Home Is The Place To Be

Being away from home makes both marriage partners “earn their stripes”.  My wife and I have spent time apart through our marriage, several times, due to the duties of my work.  We both handle it well and my wife kids me about how much she loves the homecomings.  As a very happily married man… well, she knows how to keep the romance part of marriage 100% AT HOME!  Here is a small example.

After three weeks away from home, and another month to go I was already missing that feeling that only home gives, and that wonderful, fun and affectionate lady I get to call my wife.  After settling in for the night, in my room on the road, I called home.  It was great to talk with my wife about the day-to-day things we sometimes take for granted, then the conversation turned a bit more personal.  Making it perfectly clear how much she missed me, the question came if I minded her using our vibrator to please herself, while we were still on the phone.  The response was, only if I could do the same thing.

Explaining her every move, getting in front of our bedroom full length mirror to take off her clothes one piece at a time, holding and working her tits, slipping her fingers between her legs and feeling how wet she had gotten under her mound, moaning and asking me for approval… her voice and excitement brought me all the way back home, at least in my mind.

After several minutes she told me she was going to get on the bed, jam the vibrator into a pillow, and in her words, “get backed up against it and think about how I’m going to ride both of us raw for homecoming!”  Listening to her gasp and moan was unbelievably exciting. We both said things to each other that just kept adding to our excitement.  As her orgasm started she had me about to explode.  We were still breathing hard as we said our good nights.

We enjoyed “staying in romantic touch” one more time before homecoming.  Homecoming was…. SOMETHING THAT LETS A HUSBAND KNOW, HOME IS THE PLACE TO BE!

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