Hypnotic Heat

My young Mexican wife was under a lot of stress.  Two of her brothers had tried to visit her by crossing the Rio Grande and had been detained by Border Patrol.  Now we were returning from a visit to her father in Nueva Leon, who was critically ill.  Since our marriage, she had been preoccupied with his illness and unable to respond to me sexually.  It was not a good beginning for our marriage.

I tried to find a way to make her relax while we were on the road.  “Let’s try an experiment,” I suggested as we crossed the border and drove toward home,  “that will help you relax and forget about all the problems you have faced lately.”

“Sure,” she smiled weakly and looked to me for my remedy.

“Close your eyes, relax, and just listen to my voice,” I instructed, so she closed them and leaned back in her seat.  “Now I want you to concentrate,” I said, “on this spot,” and I lightly rested my finger in the middle of her forehead.  “Focus your mind there, and put everything else out of your mind; think about nothing else, and relax.” After a moment, I continued, “Feel your head and neck relaxing, so loose and so easy. Now your shoulders feel relaxed and free. Your arms feel so tired and heavy, completely relaxed.”  I kept my tone even, steady.  “Now your hands feel lazy and relaxed. Let them rest easily in your lap.”

As she began to breathe more deeply and tension began to leave her body, my voice became lower and more intimate.  “Concentrate on the spot on your forehead, where you see a little light in the distance.”  I paused for a few moments before resuming my guidance.  “Now the point of light fades. Your eyes feel so tired and your eyelids so heavy that you cannot open them. You feel so sleepy and good; you are floating on a cloud now, feeling the soft white fluff under you.”  She smiled slightly as she actually began falling into a sleep-like trance.

“You can hear nothing but my voice, and you feel so happy and so sleepy,” I told her. I could see her body melt into the car seat.  She was under but only for the first time, so I knew that she was not in a deep trance.

To test her reaction, I touched her on her jeans lightly, right between her legs.  She did not move or make any motion, so I started rubbing her jeans between her legs very softly.  Her knees opened slightly, so I shifted my hand lower and started working on her right above her clitoris.  Still no response, but her crotch had begun to follow my hand slightly, so I knew that her body was responding.  I thought that I might be able to get her sex wet, but I did not want to push her too hard on my first trial.

“You are beginning to become awake now,” I began in my low voice, “and when I count to five, you will be fully awake. One,” I said, “and you are beginning to be more awake; Two, and you are waking some more; Three, and you are almost awake now; Four, and you will feel so happy and relaxed when you are wide awake; Five, and now you are awake!”

She opened her eyes and asked, “Was I asleep?”

“Yes, in a way you were,” I answered.  “Did you dream?”

“Yes,” she said sleepily, “and it was a very sexy dream.  First I felt that I was floating on a cloud, paddling along, and then I felt like I was having sex with you—but I should not be tempting you like this,” she added.

“Dreams are strange things,” I countered, and then I got a cellphone call from a client, so we tried no more experiments that day.

A week or so later, we were in my office—a large room in our house which had been converted into a programming shop—when she received a disturbing phone call from Mexico.  Her cousin had been beaten by a “coyote” in the desert and left for dead.  A friend found him and got help to return him to Monterrey and a hospital.

“You look upset,” I said, and she nodded her head.  “Let me try to help you overcome your concern,” I offered, and she looked up to me expectantly.  “Why don’t you sit on the office couch,” I suggested, “where I can try to get you to relax again.” She readily moved to the couch and closed her eyes, waiting for my soothing voice to talk her into relaxation again.

It was much easier to get her to drop off this time, and her breathing became slower as she went under.  “You can only hear my voice; listen to my voice; you are so sleepy and feel so good,” I began.  “You are at home and starting to clean the house.  The air conditioning is not working, and it is so hot in the house.” Her face took on a slightly pained look at this suggestion, so I knew that she was following me.

“It is so hot that you need to take off your shirt,” I told her. “It would feel so good to take off your shirt; you will feel much cooler with your shirt off.  You need to take it off.”  She began to make the motion of unbuttoning her shirt, but her hands were too relaxed, so I opened the top button, then the next very slowly, then the next.  “You are unbuttoning your shirt, and it feels so much cooler,” I continued in the soothing voice as I opened all her buttons down to her waist.  Her white bra barely covered the big breasts inside, but I wanted to see them naked, so I carefully pulled the cups away from her until I could see her dark nipples.  Mexican women have nipples that are deep brown instead of pink, and hers were very dark.  The areolas were big and just as dark.   I could have kissed them both but decided that the time was not right.  “The air is back on now, so you want to button your blouse,” I said as I closed each of the buttons.

She was wearing a short skirt, which I carefully lifted to her waist until I could see her white cotton panties.  “Your husband is with you now, all alone in your house,” I began, “and he needs you so badly.”  Her face took on an urgent look as I slowly began rubbing the cotton between her legs.  “He wants to love you, and it is going to feel so good,” I intoned, and a hint of a smile appeared.   I moved her knees apart slightly and began massaging her sex more heavily.  I did not want to bring her to climax, but I did want her to be aroused before I brought her out.   Her hips began to follow my hands, so I knew that she was getting hot.

“You are slowly going to wake up now,” I promised her as I restored her skirt and started the process of reviving her.  “When you wake up, you will have a strong need to be kissed.  You will want your husband to kiss you; it’s been a very long time and you miss it. You long for the taste of a deep kiss more than anything in the world—you hunger for it, need it, “ I told her, and then with a slow count to five, brought her back to wakefulness.

My young wife rubbed her eyes and stared at me with her mouth partway open.  I sat down next to her, and she titled her head back with her lips open, her eyes slightly closed as if waiting for a kiss.  I could not resist, so I put my arm around her and kissed her deeply.

It was a wet kiss, and I felt her tongue flick against my mouth, so I French kissed her, dipping my tongue into and out of her mouth as I sucked on hers.  She began to tremble slightly, so I cupped her breast with my hand and kissed her again, this time with more force.  She did not make any effort to take my hand away, so I opened her blouse with my free hand, slid her bra strap down, and bent down to put a wet kiss on her breast just above her nipple.

She tensed slightly as her sensitive areola reacted to the warmth of my mouth. I peeled the cup off the tit and took her nipple into my lips.   She put her hand above her breast to lift the nipple slightly for me as I reached behind her and unhooked her bra with my free hand.  The bra hung loose now, and I stripped the other tit easily.  I pulled her shirt out of her waist and pushed it down off her shoulders.  If she made no move to stop me, I was going to strip her to her waist.  Meanwhile, I moved my mouth to the other huge tit and began sucking that dark nipple.

At the same time, I slipped my hand between her knees and began stroking the inside of her thighs.  She opened them gradually, and I reached her thin panties.  They quickly got wet, and her vagina started following my hand as it stroked her right on her clitoris.   Her blouse fell off, and I pulled her bra down her arms, leaving her stripped down to her skirt and panties.

“Let me take care of this,” she offered, rising and pulling off her shirt and skirt.  She smoothed them carefully, folded them over the arm of the sofa, then sat down and faced me again, this time with her legs apart.

I returned to kissing her all over her mouth while I slipped a finger under the crotch of her panties and used it to excite the naked lips underneath.  She was getting sopping wet, and she asked, “Are you going to make me come?”

“YES,” I exclaimed and lifted her legs off the floor onto the couch.  I put my hand right down the front of her panties now and took all of her vagina into my fingers.  It opened easily for me and began rising and falling in time with the strokes my fingers were making.

“Get a towel,” she said hoarsely, so I pulled her panties all the way down and tossed them away before finding a towel to satisfy her.  I returned with a fluffy one and asked her to raise her butt so that I could put it under her; then, I knelt alongside the couch and deliberately opened her legs with my hands, moving my mouth right in front of her soaking vagina.

“Open your vagina for me,” I said, and she put her hands on each side of her lips to spread them for me.   I put my tongue deep into her and moved it up and down until I found her little clitoris. I sucked it until it got swollen, then wrapped my tongue around it and began to “fuck” it slowly with my mouth.

She grew frantic with excitement, her butt moving up and down rapidly; I could hardly keep my tongue inside of her.  I looked up and saw those big breasts bouncing, so I grabbed one in each hand and squeezed them… hard! That made her cum.  She climaxed with her vagina in my mouth.  Her whole body stiffened as she orgasmed, then fell limp onto the couch, her passion fed.

I knew that she would give me anything that I wanted then, so I moved up over her and lifted her legs around my neck, which gave me a perfect opening into her wet vagina.   I pushed my rock-hard penis into her and then in and out a dozen times.  She could not resist or even move.  She let me fuck her as deeply and as hard as I wanted and never uttered a sound.  I finally came too and collapsed over her beautiful body.  She was my woman now, so completely!

I had not intended that this second hypnotic session go so far, but once she let me into her panties, there was no stopping the train!  I gave her back her clothes and let her wash up in the bathroom.  It was about quitting time, so I took her into the kitchen and started helping her with supper.

The next day, I had to drive to San Antonio to install a program for my client.  I invited her along, and as she seated herself in the car, I leaned over and gave her a big “hello” kiss.  She smiled and settled in for the ride across Texas.  When we reached our motel room, she dropped her handbag on the desk as I took her hand and led her to the couch.  I stopped and turned to take her face in my hands and to kiss her deeply.  Then I pulled her down to the cushions and took her in my arms, kissing her again and resting my hand on her breast.

She opened her mouth wide for me and put her hand on top of mine, making it tighter on her tit.  With no need for further encouragement, I slipped my hand under her T-shirt, lifted her bra underneath it, and took her naked tit in my warm hand.  Her nipple began to get hard, so I reached around her and unhooked her bra so that I could take her big, dark nipples in my mouth.

She gasped slightly as she began to feel me sucking her breasts and put her hand behind my head to help me.  Without looking, I began to unzip her jeans with my hands and push them down around her butt.  I put my hand on her white panties, right between her legs, and started stroking her clitoris through the material.  Moving back and forth between her breasts, I kept both nipples wet and warm.  Then I lifted her bra over her face as if to take it off.  While her face was covered and she struggled with her clothes, I quickly slipped off her shoes and pulled her jeans down her legs and off onto the floor.

She finished taking off her top, so I had her stripped down to her panties.  “You don’t waste any time,” she smiled, as I lovingly took a tit in one hand and her crotch in the other.  I rubbed her sex more heavily now, forcing it to respond and to start humping.

“Spread your legs for me,” I said, and she obediently opened them wide.  “I want these off,” I continued, as I put my thumbs under the elastic of her panties and pushed them down, then around her round butt, along her thighs, down her legs, and off of her ankles.  I now had her completely naked and open for me, so I lay in front of her and started playing with the shaved vagina right in front of my face.  I put my finger just below her clitoris and began rubbing it insistently.  Her butt began to buck for me, and I got her hot, moving faster as she neared orgasm.

“I’m getting there,” she said excitedly as I kept the pressure on.

“Tell me when to take you, Darling,” I told her, and soon she put her hands on each side of her vagina and opened it wide for me to look inside.  Her white clitoris appeared, so I quickly took it into my mouth and sucked it until she was gasping.  “Come in my mouth,” I paused to command, then sucked harder.  “Come in my mouth with your naked vagina,” I repeated, and she finally had to release.

She could not hold out any longer and came all over my face—hard.  She thrashed up and down, back and forth, as she gave me everything that she had and then slumped in complete exhaustion.

She was a complete wife now, with nothing held back, no hesitation.

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  1. Stevie says:

    HOT!! WET!! Amazing!! It was beautiful the smoothness of this story! My hips were moving right along with hers. I hope you get much more of that cum in your face. Do enjoy!😉 I certainly did the story.

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