want you on top of me.” my dear say as she hold out her arms towards me her legs still wide apart.

I position myself between her legs and lay down on her. She wrap her arms around my neck and our open mouths lock in a deep and passionate kiss that go on and on and on. As she slowly rock her hips I feel the tip of my penis slide nicely along her slippery labia. As I adjust my hips slightly she happen to thrust her hips forward a bit and I feel her labia part around the swollen head, her slippery opening give way and my penis slide in about half it’s length. A moan of pleasure came over both of us as I felt my hardness tightly wrapped in her warm, soft and slippery moistness and she felt her vagina being stretched out around my hard, but at the same time velvety soft and thick shaft.

“Oops, my penis slid into you.” I said with a smile

“It’s ok. Your penis is very welcome to slip in.” she reply and return to the kissing.

I push the rest of my penis inside and another moan escape our lips at the sensation. We just can’t lie still. Her hips thrust gently against me and I thrust my penis slowly in short strokes in and out of her. Beep. Beep. Beep.

I teasingly withdrew from her leaving her vagina empty again.

“Your turn to throw the dices” I say with a smile.

“Oh no, I was just getting into this” she reply with a disappointed look on her face.

She turn around and throw the dices.

Red 6 and blue 6; her vagina to my penis. Finally!

“Mmm, I see we get to continue where we just stopped” she say with a delighted smile.

“Yes. But can you just stroke my penis with your slippery hands for a while first?” I ask.

“Sure” she answer and pour a generous amount of massage oil over her hands.

I roll over on my back, my erect penis lying flat on my tummy reaching almost to my belly button. She straddle my thighs and gently take my rigid shaft in her hands. She slowly slide her hands up and down along it. Then she stroke down with one hand after the other. I can’t help myself. It feel so good I just have to move my hips and I thrust into her hands time after time and I groan for every stroke through her hands. She hold my penis tight with both her hands now and move them up and down. I thrust into them vigorously.

She raise up on her knees and move herself up so that her crotch is above my penis. She hold it against her vulva and grind herself against me a few times before she put the tip at her opening and slide down all the way until I am completely buried within her. She lean forward and kiss me deep while she continue to rock her hips. Now and then she raise up a bit and then sit down again to let me slide out and in. It feel so very good. She press a breast in my face and I open my mouth to suck on her large erect nipple. She groan out loud as I latch on to her teat.

After a few more thrusts she roll over on her back.

“It’s your turn to be on top now” she say.

I roll on top of her and thrust my hips forward. My penis found the way to her warm, slippery wetness on it’s own and I slide deep into her again. Her arms are around my neck and her legs around my back to hold on tight to me. We kiss deep and are totally lost in our passion. We grind our hips together rather than thrusting in and out as that is the best way to bring my wife to orgasm. Her breath is labored and she groans for every breath she take. She is so sexy and I am so very aroused by her. We look into each others eyes and we can see the love and passion for each other.

“Oohhh, don’t stop now! Please, don’t stop!” she groan.

“Do you want me to bring you to orgasm now?” I ask.

“Oh, yes, please! Now!” she reply.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh, yes, please, go on now!”

“Here it comes!” I say and start trust hard into her.

“Oh, yes, please!” she shout and then a scream of extreme pleasure comes over her lips when each thrust hits the bottom of her.

Only three thrusts later she let out a long growl, thrust her hips up against me to make me penetrate her as deep as possible.

“Oh, THAT was a very, very nice one!” she say after a short while when she have calmed down a bit and catched her breath.

“Good!” is the only thing I could say as I had started to thrust my penis in and out of her very pleasurable vagina that is so tight, wet and wonderfully slippery after her strong orgasm. I thrust in long and slow strokes which give me so much pleasure and excitement. I feel the familiar tingle that start in the head of the penis and slowly spread down the shaft and in to my groin.

I turn my head to the left and I see us in the large mirror on the closet beside the bed. I see my beautiful wife look at me. Her soft hands caress my pleasure filled face. Her soft breasts with their large nipples are pressed against my chest. Her long and slender legs are wrapped tight around my back to open up her vagina completely for me and to make me reach as deep as possible into her wonderful depths. I see my long and thick penis glisten of her juices as it slide in and out of her.

“It’s so very beautiful and sexy to see us in the mirror” I moan and then my orgasm hit me with full power. I groan and thrust in deep and hard and then press myself tight against her as I fill her with my hot sperm in spurt after spurt after spurt.

I collapse on top of her exhausted and we kiss gently and lovingly as I try to catch my breath. We express our deep love for each other and share how very nice this lovemaking session was.

After some time I gently withdrew from her and we went to the bathroom to clean up the worst mess on our bodies before going to bed for a night of sound sleep.

We finish the evening with a prayer where we thank God for each other, our kids, our jobs and for how privileged we are. We also thank for our marriage and the great sex life we have together.

A few kisses later we drift of to sleep in each others arms.
Good night!

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16 replies
  1. Ben G. says:

    Fun idea! Nice story!

    FYI: Gina fell and hit her head. Three stitches , no concussion ( thankfully). Gonna keep her overnight just for observation. Prayers are appreciated.

    • doctemp2 says:

      Wonderful idea and story Lovinghusband. And Ben, glad to hear Gina is safe and home–treat her like this princess she is. Yea God! K.

  2. El Khem says:

    Westcoast, who would have thought that we could invite God into the bedroom in such a seeming simple manner [Pr 16:33 The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD.]

    Well done friend!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Hi Gina

      She goes now by “HornyGG”

      Welcome to Marriageheat

      The directions for posting a story are on top

      God bless you


    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      The other Gina (or HornyGG as she’s called) is a bit of a celebrity on this site, she posts stories too. She has a certain memorable quote she likes to say, but I’ll let her tell you 🙂 She’s a lovely lady!

    • hornyGG says:

      Hello Gina! This is Gina. Welcome to MH ! I think you will find that this wonderful site is unlike most you will ever visit. The members here are caring and real sweethearts.

      Have fun and enjoy the wonderful stories written by so many loving Christians, married and single alike. Lovinghusband, Harper, Blondie, Cameron and so many others are sure to get your heart racing and your… Well anyway, looking forward to reading a story from you soon!

      God bless you and yours my dear and… OK, Harper I will say it! Stay horny!

  3. PassionateForChrist says:

    In the tab bar you see the tab “MyMH”. There you click the option “Post a story”. Then you fill out the form with either a memory inspired by your marriage heat, which you wanna share, if you’re married, or if you’re single, you can share a marriage heat fantasy, which you look forward to experiencing with your future spouse. Then you can either save the story as a draft, if you want to go over it later or don’t wanna write it all at once, or you can submit it for review to the moderation panel.

    (I shortly wanna seize the opportunity and appreciate the people, who moderate this amazing site… Thank you, dear moderation panel, for the amazing work you’re doing daily in the background on this site!! Your dedication doesn’t get unnoticed. God bless you!!)

    This other Gina is Ben’s precious wife – hornyGG. She’s a beloved, longtime part of the MH community. She practically embodies the Heat in Marriage Heat.

    Hope this helps 🙂 Blessings!

  4. hornyGG says:

    Awwwe, y’all are too sweet ! Thank you so much for the sweet compliments. Ya’ll are making me blush. I love you all!

    Alicia, we will talk darlin! Lol. Love you too though.

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