Farmer Sex -Wet and Wild Down on the Farm

Sam Mason watched as his pretty, young wife, Jena, placed the final bale from the load of alfalfa on the rattling elevator. Admiring the cleavage she unknowing displayed as she bent to the task, Sam thanked God for her spunky personality and amazing desirability. He took the advancing bale from the elevator and stacked it neatly in the upper level of the barn with the rest of the crop, grateful that the season was over. Jena unplugged the cord, glad to put an end the constant chatter of the machine’s noisy chain.

Stepping into the lower level of the barn placed her directly at the foot of the wooden ladder Sam was descending from the haymow. Watching the muscles in his thighs and butt ripple as climbed down brought a gleam to her eyes. Not aware of her close proximity, Sam stepped from the last rung and pivoted, surprised to find himself in her waiting arms. Pulling his lips to hers, Jena kissed and was quickly kissed in return. Savoring the maleness of his sweaty body, she pulled him even tighter against her. In seconds, she began to feel him swell with desire, his penis, trapped in the leg of his jeans, forming a growing bulge down his inner thigh.

Jena placed her hand over him, softly stroking his length. Having gone braless, she was enjoying the contact her nipples made through her thin top with his rough work shirt. Sam slowly moved his lips from hers, working his way down her front. Eventually, agonizingly, he approached the swell of her breasts. Nuzzling her, he soon located an erect nipple and gently took it between his teeth. As a moan of pleasure swelled from within her, he slightly increased the pressure, sending tingles throughout her body.

Jena’s stroking of his shaft increased in intensity, mixing his groans with hers. “Let’s go take a shower – together!”, she said. Sam’s immediate response was to tweak her other nipple with his strong fingers, then scoop her up in his arms. His rough kiss and the unashamed lust in his eyes was answer enough for her, the message more clear than any spoken word.

Kicking open the front door, he headed down the hall toward the bathroom. Their modest farm house had only a single luxury – the double shower they’d just put in 6 months ago! Sam’s skill as a carpenter had made short work of the basic task, and the couple had worked together to finish the plumbing of the multiple massage jets shortly after.

As Sam lowered Jena’s feet to the ground, he kissed her again, teasing her with his tongue. Never breaking lip contact, he ran his hands all over her belly and breasts, causing her to arch with desire. Coming up for air, he grasped the collar of her top, and with a simple motion of his powerful forearms, ripped it completely down to her belt. Leaving the ruined garment hanging from her pretty shoulders, he hefted her now freed breasts, savoring the gorgeous sight and feel.

Sam pulled himself away and kneeled in front of his sweet, young wife. As he slipped her ropers and socks from her feet, he thoroughly massaged each with his skilled hands. He began to unbuckle her belt, and was pleasantly surprised when she lifted one foot to continue her previous stroking of his still swollen manhood. Freeing her belt, Sam eagerly began the delightful process of exposing the rest of his wife’s beauty.

When her jeans and black lacy panties were in a heap on the floor, he stood up and kissed her lips once again. Jena pressed her naked mound against his muscular thigh, hoping to locate that part of him she so needed. The pleasantly sweaty odors coming from him continued to arouse a primal response in her. Without even thinking, she began to grind her engorged vaginal lips and swollen clitoris into his leg. Her moisture soon soaked through his jeans and her sexual aroma seeped it’s way into his being.

“Please, Sam, I need you inside me!” she begged. Savoring the delight of her response, he only shook his head, and said, “Not yet, sweetie! You have to suffer a little more!” She groaned and reached for his zipper, hoping to free him for her pleasure. He grabbed her wrists, saying, “No hands allowed! You’ll have to figure out another way to get what you want!”

As she looked pleadingly into his brown eyes, he again shook his head “No”, making it clear that he meant what he said. “I will make one concession, and get rid of my boots & socks for you!” as he quickly kicked and tugged to remove his footwear.

Jena instantly dropped to her knees and began a frantic attempt to unbuckle his belt sans hands. Thank goodness he’d worn one with a standard buckle this morning, she thought, as the confining device fell open. The button on his jeans were next, but presented almost no challenge to the lust filled wife. Soon she was jerking down his zipper, eager to find the treasure it hid. His Levis dropped over his muscular butt, and, as they began to slide down his strong legs, she began nuzzling the cuff of his boxers up, exposing the head of his shaft. Taking it into her mouth, she began caressing it with her tongue, eager to explore it’s entire length.

Soon, the boxers were in the way, and she was forced to temporarily abandon her oral affections. Grasping the elastic waist with her teeth, she carefully pulled them down over his throbbing erection and large testicles. Freed from it’s restrictions, his shaft rose to a near vertical position, throbbing in anticipation of what was to come.

Jena again took him into her hungry lips, slowly stroking up and down. Sam placed his hands on her cheeks, caressing the face of this woman that he loved so much. “The no hands rule is still in effect!”, he said laughingly as she reached for his testicles. Her desire had such a hold on her that she offered no argument, but went straight to work on the buttons of his shirt. In seconds, they were either unbuttoned or rattling to the floor, where his denim shirt soon followed. With her man now in all of his glory before her, Jena savored the sight of him.

Starting at his lips, she traced a line with her wet tongue down, circling each hard nipple and ending in the dark hair just below his navel. He thrust his hips forward, enticing her to seek his maleness with her waiting mouth. Giving him only a couple of moments of this pleasure, she surprised him by turning away, and dropping to all fours in front of him. By arching her back, she intentionally exposed her hungry femininity to his view. The slight wiggle she then offered brought a shudder of anticipation to the aroused and ready husband.

“Do me now and do me hard!” she begged. Jack needed no second invitation, and approached her delectable form. On his knees between hers, he grabbed the base of his tool and began stroking it’s purple head up and down between her swollen lips. Her glistening moisture soon coated the end of his shaft, serving as an open invitation for deeper exploration. Slowly, he pushed into her, and she reciprocated with her own eager motions. Soon their matching thrusts were bringing moans of ecstasy from the couple.

Sam reached around to make more intimate contact with her swollen clitoris, bring her instantly to that orgasm she’d been seeking so desperately. Controlling his own urge to climax, he allowed her passion to continue, slowing his strokes, then increasing them as she was ready again. Her next peak came with only a quickening of his thrusts, and he savored the exquisite sensation of her vaginal walls kneading the length of his rod.

As she came back down from this most recent high, she reached back with one hand, drawing him deeper, hoping to provide him what he also needed. To her surprise, Sam gently pulled his red, throbbing penis from her, and drew her up from the floor. Taking her into his arms he kissed her soundly, then reached into the shower to start the water flowing from it’s numerous jets and nozzles. Still kissing, the couple moved into the now warm shower, and continued to embrace in the steamy interior.

Jena stepped up on the first low step, which placed her still swollen labia at the perfect height to meet her husband’s waiting hardness. Easing herself down on his full length, she rolled her head back in delight. Sam kissed her neck passionately as he reached to the side to aim one of the pulsing jets at the juncture of their bodies. His ingenious adjustment resulted in Jena’s clitoris being simultaneously stroked by his hard shaft and bombarded by the intermittent water jets. Gasping, she stared into his eyes, her ardent love and desire so evident to both. A few hard, deep strokes later, the combination of stimulus overcame her, bringing her to the highest peak yet.

This time, her entire body began to thrust uncontrollably up and down on Sam, pushing him out of control. As he felt himself tighten, he kissed Jena again, and they both eagerly experienced the flood of passion he pumped deeply into her receptive body. As the hot water washed over them, they remained coupled, savoring the closeness that they enjoyed as man and wife.

Slowly, his erection began to subside, and they began washing the day’s grit and grime from each other’s bodies. As she washed his front, the soapy water soon collected in his belly and pubic hair. Lathering it up even more, she wasn’t surprised to see the response she’d caused. His shaft began an inevitable rise to it’s earlier glory.

Taking his hardness inside her once again, she slowly and lovingly brought him almost to the brink several times. Finally, with a sweet smile on her face, she provided him that sweet, final release. As passion and contentment blended on each face, this couple once again reinforced the Godly love they felt for the other through the intimate sharing of body and soul.

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2 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    I absolutely loved this story! If Ben would have been here, he would have gotten molested for sure. But he isn’t so my fingers worked their magic. Thanks for sharing! God Bless!

  2. nidan2 says:

    Pretty well destroys the illusions about dowdy, sexless farm wives. 🙂 As a fellow country dweller, I can testify that working hard together as a couple is great foreplay. Who would think that mucking stalls or stacking hay could be so sexy?!!

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