The Plant Collection

It was spring quarter at the University, and we had just gotten married during spring break.  It was hard to focus on classes because we were newlyweds and worked full-time.  My wife, Donna, worked as a waitress, which often included weekend shifts, and I was attending class and working at a meat processing plant.  It was hard to find enough time together.

One of my classes was a plant identification course that required a plant collection.  I don’t remember how many plants had to be in the collection, but it was substantial.  The plants had to be mostly native species, not plants from residential landscapes, and had to be collected, identified and press dried, then mounted & labeled with common and scientific names.  So as often as I could find a free couple of daylight hours, I would head into the foothills and mountains of the Utah Wasatch Mountain Range (part of the ‘Rocky Mountains’) to collect plants.

As the days ran short to collect the plants and have time to press dry them, Donna arranged her time to help with the collection.  So we climbed into the car and drove a good distance into the mountains were the slopes are not so steep.   We left the main highway and went onto a dirt side road a couple of miles to a good spot.  Evening was fast approaching, and it would be dark soon.  We climbed out of the car and started up a trail looking for good plants as we went.  It was a good spot with many plants that I could use, so I was pretty intent on making the most of the time.

We worked for about and hour, then Donna said she needed something from the car.  I was enjoying her company, so it was hard to see her go out of site.  It seemed a bit strange that whatever she needed from the car couldn’t wait another 15 or 20 minutes when it would be to dark to collect plants and we could both return to the car.

I tried to control my curiosity about what my wife needed, and continued collecting plants.   I worked up a rise and around a bend in the trail.  Then I came upon the most beautiful creation I had seen yet that day…  Donna had retrieved a blanket and our coats from the car and had gone around me to a spot along the trail to set up a surprise.  She had laid the blanket down and the coats on top to form a nice clean cushioned spot, and was waiting in creations glory and a great big smile.  WOW… what a gorgeous flower she is.  It took only a moment to identify what needed to be done with this plant.

Donna invited me to shed my cloths, and join her on the blanket and coats.  She was so soft and warm in the crisp spring evening air.  No woman could have looked more beautiful than she did with her loving newlywed ‘glow’.  She had wonderful near shoulder length light brown hair, brown eyes and a light complexion softly accented with just the right amount of makeup (she doesn’t need much), soft lips colored medium frosted pink, and the most beautiful long slender fingers.  She has an exceptional, full figure.  I could hardly control my excitement!

It was well past dark when we returned to the car.  Both of us now wearing a great big smile.

I concluded that the plant collection was beneficial in more ways than one, and had leaned to enjoy nature even more.  I don’t remember my score on the collection, or my grade for the class, but I do remember how in love we were, and how glad I am to still share her life with our super children.

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