The Bike Ride

My wife and I enjoy riding bikes.  We have been married for 25 years and find that bike riding and long walks give us a chance to catch up.  This particular ride was along a route through some trees that bicyclists had quit using a few years ago due to a new trail nearby.  As we were riding, our conversation somehow drifted towards sex.  During the conversation, I mentioned how I felt that our lovemaking had been pretty hot lately and asked if she agreed.  (As a side note, I have had trouble in the past bringing my wife to orgasm – trying everything, but nothing seemed to work.  Lately, however, she has been a little more relaxed, making the orgasms much more frequent.)  She never really answered, but noted that she enjoyed the more frequent orgasms.  This brought on a discussion on the different varieties and intensities of orgasms (G-spot vs. clitoral vs. vaginal), during which she politely “complained” that she had never had a G-spot orgasm during intercourse.  When I told her that we would have to work on that, she looked a little flushed and asked how.  After discussing a while, we determined that our positioning during sex must be a little off not providing enough stimulation to the G-spot.  Throughout the whole conversation on orgasms, she was pretty giddy – acting a little more like an eager teenager just learning about sex.  Her mood and reactions were causing me to get a little excited as well.  The only problem was that we were riding bicycles and my biker’s shorts and the bike seat were not cooperating with my erection that was building.  Luckily, we came to a little clearing in the trees which had been a rest area on the trail.  This gave me an excuse to suggest we stop and sit for a few minutes (the rest area still had picnic table).
As we got off of our bikes, I noticed my wife was also pretty aroused as evidenced by the very hard nipples trying to poke through her sports bra. As I was about to jokingly ask if she was a little chilled, she said something like, “Wow, its looks like you are getting aroused by our conversation, too. That looks like it could be a little uncomfortable, riding a bike that way.”  I tried to pretend that I did not know what she was talking about. That just egged her on more! She simply smiled and quietly moved closer to me – looking like she was going to give me a hug. However, the hug never happened:  she first flicked the shaft of my penis with her index finger and then grabbed it through my shorts. I started to say something about not starting something she wasn’t going to finish, when she interrupted by saying, “I have no intention of stopping until I am finished.” My only reply was that I would also like to “finish.”

As we quickly looked around, she made a comment about the old trail being deserted or abandoned and that no one used it anymore. At that, I motioned to the picnic table and said, “I’m ready to eat!” Although I do not typically use the word “eat” to refer to what I was suggesting – she knew exactly what I meant and blushed a little. However, she practically ran to the picnic table, quickly pulled her shorts, panties and sports bra off and perched herself on the table. For clarification, let me further describe how she was “perched” on the table. She was actually laying crossways on the table with her legs pointed to the side I was on and her head nearly hanging off the other side. Her legs were spread and her knees were bent with her feet planted right on the edge of the side I was on. Of course, this position put on full display her neatly shaved vulva. As I stood there for a moment admiring my wife’s gorgeous naked body, she laughed and said, “You better get started before your dinner gets cold.” One of my most common sayings it that, “You don’t have to call me twice for dinner”, so I quickly sat down between her legs for the feast. By the time I sat down, her juices were already dripping onto the table. Not wanting to make any more of a mess, I quickly consumed all the excess that was dripping out of her vagina. After a few minutes of giving special attention to her clitoris with my tongue, I could tell that she was close to coming and I started to increase the intensity on her clitoris. It was then I remembered the earlier conversation on the trail about the G-spot orgasm during intercourse. So I shifted gears a little and started fingering her now enlarged G-spot. Her initial response was a groan, knowing she was close to coming via the clitoral licking/sucking and I was not going to finish her off. However, as I got started on the G-spot stimulation, I think she realized what I was doing and opened her womanhood to me even more. Again, she quickly showed signs of being close to coming with the finger stimulation on the G-spot. And once again, as I pulled my finger out, she groaned and had a very pouty look on her face.

When I got up from my seat, she grabbed at me and nearly caused me to trip, saying, “You can’t stop there!” I quickly explained that I had no intention of stopping and told her what I had in mind. As I pulled my shorts off (finally allowing my throbbing erection out of the Spandex), she turned her body to where her butt and legs were at the end of the table. I stepped up to the table and was amazed at how perfect its height was. With her laying on the table and me standing up and her legs on my shoulders, the angle of our bodies caused the head of my penis to make direct contact with her G-spot as I slid into her wet opening. As I withdrew slightly to start the first stroke, the tip of my penis brushed back across her G-spot causing her to tense up immediately. Me too! The feeling was incredible! About two more strokes like that and I think we both would have come. However, being an overachiever, I was looking for more! So a buried my penis deep inside her and started grinding against her clitoris. Again she groaned – obviously not pleased with me stopping the G-spot stimulation. However, about two or three minutes into the intense attention to her clitoris, she was once again on the verge of coming. And again, I paused slightly and started to withdraw my penis. She groaned again – however, it was only for a split second.  As the head of my penis brushed back across her G-spot, her whole body tensed up again and she quickly (and loudly) started giving instructions on the depth and speed of my strokes. I did my best at complying and added some clitoral stimulation with my thumb. In less than a minute, she came very hard. However, I had not yet cum, so I continued the same strokes (and clitoral stimulation). Within a couple of minutes, I was on the verge of orgasm when she literally screamed that she was cumming again. Shortly after her second orgasm, I exploded inside of her.

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