Indian Summer

It’s October, but it’s a gorgeous day.  The sun is warm and golden in the afternoon as you leave your office and drive home.  The sky is perfect blue, making you think of my eyes—so blue.  You drive home dreamily, thinking of me, and pull the car into the garage.  But as you open the door, you hear the faint sounds of the piano playing “Hot Cross Buns” and you know I am still on my last lesson.  You pass the French doors leading to my studio and I look up at you and smile…hey handsome.  You wink and head upstairs to change.  While you are changing into your black swimsuit, I finish up with my student and go out to her mother’s car with her.  You come downstairs, not seeing me, and head out to turn on the Jacuzzi.

As I come back in the house, I call, “Kent?  Where are you?”  No answer.  I look out the sliding glass door and see you in the Jacuzzi.  Smiling to myself, I go upstairs.  I look at my swimsuits.  Shall I wear the blue bikini with strategically placed butterflies?  No…what about the white lace swimsuit?  No…my tan is fading….how about that slinky one Kent got me at Frederick’s (I’ll get him yet)….the red one with a hole in the crotch and two on my chest….I don’t feel sleazy today…Oh! The black one I got last week on clearance sale!  It’s a black one-piece swimsuit with a gold ring between my breasts holding the top together.  Beneath my breasts, it’s cut away so that in the front it looks like a two-piece, exposing belly button and most of tummy.  Then it has criss-cross straps in the back and hi-cut bikini legs.  I put my “teacher clothes” back on over my swimsuit and go out to the Jacuzzi.

I tiptoe out on bare feet and see you lying back against the edge…ooh, bare shoulders! nice neck…I come closer…mmmm…chest too…mmmmm…you are sexy, you know that?  Your eyes are closed and you are basking in the warmth of the sun and the water when, all of a sudden, the light goes away.  You open your eyes and look straight up my skirt.

“Hello there…” You can’t really see up there but you start feeling a tingling in your penis as you imagine the wonderful things up that skirt.  I move from standing over your head to across the hot tub.

I turn my side to you and run my fingers lightly down from my arm to my thigh then pull the skirt so the slit slides and reveals my leg.  You start across the tub towards me.
“Stay where you are…” Oh, Kent, your chest looks so good.  “Sorry…getting distracted.” You settle back with a grin against the wall of the hot tub and watch me as I stroke my fingers over the tight fabric covering my thighs and bottom.  You know I want you…I’m aching for you.   Imagining you doing that to me makes me weak in the knees.  I glance over at you and see your tongue moving slowly around your mouth, curving as if you’re sucking me into your mouth.

You have no idea how sexy that is.  My mouth is watering and my breathing speeds up.  I’m imagining all the places that tongue could be and all the things you could suck into your mouth.  How you touch my breasts and cup them with your hands hardening the nipples and biting and pinching…I run my fingers to the front of my black silk blouse, swiveling my waist so the side of my leg, with the slit in my skirt, is still facing you, but you can also see the front of my blouse as I start to unbutton it.  I caress the first button, running my fingers around it like I would on the head of your penis, finally letting it slide through the buttonhole.  My hips are swaying slightly as I imagine you touching me.  Your breathing increases as I begin caressing the next button (there are only four so you have caught a glimpse already of the whiteness beneath my black blouse).  The next one reveals my black swimsuit top, with the gold ring between my breasts.  The next one reveals my tummy and the last one lets the shirt fall from my body.  I turn to face you completely now.

I cup my breasts, caressing them slowly in smaller circles.  My nipples harden and stand out from the suit.  Once my nipples are standing up, I slide my hands slowly down my sides again, moving my hips around in a slow circle.  Your breathing gets louder and I see you moving too.  Then I slowly slide my hands from my hips to the button on my khaki skirt, unbuttoning it slowly, then sliding the zipper down and dropping the skirt to reveal the hi-cut bottom of my swimsuit.  I slide one hand around the edge of the swimsuit bottom and trace down around my legs.  Then I touch my nipples again and kick my clothes away from the edge of the tub.  A breeze whisks around me and I shiver slightly, my nipples standing up even more.

I sit down on the edge of the tub, legs dangling in, and you swim over and look up at me from between my legs.  You can’t quite reach me without getting out of the water and you want me to come into the water.  I put my hands behind me and lower myself into the water…it’s hot…you pull me close to you, your loose shorts allowing your erection to rise fully up.  I reach down and tickle it a lit’le bit while you slide your hand down my bottom cheek and between my legs from the back…no fair sneaking up from behind…then your hands release me slightly and cup my face.  You kiss my mouth, hungry.  I kiss back, tongue sliding over your mouth and sucking on your lower lip.  You trail kisses down my neck, biting lit’le bites on my shoulders as your hands slide my straps down to expose my shoulders more fully.  You kiss the part of my chest left out by my suit down to where my cleavage starts, then tug gently again on the suit and my breasts are free.  You cup them gently and lower your face to them—not far, because I’m sitting on your lap facing you.  My hands stroke your shoulders and chest and I kiss your hair…you smell good.

You kiss all around my left breast and suck on the nipple, biting gently.
I moan and close my fingers on your shoulders.  You move to my right breast and trace it with your tongue before engulfing the nipple and sucking, biting…I’m moaning more now, eyes closed, arching back against your hands as you hold me, your thumbs reaching around and caressing the edges of my breasts.  You bite harder on my nipple…I cry out involuntarily, wanting you inside me.  Then you pull me closer to you and just hold me.  Oh my Kent, I love you…you take my face again and kiss me, gently at first, then harder, your hands starting to pull my suit down even farther.  We’re standing in the center of the Jacuzzi and as you pull me close I can feel you pressing hard against me.  My swimsuit lies around my ankles and you are running your hands all over me as I reach down and slip your suit off.  You moan and grab my bottom.  I touch your penis…Wow…I want that in my mouth…you are huge.

You sit on the towel at the edge of the tub and I kneel on the step between your legs, your penis pointing to the sky.  I run my fingers up your feet, your calves, your thighs, around to your inner thighs, till you’re quivering, moaning, wanting me to touch your penis.  I tickle your balls with my fingertips; you moan louder.  I kneel up and trail kisses up the insides of your legs.  I run my fingers lightly over your balls and up the underside of the shaft, around in swirls, like a candy cane, circling the head but not touching it, then I spiral lightly back down and over your balls.  I touch the spot right behind them…that’s the perineum, a very sensitive spot…I hope you like it.

Then my mouth gets there.  I lick each ball separately, bringing as much as I can into my mouth, then I trail lit’le licks and lip nibbles up your shaft.  I take your head and tingle my tongue across the very tip, swirling around and getting more of it in my mouth each time…you’re moaning more.  I bite gently on your shaft…you moan louder…I suck, lick, your penis is throbbing.  You are leaning back on your hands, holding yourself up, heels tensed against the side of the tub; you want to come but I won’t let you.  I move away, kissing down your legs, and pull you down into the water.  You reach for me again, grabbing my bottom in one hand and my breast in the other…kissing, biting, squeezing.  You sit down and I slide onto your penis, your hips are bucking and your moans are louder, more urgent; I am turned on from licking you and I’m close to the edge myself.  We move into the middle of the tub and you stand with my legs wrapped around my waist, your hand on my bottom and the other arm around my back, bucking against each other…Oh, Kent…you inside me…in…out…back and forth…our mouths locked on each other, kissing hungrily…you jerking inside me…oh, Kent.

Oh Kent you are too hard for me you’re going to split me open…back and forth…up and down…in and out.  Faster, harder, fill me up…moaning…my breasts bouncing up and down…you, hot, huge, hard…moaning, crying out, “Kent! Kent!!”  You come shooting into me, deep, strong, hot…I’m shuddering, clutching you, crying out, “Harder, Kent, more, more!”  I have tears running down my face…“Oh, Becky!  I love you, I want you…”  I want you to fill me up…more of you…  You stumble back and sit down on the seat; I collapse against you, you still in me, my head on your shoulder, bodies still shaking.

After a little while, you lift me up and set me on the side of the tub, my head on a towel, and you run your fingers up my legs, down my sides, into the crease in my thighs, kissing my legs…“You’re beautiful, do you know that?”  My eyes slide shut and I begin moaning again.  Your fingers tickle around my shaved area, teasing me, teasing my lips.  You part my legs a little…go on, Kent…keep touching me!  Your mouth is warm on my legs, hot, you lick around me just at the top of my slit, then gently down, your tongue probing, tasting.  I quiver, spreading my legs wide for you…you stick your tongue into me and swirl it around, sucking; your tongue hits sensitive areas and I moan louder and shiver again.  You trail your way upwards towards my clitoris, licking around it as your fingers caress downwards.  You slide one into me, then two; probing for my g-spot.  You are so hot, Kent…your tongue touches my clitoris and I jump…“Oh Kent, you’re going to make me come again”…you slide another finger in—my hips are bucking now and I’m moaning almost constantly, my breath coming hard.  “Oh…oh…oh…oh Kent…”

You take your fingers out of me and grab my hips, spreading me apart and pulling me closer to your face.  Your tongue gives one last suck to my clitoris and slides down and into me.  It’s warm and wet and soft…feels so good, Kent…you swirl it inside me and then just let me push against you as I explode, bucking, moaning, then suddenly go limp, eyes closed.

You pull me into the Jacuzzi and back onto your lap, holding me like a little girl, leaning my head back against your shoulder and tracing my face softly with your finger.  “You know, Becky my wife; I love you.”

Funny thing about that, Kent.  I love you too.

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