After A Hard Day’s Work

It has been a hard day’s work. I have been thinking about you all afternoon. I can’t quit thinking about your hard cock. I so want to have you inside me. It is such a wonderful feeling. You sneak out into the woods with me where no one can see us. We look around to be sure we can’t be seen.

I slowly drop down to my knees and undo the button on your shorts and then take your zipper down with my teeth. Just the thought of what I am about to do is getting your cock hard. I let your shorts fall to the ground and then start to run my hands over your butt. Grabbing the edge of your underwear I pull them down exposing your wonderful 8″ cock. I start to lick you, just on the top of the head and then down the shaft.

I then take my hand and push you up to expose your balls to me. I start to lick them and kiss on them. First, with the left one then the right, I run my tongue around your swollen nuts. Meanwhile grabbing your shaft with my hand and gently rubbing it up and down. I then start to lick your shaft till I get to the head and then slowly put the head in my mouth. I let you slide your cock in and out of my mouth as I tickle you with my tongue. I can tell you getting hot as you are going faster and faster in my mouth and can taste the pre-cum. I then slow you down by grabbing your hips and push you back.

Then I slide you in my mouth and throat as far as I can. I hear you gasp. I know you can’t take much more of it. So I slide you out and start to kiss you, all the way back up to your mouth. I stand there kissing you for a sec and then step back. I start to unbutton the shirt I have on exposing my breast to you. I then start to undo my belt and top button of my pants. I slowly slide the zipper down while watching you rub up and down on your cock.

As I work my pants off you start to move in. Grabbing me around the waste and kissing me hard. You can’t stand it. You want to be inside me. As you kiss me you push me back against the tree we have been hiding behind.

You then grab my leg and lift it up to you side. You use your strength and left me off the ground just enough so when you push your hard cock up against my hot wet pussy you can slide in. You thrust hard a couple of times and then wait, playing with my butt with your hand. You are kissing me hard, and both of us breathing hard. You can’t stand it. You start to slide you in and out. In and out your big hard cock slid into my pussy. Harder and harder you pounded into me. Faster and faster.

“Oh yes that is it. Keep doing it like that!”

You quickly reach down and bite on my shoulder.

I scream “oh Chris, just take me!”

And that is it for you.

As I clinch down on your cock with my wet pussy. Grabbing hold as I have the wildest orgasm you explode with pleasure. I can feel your throbbing cock dumping its load inside me. It makes my orgasm get even stronger. Then you slowly let me down to the ground. Still holding my leg, you kiss me, but this time much more softly. We look at each other and smile.

“I love you,” is repeated to each other.

You then slowly slide out of me and we both get dressed. We then nonchalantly walk back out to the BBQ that we had been attending. Hope they didn’t notice we were gone that long. Or maybe we hoped they did notice we were gone and watched us. Nobody seemed to notice that we had disappeared for a while from the BBQ.

Everybody was so engrossed in their conversations it seemed like we were always there. You gave me this coy look and kissed me on the cheek and headed off to meet with the rest the guys by the BBQ. I walked over to the cooler to grab both of us a cold drink. We sat around for the rest the evening eating dinner and talking with our friends. It had to be close to 11pm before we decide we should head home. You had gone over to warm up the truck as I finished saying good-bye to everybody.

I quickly climbed into the truck and we left for home. I had noticed that you put on some nice music to listen to. To my surprise it was the cd from our wedding. We slowly drove home when I noticed that you weren’t going directly there. I looked over at you and you just smiled and winked. I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Next thing I noticed that you where pulling of the road. You told me to relax and just enjoy the trip. We soon reached our destination. You had pulled up along side the river. There was a nice sandy beach area and I noticed what seemed to be a fire pit. You told me to just stay where I was at and relax. You would be back in a minute.

I watched you walk down to the fire pit and start a fire. As you walked back to the truck I thought to my self I have to be the luckiest woman alive. You opened my door and reached your arm across my stomach and leaned in and kissed me. What I didn’t notice you do was grab a couple of blankets from behind your seat. You slowly turned me towards you with your right arm. I followed you out of the truck, I started to shut the door but you told me to leave it open so we could enjoy the music.

The night air was warm. You walked me down to the fire and I watched as you spread the blankets out for us to sit on. We sat there for a while with you just holding me and watching the river go by in the moon light. You where kissing me gently from my shoulder to my ear. Your hands had come around me and where caressing my side, stomach and had moved up to my breast. Your hands are so warm.

You made yourself comfortable behind me again and I could feel you lifting at the bottom of my shirt. You whispered into my ear for me to raise my arms. As I did you gently removed my shirt that I had on. To your surprise it was one of my tanks with the built in bra. Thoughts quickly ran through your mind of how hot that was. I could feel your hands run back down over my shoulders and out my arms to my hands.

You interlocked your fingers with my bringing my arms back upward and to your neck. As I grabbed hold of the back of your head, you let go of my fingers and ran your hands down the inside of my arms. My breast where firm from the excitement of your touch. As your fingers lingered over my breast they felt how hard my nipples where. Your fingers are gentle and soft as you grabbed my breast and squeezed on my nipples.

I could feel you kissing my neck and shoulders. You slowly where moving from behind me to my side. I had to let go of your head. As I did though you scooped me up with your arm and laid me down on my back.

I could hear the fire crackling in the back ground and the water running by. Your breathing was harder and it stood out the most. I watched you kiss me on the stomach and up to my chest. You started to kiss each of my breasts and bite on my nipples. My back arched forward as it made me start to drip with wetness. The passion was flowing between the two of us.

I reached up and ran my hands through your hair. Longing to kiss you and feel your skin against mine. I ran my hands down your sides to find your shirt. I started to work it up over your head, and threw it off to the side.

You laid back forward over me kissing me but barely our skin touched. Oh this made me long for you more. I could feel your cock against my hip bone. You where swelling harder and hotter as the passion rose. You started to kiss down my stomach as I raised my hips against you trying to get you to move your cock closer to my ever longing needs. But you just kept slowly moving down my stomach until you reached my shorts. You undid my belt and then with your mouth this time you undid my button and zipper.

You looked up and said “its only fair play.”

I bite my lip with excitement. You grabbed my shorts and pulled them off of me. As you did; you bite at the inside of my thigh. You moved slowly up to my clit. Once at my clit you just kissed around it. To let me know you where there but you weren’t going to give me what I wanted. Not at least that easily.

You then ran your hands along my thighs and gave them a squeeze. I let out a moan. And you then reached up and kissed me again. I could feel how hot you had become.

You let me slide my hands down your side till I found the button on your shorts. I undid them and started to slide them off you. Now we both lie there with nothing on, Just the moon light and the fire dancing across the river. I could feel the tip of you cock just teasing the entrance to my pussy. Oh how I long to have you inside me. But you just laid you on my clit and rubbed you on me.

Oh how much hotter was I going to get. My pussy just ached to have your big hard cock inside me. I was getting tighter and tighter with excitement. You reached up and kissed me, sliding your tongue into my mouth. And all I could think about was please. Just please slide your cock inside me. I need you.

Then I heard myself saying to you “just take me, any way that you want, I need you inside me!!”

You smiled and kissed me.

Then whispered in my ear, “anything for you.”

I then felt you push the head of your cock inside me. You slide you in slowly. You pushed you in all the way and then stopped. You pressed hard and deep.

I looked up at you and said “just like that, I want all of you.”

You slowly thrust in and out, in and out. I moved my leg a little more widely for you. So you could get all the way in. you grabbed my leg and bent my knee and brought it by your side. You started getting faster and faster and harder and deeper.

“Oh don’t stop … Oh that is it!! “I could feel you getting to that point. It was making me squeeze tighter around your hard cock.

“Oh I don’t know if I can hold on … I don’t think I can… ”

“YES THAT IS IT, HARDER,” I scream and then I feel you explode inside me as I cum on your cock.

“OH YES THAT IS IT,” and I let out a groan. You collapse against my chest, both of us breathing hard. You take a second and then start to kiss me. We lay there, kissing each other. While we are kissing we are moving are hips slowly together in a nice slow rhythm. I can tell I am keeping you turned on. He is not slowly sliding out of me. Instead he is slowly getting harder and harder.

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