Over Two Months In The Making

Hard to believe… before this morning, it has been over 2 months since I had intercourse with my wife.  We had a baby over 6 weeks ago, so there’s a good excuse there.  Intercourse started hurting more (for my wife) the last 3 weeks of the pregnancy, so we maintained a fairly active sex life by masturbating together on a regular basis.  It was actually a very fun, intimate time together.

The last 7 weeks has been filled with the amazing blessing of our 3rd child.  At the same time — we’ve had less sleep, more frustrations, lots of energy drained with the expanded family, plus the physical healing after childbirth — all leading to a sexually frustrating time for me, which ends up making the whole marriage worse.

This morning after waking up, brushing my teeth, pulling my clothes out of the closet… my wife called me back into bed!  We started kissing, and melting away the chill in our bed.  My hands wandered down to her backside, gently stroking her butt hole as we kissed.  Her hands found my penis growing harder each second.  It wasn’t long before her hands were inside my underwear stroking me tenderly.

I touched her pussy until she said it was too dry, and not feeling great.  I lathered up some KY Warming lotion into my hands and started rubbing all over.  Her hands gleaning some out of my hands so she could stroke my erection with the warm smooth liquid.  I slipped my middle finger into her kitty and pressed my thumb on her clit.  I could tell she was starting to really enjoy it.  Ecstasy was fluttering behind her closed eyes.

So I stopped her and we took off our underwear.  She expressed some concerns about birth control.  I was so eager and needy, I said “I’ll take the risk!”  (Yes, thankfully, our chances are lower due to my wife breastfeeding).

My wife obliged, and climbed on top of me — lowering her warm, wet, open love hole onto my stiff rod.  Ohhh!  It felt SOOOO good!  It had been WAY too long!  I opened up the flaps of the nursing bra, and her larger-than-normal tits sprouted out.

I just watched her hips rocking up and down on my penis, and her tits bouncing right above me.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!  Due to the nursing, I haven’t been able to even touch her breasts for SOME time now.  But I started gently massaging her nipples, and she really loved it.  Since things were a bit ‘loose and wet’ for my wife, it actually felt really good to her (and me too).  She said it felt way better than she thought this ‘first time’ would feel.

We kept rocking harder and faster, and we had a beautiful climax together.  Our orgasms were audible and wonderful.  I can’t wait to have sex with her again!

Funny thing, our re-union had an immediate positive impact on our marriage overall.  Yes, sex is a powerful thing!

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