House Sitting

Our neighbors were out of town for the week and asked my wife to keep an eye on the place; feed the fish, pick up the mail etc.

Around 9ish I got home from work and began to settle down in front of the TV to unwind.  “Oh I forgot to pick up the Smith’s mail.  Can you come across the road with me?  It’s dark and I don’t want to go alone”.

Somewhat annoyed I agreed and we walked across the road, got the mail from the mailbox and opened the door of our neighbor’s house with the spare key.  We walked through the quiet empty house, put on the lamp so we could see our way into the kitchen area where my wife put the mail on the bench. “Did they get anything good in the mail”, I asked.  “Well there’s something you might like”. She held up the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue.  “You like this?”.  She flipped through the magazine and showed me a provocative picture of a model in a black lace bra with tight boy shorts. “Wow that would look hot on you babe”, I said starting to become a little aroused.

As I leaned against the breakfast bar, my wife came over and gave me a short seductive kiss.  “So you’d like me in that hey..”  She kissed me again with her tongue tracing the contours of my tongue and then pulled away. “What, are my panties not enough for you. I like them.  They feel good to me”.  She placed her hand along her stomach and down under her belt line.  I imagined what she was doing with her fingers as she leant back against the kitchen chair.  “hmmm”…. her groans were soft as she closed her eyes and fingered herself.  Now fully aroused I was ready to take her on.

“Let me be the judge of that” I said as I lifted her on to the table. She sat on the end of the table and unclipped her jeans and I yanked them down to her ankles exposing her panties now visibly wet with desire as her hand stroked up and down underneath them.  She kicked off her jeans and I knelt before her on the floor and ripped off her panties as she lay back on the table.  I couldn’t wait to taste her juice and licked her slowly up and down.  She moaned with delight as my tongue twirled around her clit and darted in and out of her vagina.  “Lick me, oh lick me” she groaned as she arched her back on the table.  By now she had pushed up her shirt and bra and was fondling her breasts, circling her nipples as I circled her wet pussy.

“Now…Now…” her voice louder with desire and she sat up put her feet back on the ground and turned around from me to lean face down on the table.  I ripped down my jeans, and slowly ran my rock hard dick up the back of her legs, catching the juice that had flowed down. “Now… you have to fuck me now…” she was frantic and I obliged by parting her butt cheeks and trusting my hardness in and out.  I leant over her, those exquisite breasts pressed down firmly against the table. “Harder….” she cried and I knew she was close to losing control.  I grabbed the back of her neck and began to thrust and exploded my juice as she screamed in delight and came… hard.

“Oh yeah….that was amazing”.  She could barely speak as I stood up and helped her up, her bra and shirt obviously disheveled but she still aroused. “Taste us…just do it”.  I sank to my knees and sucked up the mixture of our love.  I groaned with delight as she spread her legs more for me and thrust against me tongue. “more…yes..more …yes… yes..”.  She began to cum against as my hands caressed her butt and my fingers slid inside every crevices of her body.

We both collaspsed on the floor, naked from the waist down.  For moments neither of us could speak.  After 5 mins of bliss, I helped her up and we both got dressed.  “I guess we better wash their tablecloth”, she laughed.  “For sure.  Thanksgiving at the neighbors will never be the same”.

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