Working With Her Hands

This isn’t really a story, but I thought I would share it anyway.  My wife has always had an artistic streak, and has dabbled in art for a few years. I have always encouraged her to explore art in different areas and in different ways. I first purchased for her pencils, and nice drawing paper. She liked working, and creating with her pencils. We would drive out in the country and she would draw trees, mountains, rock formations, small animals, my face, and hands.

Late one night she was feeling romantic after we had a lovely candle lit dinner in our dinning room. I had a fire burning in the fireplace. It was a cold Saturday night, we finished with our dinner and she looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes. She took me by the hand and led me to the fireplace. We stood there, kissing and holding each other. She looked into my eyes and started to unbutton my shirt, she then slowly pushed it off my shoulders, and let it drop to the floor behind me.

My skin tingled as she began to kiss my neck, running her hands softly over my back. Goosebumps ran wild all over me, as I started feeling light headed. She continued kissing down my neck to my chest, flicking my nipples with her tongue as she passed by them. As she did this, she was unbuttoning my pants, and slowing unzipping them. With one move, while she was kissing and licking around my navel, she pulled down both my pants and my bikini briefs. I stood there naked, not able to move. I was beyond feeling good, beyond turned on, I was in ecstasy, as I felt my wife’s eyes, soft hands, and lips all over my body. She stopped, while kneeling in front of me and looked at my soft penis and balls hanging low. I was thankful the fire was warm and they hadn’t shrunk away from being too cold yet.

When I am feeling this way, it goes beyond sex, or lovemaking, and I usually don’t have an erection right away, I am, at this point, flying on cloud 12, it’s higher than cloud 9. Besides that, I have learned at times like this, she likes looking at a soft, limp penis. She moves her face closer, I feel her hands cupping and caressing both my butt checks, and I can feel her warm breathe on my shaft. She kneels there, studying my manhood, looking at the head, the rim, and the circle of dark skin from where I was circumcised, and the veins.

As she looks at me, I have wave after wave of what feels like electricity flowing over me, from head to foot, which I can now feel, is making my balls move up and then down. She lets out a small giggle and says, “I love the way they can move on their own”. This doesn’t break the mood, I am still in ecstasy. She giggles again as my penis pulls up and then drops a little lower, she pokes the head with her nose and looks up at me with a smile, and tells me not to get hard yet. She sits down and leans back against a chair from under which she takes out her drawing pencils and paper.

She starts to draw me, or what I thought was going to be me, but as I stand there naked in front of her, she giggles again, and hands me the pad of paper. She had drawn only my trimmed hair, penis, and balls.

She then asks me to stand sideways and bring my member to attention, which I complied. She has always liked looking at a soft penis, more than a hard one, unless we are about to make love. Although she loves seeing me get hard when I look at her naked or when we kiss. I stand in front of her, slowly moving my hand up and down my shaft until I’m hard. I am in my forties now and my erections don’t always angle up like they used to, more straight out these days. But tonight, it was at an angle from my youth, she noticed that, and gave me a sideways smile, and blew a kiss at me. She began to draw again, eyeing my naked, fire lit form reaching out into the air before her. She noticed something shining in the light of the fire, I knew what it was, but didn’t wipe it off. She rocked forward, gave me a couple of strokes, and a squeeze, so I’d stay hard, and licked the pre-cum off the tip, she looked into my eyes, as she sat back, and licked her lips. When she had finished drawing me this way, she showed me her new drawing; it was so erotic and well drawn. I sat with her, kissed her, and laid her back. We were both getting tired; it was early in the morning now. So I went to the bedroom and got a couple of blankets. We lay there in front of the fire and kissed and held each other until we fell asleep. I didn’t need sex that night, what she gave me went beyond sex; she touched me down deep with her love.

A few months later, my wife wanted to move on from pencils and wanted to paint. So I bought her watercolor paints, paper, boards, and an easel. She was painting flowers, trees, landscapes, and the like. It was relaxing for her, she enjoyed it. I loved watching her paint, it made me feel warm all over with emotions that I can’t describe or tell you why I felt them. After her pencil drawing, and watercolor phases, she wanted to do something more “hands on”. I suggested she try clay. We went to the art store and picked up brown molding clay and some tools. She sat in the backyard at her art table and began to mold. I watched from a distance, and noticed her smiling, she had that look in her eye that I remember from that late night of drawing we had a few months earlier.

I got up and walked over to her to see her new handy work. She had been working only for a few minutes, but had already formed in her hand a penis. She stopped, rolled it up into a ball and started working it again. We were in our backyard, with a privacy wall around it, and she asked me to get undressed. All the while she made another penis. This one was bigger, and after a few more minutes she had added all the details, and even attached the ball sac. She talked with me, and had me pose with my back to her; she had me lay down in the grass on my back then on my side. She set her newest creation aside and began to work on another one, somewhat smaller, but made this one she made into an erection, again with balls. She laid that one down and made a few more.

After about an hour of her making all shapes and sizes in various ways, some small and limp, others hard and big, and everything in between, she took all the clay back into a ball and made peoples faces, small dogs, birds, etc.

It was amazing! My wife, who would have thought she could make a perfect replica of a penis and balls, and then make wildlife and faces. One of the reasons it’s so amazing is that she never has felt that she was very sexual or a very good artist. Well after all of this, I am convinced that she is both.

She and I are always looking for new ways for her to express herself, and I must say that I love being her husband and being her model.

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