A Hot Weekend in a Frigid Place

A Hot Weekend in a Frigid Place

I arranged a mountain cabin with a hot tub and gas fireplace for my husband’s birthday in January.  He’s definitely on the hot end of the scale when it comes to sex and although we stay “inside the box” from a spiritual point of view the man can come up with some innovative ideas.  This particular weekend I was sure I was a step ahead of him.  I had the digital camera, a tripod, and was packing enough sexy outfits to keep him busy for days.  The cabin faced a gorgeous valley devoid of civilization, not even farmhouses, and the back porch of the cabin where the hot tub was couldn’t be seen from either side.

We arrived in the early afternoon after an hour and a half of driving him crazy in the car talking about his favorite subject, flashing him when there were no other cars around and rubbing his incredibly hard (and probably sore) crotch.  He loves it when I keep him revved for hours.  He claims the release is much more intense when I finally take him over the edge.  The cabin was beautiful and the day was incredibly sunny.  It was fairly cold for the South, just above freezing, and predicted to drop a lot more.

We immediately got naked and started taking pictures on the back porch and in front of the fireplace.  He was enjoying his photography and taking it quite seriously posing me in ways that hid my flaws and captured all the best angles.  Just about dark, we jumped in the hot tub for more sexy stories and some serious foreplay.  After his first explosive release, which covered most of my face, the railing of the porch, and much of the ground below we settled down in the tub to let him bask in the afterglow.  I think we both went to sleep because we woke later to only moderately warm water and some bitter winds.  We ran the frigid six feet to the door and sprawled in front of the fireplace.

It was so cold we finally piled into the bed to eat our junk food leaving the fireplace at full blast.  After the meal and some headboard banging fun, we crashed for the evening.  It was probably three or four hours later we woke to shiver under the down comforter even though we had both unconsciously rolled up back to back.  The fire was still going at its top setting, but we could hear the wind howling through the cracks around the windows.  We both got up and put on all the clothes we brought including our coats, piled an extra blanket we found on the top and jumped back in the bed to spoon and try to get warm.  We may have slept a little, but the sun came up without any relief in the temperature.  A thermometer on the back porch read fourteen degrees and the cabin could not have been much above freezing.

My darling husband finally decided to check the hot tub and found, much to our surprise, that with the cover on, it had come back up to about ninety-eight degrees.  It’s a wonder we didn’t frostbite our nether regions, but we ran out onto the porch and jumped in.  My engineer husband decided the only way the tub would stay at a decent temperature was to keep the cover on with just enough space open to get our fresh air.  We stayed in the tub for three hours until we were both starving and finally bore the pain of getting inside, getting dressed, and taking the car to a diner for some hot breakfast.

Thankfully he remembers the trip with fondness, but it’s a wonder Eskimos ever procreate at all.

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18 replies
  1. AlwaysHorny says:

    That guys cock in the photo is massive. He's blessed to have gotten that size. Women must just prefer bigger is better 🙁

    I wish I was bigger a lot of times but then I think to myself if I keep wishing I was bigger then really I'm kinda saying that God messed up in his creation of me. And he didn't.

    I think being exposed to porn when I was young brought an insecurity to my life, cos that's all you see big penises & women screaming. Unrealistic expectations I now know but I've still always wondered if women who get married to their husbands & when they realise he's not massive, do they secretly wish they we're with someone who was massive & could do more positions because of greater length or girth.

    I've read on here MH a lot of female writers say my husbands massive or big cock. You never see stories that say my husbands average cock or smaller cock & then them being excited about it the way that writers are about devouring & being hungry for their husbands big cock.

    Maybe I'm just being ridiculous. HAHAHAHA overthink moment lol

    • Juicy says:

      I think when a lot of women, and some men, describe "massive cocks" it isn't because they are necessarily anything but great and average sized dicks. Some cocks in MH stories may actually be bigger than average but I think when they are describes as "massive" it is more of an endearment, so to speak. From a woman's point of view, I can say that most women are happy with the size of their man's penis because there is so much more to love making than just penetration.

      And another point, so many men describe their wives bodies as perfect, smooth, tight, perky breasts, hot, etc. and I am sure that there are many women on here that share some of the same feelings that you do – do I measure up to the women here on MH? The truth is, we are loved by our spouses and yes, women think and say that their husbands dick is huge and amazing, because to them, it is and it is satisfying. Just as men think that their wives bodies are perfect because they love her and enjoy her body and the pleasure that it brings to them and to her.

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Definitely an overthink moment, dear AlwaysHorny 😉 I know such moments well myself but I do wish to encourage you not to worry about it much longer. I am a woman who is not married yet and I can tell you with hand on heart that I could care less about what length or girth my future beloved's manhood would have. It doesn't matter to me at all – in fact, I believe I would be much more delighted about an average-sized, "normal" or "small" manhood than a porn-like one… It is neither the size nor shape of my future beloved's manhood that makes him mighty and manly and awesome to me, it is the fact that he is mine and I am his that makes him the greatest man alive to me. What I do care about the most and what makes all the difference to me personally is truly and simply my future beloved's love for me. The way he lets me know he loves me, the way he expresses it, shows it,… in his love for me, he holds the keys to my heart and to the fires of my passion for him. What makes lovemaking in marriage off the charts is the simple yet matchless fact that you and your future beloved share your love for each other, in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit, all in that incomparable moment of oneness under God. Drinking deeply of your love for each other will be what will satisfy the both of you – regardless of positions, orgasms, performance or whatever else. Be encouraged, AlwaysHorny – God made you perfectly the way you are and you will be the unique blessing He made you to be to that special lady He has in mind for you. 🙂 God bless you!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      I should have refreshed the page before submitting the comment… sorry… just saw your replies and that you're already back in good spirits 🙂 Blessings!!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Thank you, sweet friend!! 🙂 I love to tap into this heart He blesses me to have and I love to share it with you, dear Jam777, and the rest of this beloved MH family of mine. Love and blessings to you 🙂

    • AlwaysHorny says:

      I appreciate your encouragement. I'm currently facing divorce after 5yrs of marriage almost. Hurts me to my core. But the fact I have God that alone is good enough for me. I'd be lost without him.

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      I'm so sorry to hear this, AlwaysHorny! I can but imagine the weight your heart must carry in this season, yet no amount of imagination could grasp the hurt it must bear… I thank God that He's got you safely in His loving embrace!! We would all be lost without Him, that's for sure. I'm so glad and grateful that in this hour, you look to Him, your focus is on Him, and from Him you receive the strength you need to take it day by day, the hope ablaze in His Grace, the faith unbroken that in His Goodness there is glory headed your way, beauty for those ashes, beauty and joy that will be matchless – not one tear shed will He leave uncomforted, not one hurt will He leave unanswered, every inflicted injustice He will repay, for He is faithful and compassionate and just and sovereign and abundant in goodness and mercy, especially towards His children. I thank God for you. May He bless you and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you! May He be your shield and shelter! May He give you rest and peace amidst it all and build the most beautiful testimony to His glory out of you and pour love so powerful and amazing upon you! The best is yet to come, dear AlwaysHorny. God bless you!!

    • JAM777 says:

      I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm praying for you!
      You are never alone and just remember to not give up but rather give in to Christ. That He can work in this!

  2. JAM777 says:

    Don't worry about things like that. I was likewise exposed to porn and have faced similar insecurities. But I realized my identity and my stability is in Christ, the solid Rock!
    The size of my genitals are ignificant compared to the great One!!!

    Once you are married and with the one God has set before you, it won't matter!

    • AlwaysHorny says:

      Absolutely, I agree. When I got married it didn't matter, I stressed for nothing.

      I got a story waiting for approval on here, it's going to explain where I'm at right now.

      But yeah sorry everyone if what I said seemed pathetic. I was just having a moment is all.


    • JAM777 says:

      Not pathetic at all bro!
      Simply the culture and the perverse ideology that the devil has spawned!

      I don't consider you pathetic at all! For Christ still died for you! The Son of God, the might King of kings would not have died for anything that could be remotely considered "pathetic!"

  3. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Oh, WOW! Glad you found and popped this one up on the comments roll, ConstantLover! It's perfect with the Polar Vortex stuff going on in the Lower 48 (as we Alaskans call the continental US.)

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