Loving on the Race Track

It was a couple months after our wedding that we decided to go back to the college that we both graduated from that spring. Some of our single friends were expecting us to drop by for the weekend for a short visit. The drive was only a couple of hours and the weather was certainly not cooperating with us at the time. I had learned that my wife enjoyed closing her eyes and snoozing a bit whenever we had to take such a trip in the middle of the day.

I found it incredibly difficult to take my eyes off of her as she rested. Her lips were slightly separated and the reflection of the sunbursts would catch her eyelids so softly between the scattered raindrops. My wife was blessed with long legs, which were gently crossed at the ankles. Of course my glances were mainly focused on her breast as it rose and fell with her breathing.

My mind began to replay our many intimate moments together over the past several months. I found myself growing harder as I reminisced about our honeymoon night and the beauty of her naked body against the backdrop of candlelight.

The rain was no pelting the car and the sunbursts had all but disappeared completely. I had been so overcome with my lover’s beauty that I failed to recognize the increasingly poor weather.

Deciding that we should pull off the highway for a short break from the weather, I turned off the next exit and parked the vehicle next to a large garage in an old horse race track that was currently abandoned.

While setting my chair back and reclining it to have a snooze of my own, I stared again out the windshield and daydreamed of my love…

Am I dreaming?  I must be.. Slowly I opened my eyes and was pleased to see my wife unbuttoning her blouse to reveal her generous breasts. Her long fingers were already gently stroking my shaft and I could tell from the look in her eyes that I was in for the ride of my life.

After swiftly removing her lace panties and whispering some rather naughty expressions into my ear she pulled up her short jean skirt and lowered her hips onto my swollen stick.

I remember her whispering something about the daydream that she was having as we were still on the highway, and that after she awoke to see that we were in a secluded little spot she could no longer resist.

Our bodies became one as her hips began to buck and sway atop mine. I listened as her breathing also increased as though she was in a race for her life and I was her Stallion.

The pace continued until all we could hear were the pitter-patter of raindrops against the windshield matching the rhythm of our hearts.

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