Bear Creek Park

About our third year of marriage, I had a job assignment that kept me out of town except when I would fly back home for the weekends.  About a month into this routine, the company I was working for allowed me to make the trip on their Lear jet whenever there was room.  The first time this happened, I phoned my wife to let her know I would be home early and asked her to find a sitter for our daughter.

Normally the trip home took about six hours, but this time it only took just over two.  Surprisingly, when I arrived home she had already found a sitter and I was able to play on the floor with my daughter for about 15 minutes before my wife and I left for our first date in several weeks.

At my wife’s suggestion, we went by a pasta place we knew served takeout and we also picked up some red wine.  She had already packed some glasses and other things away in a bag, and we were off … but I didn’t have a clue where.  We drove around for about half and hour with her giving me directions and us talking about the interesting things that had happened over the past week.  I wasn’t familiar with this area of the city, so my curiosity was growing.

Finally, she said, “Turn in here” to a large park on the West side of town.  Although it was only about 8 PM, it had been dark for a while and the park was deserted.  We live in a very Southern city, so it was still relatively warm.  I was very fortunate in this, because my wife had taken the occasion to wear a purple blouse and skirt that she knew I found very sexy.

After a bit of driving through the park, we found a group of picnic tables and set up for dinner.  Although she had brought candles, the wind was blowing too much for them to stay lit.  Also, the park bench was a bit cold and hard…but that didn’t matter because we were finally together again…alone…and sharing a nice meal together.

After eating, talking, and laughing for most of an hour, the flirting got a bit more intense.  My beautiful, young wife was soon sitting on my lap with us kissing passionately.  I was sooo enjoying this, but expected it to stop there because my wife was normally so modest.  However, this time, she had decided to surprise me a bit.

A few minutes into our embrace, she pulled back from me and reached back to unfasten her bra.  Magically, she pulled it off without ever removing her shirt.  Then we began to kiss again, and I began to slide my hands up her purple stocking and underneath that purple skirt that was so cute on her.

Not long after this, my wife whispered to me to take her stockings off.  This was so unlike her, but so like what I had wanted to do!  After a bit of fumbling around–intermixed with a couple of giggles–I had her stockings off and was feeling her soft, furry black panties that also were among my favorite clothes for her to wear.

Before she sat back down, however, she asked me if I was going to stop there.  I could tell from the wetness between her legs that she was very aroused, and I was so turned on by this that I couldn’t even think clearly.  I was quite literally intoxicated with desire for the “wife of my youth,” much like what I imagine was meant in the Songs of Solomon.

While kissing my wife slowly and deeply, I slid her panties down so that she could step out of them.  She then laid down on her back on the bench of the picnic table and lifted her ankles to hook them around me.  Obviously, no words were needed at this point as I quickly (too quickly, as I now know) slid out of my pants as well.

With my wife’s legs wrapped around my waist and her unbuttoned blouse exposing her engorged breasts to me, we had one of our most memorable intimate experiences of our entire marriage.

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