Folding her apron, Lisa appraised her kitchen carefully.  Everything seemed to be in order for the pending ‘invasion.’  While neat and tidy now, she knew that what she had planned would likely make a terrific mess.  A fan of making lists, she glanced at her notes on the kitchen counter and quickly went back through it.  There was the flour, the sugar, and all the other ingredients, the cookie cutters, and the baking sheets.  The heavy kitchen aid sat on the counter, up from its regular place underneath, and her best marble rolling pin sat ready for use.  Yes, it was all there.  She had everything but…

“Sprinkles,” she said aloud, though alone in the room.  “Gotta’ get some sprinkles.”  Making a note on her list, she smiled thoughtfully once more at her ‘second’ favorite room in her home.  In a few moments she would pick up a bubbly little girl and get to keep her overnight.  Tomorrow she’d have in a bunch of her little friends, and they would have some fun making some cut-out cookies.  It was perhaps not the best substitute for someone unable to have her own children, but it was something, wasn’t it?  And bless Darren’s heart for letting her ‘borrow’ his beautiful little daughter from time-to-time.  He probably had no idea just what it did for her to hear the pleasant chirp of Allie’s voice, and to pretend, even for a few short moments, what it would be like to be a mom.  She hoped it also gave a motherless Allie a chance to pretend, too, and she still remembered Allie’s innocent question, if she could call Lisa ‘mom.’  It had all but broken her heart in half to hear those sweet little words.  Gently reminding herself that she wasn’t going to cry, she ripped the list from her pad and prepared to leave.

Though a half hour away, the drive to Darren’s home seemed short, such was her anticipation, and it wasn’t long before she pulled into his driveway.  Evidently, she had been expected, if the little girl that burst from the front door was any indication.


“Allie!”  An exasperated Darren pursued his little girl out of the house before stopping short.  It was real this time.  It had to have been the hundredth time the little twerp had opened the front door, thinking every little noise she heard was ‘Weesa’ coming.  Well, now Lisa was here, and he stopped himself, and smiled wryly.  He had to admit that Allie was probably more excited to see Lisa than even he was, though his admiration of his pretty coworker knew no bounds.  Lisa was a peach, a sweet friend… and absolutely occupied way more of his thoughts than was probably right, but it couldn’t be helped.  She was likely very unaware, but she’d helped him through some rough times after he lost his wife.  He watched his little girl fly into Lisa’s arms and secretly wished he could do the same.

“Hi Sweety!”  Barely having time to step out of the vehicle, Lisa sighed softly, loving to feel those little arms wrap around her in an instant.  “Oh my!  That’s a BIG hug!”

“I sure wish she’d hug me like that,” Darren remarked dryly.  Holy smokes, she was beautiful!

“Oh, hi Darren,” Lisa smiled, setting Allie back down as she gave him a mock scowl.  “I don’t believe that at all.  You get those hugs every day.  I have to wait – ”

“So do you,” he teased.  “You think nobody notices your trips through the pediatric unit every day?  Those kids probably get more hugs in the hospital than they get at home!”

Lisa smiled and almost blushed.  She really didn’t think anyone had noticed, it just seemed that a hug was ‘good medicine.’  “Uh, guilty as charged.  Ready to go, Allie?”  She reached for the bag Darren handed her, and he left to retrieve Allie’s car seat.

“We go!”

“Here we go!” Lisa acknowledged, stashing Allie’s bag in the back.

“Sit still, Sweety,” Darren murmured, strapping his little joy into the car.  “You be good for Lisa now.”

“I good!”

Darren smiled and gave her a goodbye kiss.  “Thanks, Lisa.”

“My pleasure, Darren.”

He exchanged a glance with her that lingered a few seconds, then looked away.  Nothing had ever been said, but he knew she was living through his little girl, just a little bit.  He’d earlier learned of her ‘secret,’ though he’d never talked to her about it.  Letting her borrow his little girl was one thing he could do for a friend, one that had long ago unknowingly stolen his heart.  “I-I’ll pick her up tomorrow at 4.”

“Sounds good.”

“We go!”

The trip to the store that followed was quick.  Lisa’s talkative companion won smiles from nearly everyone they encountered in the store.  It was hard not to smile with the adorable questions that escaped Allie’s little mind.  It also resulted in some additional purchases she hadn’t intended to make, though Allie did choose each and every set of ‘sprinkles’ she felt necessary for cookies.  “You must have your daddy wrapped around your little pinky, Allie,” Lisa smiled.

“Pinky?”  Allie held up both of them for inspection, then wondered why Lisa laughed.

Back at home again, Allie gave Lisa many more reasons to smile as she prepared the evening meal.  Sitting on the countertop, her little chatterbox kept up a steady stream of conversation that alternately made her smile and nearly cry for a little girl missing the mother that was slowly fading from her mind.

“Hi, Hon.” Absorbed with the meal and talking to Allie, she hadn’t even heard him come in, though she smiled as his arms encircled her from behind.  Careful to ensure their little guest couldn’t see it, he gently palmed her breast through her clothes as he held her to him, just like he always did when he came home.  “Missed you, Babe,” he whispered, gently kissing her ear and the back of her neck, and unwittingly sending a thousand sensual shivers up her spine.

“Hi, you!”

“Well, hello there, young lady!”  Turning to their little guest, he stuck his hand out and laughed out loud as she instantly reached for it and shook it like the big girl she was.  “Holy smokes, she’s cute.”  He exchanged a glance with Lisa, who gave him a wink.

“Watch out, you’re fast on the way of getting wrapped around her pinky,” Lisa giggled.

“That’s all right,” he murmured, turning back to Allie.  Gently kissing the top of her head, he smiled warmly at her.  “Wanna’ go read a story?”


It wasn’t until they were seated in the easy chair that he realized there was a dearth of children’s books in the house.  He’d talk to Lisa about that later.  But as it turned out, it really didn’t matter.  Allie had plenty to say, and seemed to have forgotten all about the book, recounting to him every detail of her day… and perhaps every other day of the past week thrown in for good measure.  He could see in an instant why Lisa liked bringing her over for a visit.  The little ‘twerp’ was fun to have around!

Supper came and went, husband and wife exchanging glances that didn’t include little Allie, even as they listened to her chatter away.  They learned all about ‘Daddy and the kitty,’ Allie’s matter-of-fact retelling of the account about putting them both on the floor with laughter.  Lisa had actually heard the story from Darren’s point of view, who was very much allergic to cats.  Coming to work with his face and arms still puffed out with an allergic reaction, he hadn’t been as excited about it as Allie, who’d cheered her father on as he endeavored to catch the stray cat that had somehow gotten into the house… over a weekend when they’d been gone.  Chasing the cat out had been bad enough, dealing with what it left behind was something different!  Only the tender sensibilities he felt for his little girl had prevented him from doing something different with the cat.

After supper, Lisa managed to find a book Allie would enjoy and grinned as her husband read it to her three times.


“Oh dear.”

“I think it’s time for a bath,” Lisa called.

“Yay!!  I get my simsuit!”

“Not this time, Sweety.”

A half hour later, Lisa wasn’t sure if the floor or the tub itself contained more water, but at least Allie was clean.  Tucking her into their guest bed, she tenderly kissed Allie on her forehead.  “Good night, Sweety!”

“Dood night!”  Clutching Mr. Pibb (the name she’d given her stuffed bunny rabbit companion), she snuggled under the covers and blinked her eyes at Lisa.

“Love you,” Lisa whispered.  Allie only nodded, silently looking up at her.  Hearing her husband’s footsteps in the hallway, Lisa sighed.  Gently tapping Allie on the nose, she whispered, “Sleep tight.”

His hands felt gentle on her, as she carefully closed the door to Allie’s room.  Sighing again, she fell against his warm embrace.  “You… are so awesome,” he whispered.  “And sexy,” he added, giving her bum a soft squeeze.  Reluctant to even leave the door to Allie’s room, she felt him gently tug her into their bedroom.  “And hot,” he murmured again, his hands covering her breasts.  “I can’t get enough of you, Babe.”  He searched her pretty face, meeting the softest blue eyes he’d ever seen.  “I dream of you in my office all day… and this – ” – he placed one of her hands at his crotch – “I can’t get him to go down whenever I think of you.”  Truth be told, he was still thinking of the naughty words she’d whispered in his ear when she sent him off in the morning.

She was trying not to smile but having a hard time not doing so.  “You poor, poor lad,” she finally giggled.  But even while it struck her funny to imagine him with an erection to deal with all day long, she loved having that kind of an effect on him.  It was a trick she’d borrowed from her best friend, Marie, who claimed that she never let her Stanley out of the house without ‘informing’ him of what she wanted to do with him the coming evening.

“I’m the richest man in the world,” he murmured, his fingers trembling at the buttons of her shirt until she stopped him, taking over with much better efficiency.  Her eyes never left his, even as the clothing left their fingers to the floor.  Down to her bra and panties, he couldn’t resist from touching her, and drew her swiftly into his arms.

Resting against his strong chest, she sighed contentedly, feeling the measured beats of his heart.  She wondered if he knew just how much of a rock he was to her, in more ways than one.  This time she wasn’t going to cry.  No, not this time.  “Isn’t she just the sweetest little thing?” she whispered.

“I know someone far sweeter,” he whispered, giving her a heart-felt squeeze, his hands softly caressing the wisps of hair that brushed against her smooth back and tiptoeing downward to a gorgeous bum.  He started to say how tremendous a mother she’d make, then stopped, not wanting her to worry again, or even think about what couldn’t be.

“It was so sexy to watch you play with her.”  She looked up into his eyes, punctuating her statement with a smoldering look.

“Yeah?”  Good gracious she was breathtaking.  He didn’t know what else to say.  Just how in the world it could possibly be sexy in her eyes to entertain a little girl, he had no idea, though he’d take her word for it!

“Yeah,” she grinned.

“Then you better bring that little squirt around more often.”

“Oh, I plan on it… till she gets sick of coming over here.”  Reaching into his stretched-tight underpants, she located the ‘offending’ instrument that had so distracted him all the day long.  And long is exactly how he was at the moment.

“I doubt that will happen in this century or the next,” he winced, returning the favor by slipping his hand into her panties, his fingers slipping down a neatly trimmed landing strip of pubic hair to the perfectly waxed softness below.  “Oh wow,” he breathed.  “How did you get so beautiful?”

And how was she supposed to answer a question like that?  She looked into his earnest eyes and smiled.  And just what was it about him that made her think naughty thoughts about him all day long?  “Just lucky that you’re – oomph!” she tried.

Stopping her from what she had been about to say (that he was blind), he lifted her into his arms in one grand sweep.  “You’re right; I am lucky!”  It felt marvelous to hold her against him, her soft skin on his, and it was almost with reluctance that he deposited her on the bed.

Leaning back on her elbows, she willingly wiggled her bum and waist to help him peel off her panties, loving the look in his eyes as he drank in her beauty, especially when she gently opened her legs, and sent a hand ‘wandering’ below, much to his delight.  “I take it Marie did an acceptable job?” Lisa giggled.

Exhaling what felt like a gale of air, he grinned at her sheepishly.  He didn’t know why the fact that Lisa and his pretty cousin helping one another with their grooming ‘down there’ was such a turn-on, but it was.  “Oh Hon…”  His hands trembled along whispery smooth thighs as he knelt between her gorgeous legs.  And if his absolute appreciation wasn’t apparent from the look on his face, he left no doubt moments later when he leaned in close, and gently kissed her baby soft vulva, his lips lingering as he inhaled the intoxicating scent of her arousal.  He kissed her again and looked up at her, pleased to see the unmistakable look of pleasure in her face.  She’d removed her bra, and now held magnificent breasts in hand, fingertips lightly dancing over rigid nipple tips, which only fired his arousal further.  Feeling an involuntary shiver pass through him, he knew again he was indeed ‘lucky’ to have this adorable person as part of his life!

Unable to withhold any longer, his tongue flickered out to taste the delights of the sweetest person he’d ever known, and he sighed with great contentment.  There were some things in life more nourishing to the soul than food, and this was one of them.  Hearing her gasp of appreciation as her hands flew to his head made it all the better!  She looked magnificent as he strained his gaze upward, gorgeous breasts pressed together between her outstretched arms.  Her head rolled back at the moment, all he could see was her chin, though she soon turned to look down at him, biting her lower lip as she watched him feast on her body, his work-worn hands as gentle as a surgeon’s as he smoothed across her flat tummy and the curves of her hips.

Giving a satisfied half-grunt-half-sigh, he paused, looking up at her.  “You taste SO good, Sweetheart!”

“You think so?” she whispered.  She blinked her eyes down at him, looking into a handsome face that did not know how to lie, and a simple joy that radiated straight from his heart.  His face seemed to shine with excitement, and his words felt almost as good as the magic he worked with his tongue.  His face was wet with the taste of her, his warm breath caressing her sensitive skin as he licked his lips.  He’d told her of many of the times she’d put him on a ‘hair trigger’ taking him to the edge and stopping so as to prolong his enjoyment of their lovemaking.  Well, now it was her turn – he didn’t know it, but he’d taken her right up to the edge, her body aching to cross over.  If he didn’t watch out, even his very breath on her sensitive flesh would be enough to…  “Sweetheart!!” She gasped, her hands tangling in his hair.  She would hope later that she didn’t accidentally pull any hair, though he got her meaning immediately, enjoying her like succulent fruit with open mouth as she writhed against him and shamelessly cried with ecstasy.

Neither would know just whose heart pounded with more excitement in that very moment.  At the moment, he hugged her hips and simply held on, tasting the ecstasy of the dearest person on God’s green earth as she shared all of herself with him, feeling each shudder and the softness of beautiful legs wrapped around his head, tasting her sweet juice, and recording in his mind each gasp and moan of her voice lifted in passion.  And though he’d been here so very many times, it was as something new.  Surely love was the pinnacle of life, both now, and in the hereafter!

“Oh, Sweetheart…” she moaned softly, wondering if she’d ever catch her breath from what he’d just done to her.  He knew when to stop, letting her rest, but still his lips were pressed against her, his cheeks resting against the soft bristles of her pubic hair.  Her tummy trembled with aftershocks of pleasure, and her body practically glowed with tiny droplets perspiration that glittered like diamonds.  Her eyes felt damp, and when she propped herself up to look at him, she felt the tears.

He met her eyes, and his brow furrowed.  Planting one last kiss on skin softer than flower petals, he joined her on the bed and drew her into his arms, staring into those beautiful eyes as his mouth found hers.

He was right, she did taste good, and she found her taste in abundance on his lips and face.  She licked her lips and their kiss deepened, tongues dancing sweetly together.  He never thought of himself as a very good kisser, but she couldn’t imagine anything better than this!  His arms were warm and strong, he smelled wonderful, and he loved her.  Maybe God in His wisdom didn’t wish her to have a child, but how could she complain when He gave her the best lover in the world?  Finding his swollen manhood and giving him a squeeze, she felt him moan into her mouth.  Yeah – and THAT was a bonus to everything else she loved about him!  He had a gorgeous – Her thoughts were distracted, as she felt his slippery fluids on her hand.  “Oh, Honey,” she gasped, trying to sit up.

“Hmmmm?”  At the moment he was too enamored with the view to even hear.  He smiled, watching his fingers tiptoe gingerly across gorgeous breasts.  Perhaps men were always to be little boys, falling in love with the female breast since day one.  His mouth practically watered as he contemplated the shape of each taut nipple, and how they would feel in his mouth.

“He’s crying,” she giggled softly, swabbing her thumb through the precum that flowed generously from his manhood.

“You don’t say,” he murmured.

“I better take care of that.”  She tried to rise, and giggled, as he held her in place.  The feather-light strokes of his fingers adoring her breasts sent tendrils of pleasure shooting through her torso.

“Your mother must have been drop-dead gorgeous,” he murmured, his fingers tracing little circles around each nipple.

“Oh sure, Daddy had nothing to do with it at all,” she teased, trying (and failing) once more to sit up so she could ‘properly’ take him in hand.  “Well, your father must be well hung then,” she giggled, giving him a squeeze.

“I wouldn’t know.  Why don’t you ask him the next time you see him,” he laughed, leaning close to place a gentle kiss on each beautifully-shaped nipple.

“Now that’s not fair!”  She giggled at the thought.

“And did you learn this from your mother now?”  His hands crept lower, over her tummy to the narrow strip of pubic hair that pointed the way to her passion.

“That can be blamed on Marie,” she giggled.  He already knew that story – it had been one of Marie’s whims when the two of them visited a beach on spring break in college one year.  Tired of those little ‘tree branches’ poking out of her bikini (as she’d called them), they visited a spa for the first time and took care of the ‘forest,’ and then some.  Sexy and flirty, though nobody would ever get to see it until their future husbands, this was the style they chose, and it had been that way ever since.  Somewhere in there, to save money, and because they were close friends, they learned how to do it themselves.

“Nice…” he murmured, his fingers gently tracing its shape.  “I didn’t know Marie was good at math.”


“This is like, a perfect rectangle, a skinny rectangle, it – ”

“You’re a goof,” she giggled.

“Does she get out a ruler or something when she – ”

“Well, you know – it’s exactly 9/16 inches wide.”

“You don’t say!”  He chuckled.

“No, I didn’t say,” Lisa laughed.  “I just guessed.”

“Looks pretty accurate to me.”  He turned to look at her and gave her a boyish grin.

“Accuracy is important,” she teased.

“Yeah…” he sighed.  “Well, I don’t know Babe – but it totally makes me hot and drives me crazy thinking about it.”

“It does?”  She whispered softly, her spare hand finding his as his fingers slipped lower, tracing along the whispery smooth cleft of her femininity.  “Y-you like it?”  She already knew the answer to that question, having known it since their wedding night.  She could still remember the look on his face when he saw her naked for the first time, one of disarming humility that left her no doubt that he felt as lucky as she did.  Her best friend, Marie, took a more amusing tack, claiming it was done to help her husband ‘aim.’

“You are stunning,” he whispered.  He looked at her again, pursing his lips.  He knew his words weren’t nearly as poetic as the most famous lover of all time that even penned a book of Scripture about it, but he could well understand why Solomon gushed with praise at the beauty of his wife.  It would be impossible to say too much.

She looked into his eyes, seeing a humble reflection in return.  She didn’t know why it felt so good to be thought of as beautiful, but it did,  especially when it came from his lips.  “And you,” she breathed, feeling him gently insert a finger, “are a perfect lover, I – ”  Her voice trailed off in a half-sigh, half-moan as he pressed deeper, and gently swabbed outward, across that tiny little bud of flesh that seemed to reflect all of the passion she felt inside, then back inside again, his fingers warmed by her intimacy.

He watched her face in fascination, loving each expression she made, and the sound of her voice as she said his name.  Even better was when her hands joined his.  He always loved it when she touched herself.  Almost every time it took them both back to the beginning, and the loving conversations of two sweet souls…

He could still hear her voice on the phone.  Oh, how it had warmed his heart to hear her voice at the end of each day!  When out of town on business, it was the one thing he looked forward to each day when he headed back to the hotel at night: getting to talk to her.  Surely this was why God made phones.  They were engaged at the time, and falling head over heels in love.  On a whim they both took off their clothes, huddling under the covers of their beds as they talked about things ranging from silly to serious.  She still didn’t know just how it happened, as it caught her by surprise, but still thought of it at the very first orgasm she ever experienced with her husband.  Maybe it was the sound of his voice over the phone, or maybe it was some of the naughty thoughts that sprang to mind as she imagined him lying naked on his bed, or maybe it was the simple whisper of sheets on her smooth skin.  It didn’t matter now – all she remembered was trying to choke back the unexpected pleasure-filled tremors that suddenly quaked through her body.  He’d asked her if she was okay, genuine concern in his voice, and having no idea what had just happened on the other end of the phone!  Not having ever heard a lady experience orgasm, how was the poor man to know?!  Red-faced, and wondering how he’d react, she explained what happened… or what had seemed to happen.

Two souls smiled together, as both simultaneously remembered.  Pausing momentarily, she propped up her pillows and opened her legs a little wider while he seductively kissed his moistened fingers.  Giggling, she grasped his hand and placed it back where it belonged, pleasure instantly registering in her eyes, much to his delight.

She grinned.  He’d almost been as embarrassed as her, though he used the opportunity to confess his own past of such actions, which hadn’t just been by ‘accident.’  The trouble was, he unknowingly made it worse the following day, which she discovered when she arrived at work.  A dozen roses were waiting for her, along with a note, “Thanks for the best night of my life.  Love —-” And then it was wink-wink and nod-nod all day long from her friends and coworkers, who were just certain that they had finally caught ‘Miss Sweet’ doing something naughty.  She knew deep down they were teasing, but every single one of their ‘questions’ (which she politely declined to answer) made just a little bit more red creep onto her pretty face.  She later learned that Marie had finally told them to knock it off, growing increasingly exasperated that they were trampling on her best friend and not realizing what they were doing to her.  Of course, Marie had had some choice words for her cousin later, too, once she found out what happened.  Fiercely protective of her best friend, she let him have it.  Her ‘tongue lashing’ he’d laughed off, though he did apologize to his sweetheart for the poor choice of words.

“Oh, Babe, that’s so hot!”  His whisper filled her ears, interrupting the blissful memories.

“Yeah?” she whispered, her blue eyes boring a hole into his as if to implant the erotic delight she was feeling directly into his soul.  She wondered if he had any idea how sexy he made her feel, even from the touch of her own hand.

“Yeah,” he repeated, his eyes locking on her swiftly moving fingers playing with his in the most intimate part of her body.  Leaving her fingers to their exquisite ‘work,’ he tiptoed his fingers up the neatly trimmed landing strip to her tummy and higher.  And as much as he enjoyed the beauty of her body, he couldn’t help but move his gaze to her face.  Awash with beautiful agony, she managed a heart-warming smile, and he fell in love with her all over again.  She still was his ‘Miss Sweet,’ and all the sweeter when she was gloriously turned on.

“Sweetheart,” she gasped.  For a brief moment, she felt like a wanton waif, her legs splayed open on the bed, her fingers returning to her pleasure with near desperation.  But only a moment.

“Cum for me, Sweetheart.”

His voice was soft and low, and overflowing with a tenderness she’d long taken for granted for its constancy.  His eyes searched her face once more, and she again attempted a smile.  But only attempted – the pleasure-filled rush assaulting all of her senses at the moment made it difficult!  She felt his hand softly rubbing her tummy, something that only compounded what she was feeling a little lower.  “Oh, Honey,” she cried again, leaning her head against his shoulder.  At the moment she felt loved and cherished beyond description, but more than that, even sexy and beautiful.  His arms felt soft and warm as he suddenly encircled her, holding close to his heart the greatest gift he’d ever received, orgasmic tremors washing through her body and filling her heart with ecstasy.

The heady, panting gasps of her pleasure were sweet music to his ears.  “Oh, my Lisa,” his voice sounded in her ear, over and over.  Her tears fell like warm raindrops on his shoulder.  Ever close to the surface, the inability to conceive a child was something she took very personally, an emotional vulnerability that had never gone away and likely never would, even in the loving pleasure they shared.  There was a reason she was ‘turned on,’ and that little reason was sleeping unaware in the room next door.  It was something not many would understand, but he did, and there had been times his own tears had joined hers.  There’d sometimes even been his private tears, as he wrestled in grief of heart for her feelings and the wound this was to her soul.  But for the moment he just hugged her a little tighter, hoping she would know that she was of more value to him than ten thousand children.

“Oh…. mi-gosh.”  Long moments had passed, stunning pleasure leaving her relaxed and as limp as a dishrag, and still he held her snuggly in his protective arms.  “I’m still here.”

“Of course you are,” he chuckled.

“I thought I was in heaven,” she sighed.

“You are my heaven on earth, Babe.”

“What was that?”

“I said, you are my – ”

“No, I mean that…”

“Weesa!”  The sound, barely perceptible at first was becoming more urgent.

“It’s Allie – Hold on Sweety!”  Clothes were hurriedly put back on in record time, and a little girl ushered into their room.  “Are you okay, Allie?”

“I scared,” she said simply, dragging Mr. Pibb behind her into the room.

Lisa exchanged an apologetic glance with her beloved husband, who smiled and shrugged.  Lightly licking her lower lip, she gave him a smoldering look of promise he’d feel into the following week, then turned her attention to her little charge.

“How tum he’s waughing?”  Climbing onto the bed, Allie hopped into the covers where Lisa patted her hand.

“He’s a boy, and they laugh at silly things,” Lisa giggled.

“Yeah… dey silly!!”

Climbing in bed, the child now between them, he lay on his side and watched.  Allie had forgotten just what had made her scared, so that was good.  Fast asleep fifteen minutes later, he carried her limp form back to her bed in the adjoining room.  A doting Lisa accompanied him and made sure she was properly tucked in.

“Oh gosh, isn’t she just a little angel?”  Gently smoothing tendrils of hair from Allie’s forehead, Lisa leaned down to give her a tender kiss.

“Maybe…” he murmured, reaching out to hold his sweetheart, his hand gently tracing the beautiful shape of her bum.  Maybe there did happen to be ‘two’ angels in the house at the moment.

Moments later his beloved angel kept her promise, and then it was he who was ushered to heaven and back, the heaven of her mesmerizing blue eyes staring into his as she took him to another world in her soft lips.


“You ready for the storm?”

“Sure, Babe,” Lisa replied.

It was their morning ritual, standing in front of the mirror brushing teeth, shaving, and all the other niceties of daily ‘vanity.’  And as with most mornings, he found it ‘hard’ to leave for work.  He wasn’t sure if she did it on purpose or not (though in fact, she did), but the tee shirt she’d thrown on was driving him nuts, stopping just above mid-thigh.

“You ought not to wear things like that,” he murmured, coming up behind her and nuzzling his face against her neck.  “Here, let me help.”  Holding her generous breasts in hand from behind, he smiled at her amused face in the mirror.

“That’s my good helper,” she giggled, wiggling her bum against his waist, and knowing already that he would be at full salute.  He was indeed.  “Well, summer’s coming… one of these days Marie and I need to go bikini shopping.  Would that be something better to wear?”

“Hmm… nice…” he murmured his approval.

“Maybe another photo shoot in the flowers to boot?”

He raised an eyebrow.  He still had the picture on his desk, but he thought he’d heard it wouldn’t occur again because his beloved Lisa and the bees, which also frequented the flower field, didn’t happen to communicate in the same language.  Lisa gathered that the bees thought the meadow belonged to them and not to two bikini-clad friends trying to take a few pictures for their husbands.

She looked at his face and giggled.  Reaching behind her she gave one of his ‘better attributes’ a squeeze and wiggled free from his arms.  “I wonder if Allie is up yet.”

“Someone else is,” he mumbled, adjusting his pants, and wondering again for the umpteenth time if every other man on the planet had an erection every time he hugged his wife.  She turned as she left the room and flashed him a sweet smile, the same one he fell in love with when he first met her, and the same one that had sustained him through every single day since that time.  Oh yeah, she knew exactly what she did to him.

Chuckling, he followed her to get dressed.  Moments later, he gave both of his ladies a kiss and left for work.  “Good luck, Babe,” he smiled.

“Byeeeee!”  Allie called to him as he left.

Luck wasn’t needed, but patience would be.  And fortunately for her, Lisa possessed a healthy dose of it when it came to children.  She managed to get Allie fed and her kitchen prepared before Allie’s little friends started arriving.  Allie took it upon herself to individually welcome each person as they entered as if the house belonged to her.  Sitting them all at the table, Lisa smiled at her little sunbeams and prepared them for the day, each one receiving a little apron and matching ‘chef hat.’

“Wet’s go!”  Allie cheered.

And ‘go,’ they did.  She would later have her husband nearly howling with laughter when she described her day to him.  One little gentleman started the day off by dropping the flour.  It almost looked like it had snowed in her kitchen.  Well, it had happened once before when she’d had an event like this, so it could happen again, right?  “Dat berry naughty!”  Allie immediately admonished, shaking a little finger at him.  And it got better from there.  Another little girl was too shy to ask where the bathroom was… and had an accident.  Another little gentleman claimed he felt sick because he ate too much cookie dough.  Lisa didn’t know if that was possible, but the little fellow was getting himself worked up to the point of turning green, so she sat him down until his color improved.  And one tearful little lady showed Lisa a big blister on her little hand confessing, that ‘yes,’ she had indeed touched the very hot oven door she’d been told not to touch.

At one point Lisa pondered if mothers naturally grew eyes in the back of their head or if those could be purchased somewhere.  But by and large, she was pleased, at times barely blinking back the tears to watch the children stamp out cookies in the shapes they wanted, carefully spread frosting, and give them the sprinkles of choice.  Listening to their happy chatter felt therapeutic, and they seemed to get along well for the most part.  But watching them make cards for their mums and dads, as part of giving them the cookies, was where she really felt it in her heart.

Eventually, those mums and dads came to pick up their little ones, and Lisa braved the tears as she sent them back home one-by-one.  The time had simply flown by, and she’d do it again in a heartbeat.  She gratefully accepted the warm thanks and did her best to smile when a few ‘comments’ were made.  “Wow Lisa, I’ll bet you have a huge family someday as much as you love kids.”  “You’d make such a good mom, Lisa!”  “I bet it won’t be long before you guys start on your family.”  She knew people didn’t mean any harm by such statements, and were merely (albeit ignorantly) trying to be nice.  But they still kind of hurt.

The last to go was little Allie.  “Daddy!!!!!!”  And as she’d greeted Lisa the day before by rushing out of the house, so she greeted her father as he came to pick her up.  “I got wotsa’ cookies,” she told him excitedly as he scooped her up in his arms and carried her back into the house.

“I bet you do,” he said softly, planting a kiss on her forehead.  “Can I eat one?”

“Yeah!!  Weesa?”

“They’re right here, Sweety,” Lisa smiled, gesturing towards the kitchen table.  “Hi, Darren.”

Darren appraised his attractive co-worker and smiled.  She certainly was dressed for baking… and probably had no idea that the hint of flour on her cheeks inexplicably made her look drop-dead se– He dismissed the thought with a sigh, irritated with the proclivities of his mind.  Looking around at the kitchen, he grinned.  Before he could say something about the mess, she beat him to the punch.

“I know – it looks like a tornado went through here, right?”

“Well, I was going to say ‘cyclone,’ but tornado works,” he winked.  “Now where are those cookies?”

“Wight here!!”  Allie exclaimed, almost exasperated with the slowness of her father.

“Mmm… Yummy,” Darren noted approvingly.  He always did like cut-out cookies, and the card was a bonus that would eventually find its way to his locker at work.  “Well done, Lisa,” he murmured.

“It – it was fun,” she said softly, her voice breaking away to almost a whisper.  Her eyes felt moist, and she looked away.

“You must be worn out after having this bunch in – how many were there?  A dozen?”

“I think so.”

“You have the patience of a saint,” Darren smiled.  Looking again at the ‘well-used’ kitchen, he added, “And, evidently, the soul of a janitor.  Want some help with cleanup?”

“Oh, thanks, Darren – I’ll get it.  And then I think I’m going to take a nice hot bath.”

Yeah.  He’d love to help her with that, too, though he figured she probably wouldn’t appreciate his mention of it.  “You sure?  I’ve actually gotten pretty good at dishes.”  And that was true.  After his wife had died, the dishes had piled up in the sink, on the counter, and anywhere else he found room.  Eventually, he’d ‘run out’ of dishes and come to the realization that they didn’t just fly back onto the shelf by themselves.  But where to put them?  For a while, it had been like learning about his wife all over again as he figured out her ‘system.’  In its own strange way, doing the dishes had been a way to remain connected to her.

“I’m good – but thanks.”

“Yes, you are good, Lisa.  You’re awesome, you’re – ”  Darren stopped himself from going further, and smiled wryly.  “Thanks so much.  I’m going to get to hear about this for the next month.”  Turning to his little girl, he asked, “What do you say to Lisa, Sweety?”

“Tank you!!”  Allie exclaimed.  Struggling free from her father’s arms, she flew to Lisa’s and gave her a squeeze that nearly took her breath away.  “I wuvs you!”

“Oh, Allie…”

She’d tried to turn away, but it was impossible to miss the look on her face, and the tear that made its way across her cheek.  He knew what it felt like to have the embrace of precious little arms.  And this time he looked away as Allie finally broke her embrace, oblivious to its effect, and pointed at something out the window.  Just for a few seconds.  Long enough, he hoped, for her to brush away the tear and not know that he noticed.  “Ready to go, Al?”


And then they were gone, only the whispering echo in her mind remained of the happy voices that had occupied her kitchen.  Telling herself to ‘buck up,’ Lisa set about cleaning her kitchen.  Although an absolute mess, it didn’t even seem to take long as her mind replayed seemingly every moment of the day past, all the way up to Allie’s departure.  She could still see that little arm waving furiously in the car as Darren took her home.  There was no denying it – she loved that little girl, and the house seemed empty without her little voice.

Even the sound of the bathtub faucet being turned on and the flow of water seemed loud in the quietness of the home.  Making it as hot as she could stand it, she created a sea of frothy white bubbles and slowly entered its enshrouding warmth.  It was relaxing enough that she nearly fell asleep cocooned in it.  To stay awake, and because she felt lonely, she called her best friend, Marie, who she knew was just getting off her shift at the hospital.  Marie had always been a tonic to her – ever since Lisa had tragically lost both of her parents at the same time – and never failed to cheer her back up.

Hearing her husband’s car pull into the driveway, Lisa said goodbye to her girlfriend, promising to bring her some of the cookies, and hurriedly exited the bathtub.  She barely made it, but met him at the front door, all but assaulting him the moment he stepped across the threshold.

“Mmmmm,” he purred contentedly, holding her against him and shamelessly feeling the beautiful shape she had temporarily hidden under a fluffy white bathrobe, even as his lips enjoyed hers.  The softness of her body and the scent of her hair and freshly washed skin instantly relaxed him, except for one part of his anatomy.  Hard as a rock almost in an instant, he wondered to what he owed this honor.  Her eyelids fluttered open, and he peered inside.  And then he knew.

And she knew that he knew.  “Happy to see me?” She giggled, finally breaking their kiss and wiggling her hips against his.

“Always,” he said simply.  She was diverting his attention away from what he saw in her eyes, but at least she was game.

Reaching up to him, she drew his face to hers, their foreheads softly touching, and again looked into his eyes.  She smiled as his dropped, drawn like a magnet to the open front of her robe.  Following his eyes, she stared down at her soft cleavage, which suddenly felt warmed by his piercing gaze.  She wondered if he had any idea just how sexy he made her feel with that look in his eyes.  He met her eyes once more and softly licked his lower lip.  She felt it in her stomach in an instant.  It was his eyes and the look in them that said you’re-hot-and-I-need-you-more-than-I-need-food!  Or was it his hand clamped onto her bum holding her against him?  Or that muscular chest and the shirt she felt a sudden urge to rip off of him?

She didn’t have to wonder further, as she heard him sigh softly.  His coat seemed to fall from his arms onto the floor.  Ignoring it, he lifted her into his arms, cradling her against his chest.  Smiling, he made short work of carrying her to their bedroom, deftly kicking the door shut even though they were alone in the house.  So enjoying her proximity and the supreme softness of her smooth legs against his arm, it was with reluctance that he put her down to sit on the edge of the bed.

He nearly ripped his own shirt off even as she assisted him below, adroitly stealing the belt from his pants so quickly it almost sang against his belt loops.  Off came the shoes, both flung in different directions, and the pants followed next.  The socks stayed on; there was too little time to remove those.  Soft, trembling fingers drew down his underwear, letting his beautiful penis spring free from confinement, throbbing in time with a heart that beat rapidly with his need for her.  She couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped from her lips as she leaned close, holding him gently in both hands and layering kisses up and down his swollen shaft.  She felt the equal gentleness of his hands as he tenderly slipped the bathrobe from her shoulders, and relished the appreciative sigh that escaped his lips.

“Oh, Babe,” he whispered softly.  Though she protested, he drew her gently to her feet, helping the rest of her robe to fall away.  In a combined moan/sigh, he all but crushed her slender form against his, feeling her soft, welcoming arms.  She giggled happily, even helping him ‘stand straight’ as their bodies came together.  Wouldn’t want him to get ‘bent!’  His mind raced with excitement, happily attempting to count his many blessings as he contemplated his sweet lover.  “This – is what I dream about all day,” he murmured, tickling her ear with his tongue, even as his hands adored her perfectly shaped bum as he held her against him.

“Not about cookies?” She teased.

He smiled wryly.  He did like her cookies, too.  But as far as he was concerned, every moment of the day not spent naked with her was a wasted moment.  “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” He inquired.  He’d made such inquiry many times before, and it was usually good for a happy smile.

“Only – when you look at me,” she gasped, feeling his hands wander tantalizingly up her smooth back.

“Gorgeous,” he breathed, tracing a forefinger around a beautifully shaped nipple.

“Hon – I – ”  She looked into his eyes, his handsome face wincing with excruciating pleasure as she gripped his penis.  “Oh my,” she purred, feeling precum overflow from his manhood and onto her hand.  She didn’t know how it happened, but it only seemed like she had blinked, and then she was on the bed, looking up at him.  Holding her legs back, she smiled up at him, knowing from the look on his face that he very much enjoyed what he was seeing.

The sheer beauty and purity of her expression almost made him weep.  Though he remained standing, his legs felt wobbly, and his hands trembled as he gently leaned close to those oh-so-soft legs, unerringly guiding his sword to the wet heat of her sheath.  Both souls gasped as his flesh touched hers.  Happily resting in the warmth of her baby-soft cleft, he looked at her face and smiled.  The intensity in her eyes matched his own, her brow furrowed and lower lip trembling.  He felt her rotate her hips, her pretty blue eyes blinking into his with an urgency that sent his heart soaring.  “Oh gosh, Lisa – I SO need you!”  His words seemed to tumble out in a near incoherent gasp as he tenderly slipped inside, instantly gripped in her moist hotness.  Her whimpering sighs tore open his heart as he drove deeply inside, his arms coming around to hold her against him.  Though he’d never believe he truly deserved Lisa in his life, it thrilled him to the pit of his soul to know she loved and needed him.  He didn’t know how he managed to remain standing, all he knew at the moment was that he was one with his sweet lover, two souls who mutually needed and wanted each other, and that’s all that mattered.

He wasn’t moving.  Nor did he need to.  Deep within he seemed to throb and pulsate right next to her heart.  Holding himself just above her, he stared into her pretty eyes, his face shining with sheer, unadulterated joy.  She felt the tickle of his chest hair against her breasts, each tendril slipping around sensitive nipples that seemed to strain upwards, as if to touch him, and trace the pattern of his heart.  She felt the warmth of his breath against her neck as he leaned closer, ragged breaths of a man completely captivated by and starved for her… just as she felt for him.  “S-sweetheart,” she gasped.  “H-hold me, I – ”

Of course, he was already holding her, though her softly uttered words stole into his heart, making him want to hold her even tighter and never let her go.  “Oh, Babe,” he whispered softly, pushing even closer to her, if that were possible, and feeling her magnificent legs slip around him with enveloping softness.  “Oh, Babe,” he repeated, a hand slipping underneath to hold her bum, the other softly supporting her back.  He saw the tear trickle down her cheek and simply folded her into his protective arms as tears turned quickly to gasping sobs, a curious mixture of heady ecstasy that she felt for him and that of simply letting go of the hurt inside that had this nagging way of coming back again and again.  The emotion of not being able to have a child, he would never understand.  All he did know was the great worth of the sweet, tender, loving soul he held, a gift from his Maker.  And feeling her writhe in ecstasy beneath him drew him after her, his own cries soon joining hers, pleasure seeming to echo between them both, binding them even closer together.

Two souls deeply in love held one another for a very long time.  Neither wished to break their embrace or to separate, though she finally worried for his ‘back.’  At the moment, enjoying the softness of her body, he cared nothing for the straightness of his spine.  He did eventually crawl onto the bed beside her, and continued to hold his best friend close, and very possessively.  She touched his lips as he whispered, “Thank you,” her eyes shining in return.

“My cup runneth over,” she whispered, grinning.  Gently touching where he had been moments before, she withdrew her fingers, kissing the pure white droplets that clung to her.

Remembering what she’d been doing all day he quipped, “Frosting?”

“Better than that, you silly goose,” she giggled, licking her lips.  “Maybe after supper…” her voice turned low and seductive, “you can frost me… all over.”

“Right here?” he murmured, gently drawing a finger from her nose, down over her lips and chin and across the contours of her breasts.

“Especially there,” she whispered hotly.  Then sitting up, she changed the subject abruptly, giggling when she heard him groan.  And that was fine; leave him wanting more.  “Watcha’ want for supper?”

“You,” he groaned.

“I’m dessert,” she giggled.

She got that right!  Sitting up with her, he chuckled and gave her soft thigh a gentle squeeze.  “How about Chinese?”

It was a favorite for both of them, and she readily agreed.  And so, the two lovebirds ‘hit the town,’ if such could be said about their small town.  They had their Chinese.  They won the admiring glances of their friends and neighbors who observed their love.  He had his cookies and milk before bed.  The little chirps had actually done a good job!  But when he saw her walking up the hallway in a gauzy, white babydoll, the cookies were long forgotten, a hopelessly adoring man drawn irresistibly to her charms.  The babydoll did not stay on long!  The frosting was good, too.

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  1. PacMan says:

    I 🧡 a good LTTLB story. 😁 I remember many of them on the old Marriage Romance site (which went bankrupt). I’m sad that we lost those archives. Even though 10+ years ago, I remember many of the stories quite vividly. Especially the “too 🔥 for MH” stories that involved both couples. 😝 This was a great one too. My favorite part was the first orgasm over the phone! 😻♨️

  2. Rcthom55 says:

    Thanks again for writing another story! Enjoyed reading another one.

    Like PacMan, I remember reading them there, too. My favorite was Good Grades.

    Keep writing.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Yeah! You should read his other stories on here. (Just click on his name in the byline.) Lisa and B, Stan and Marie are some of my favorite people I've never met – if they even exist – and I love 'em to pieces! I wish all these stories *were* pulled together into a novel. And a movie! And a TV series! I'd be watching every week!

  3. SecondMarge says:

    Is there a cliff notes version? Maybe if, as some suggest, I had already read about the characters. I wouldn’t have gotten so confused. I don’t read romance novels. But I’m sure this one is well written.

  4. lttlb says:

    Hi SecondMarge – You are right, this one was indeed long winded. Here’s the short version:
    Lisa loves children but is unable to have any of her own, which is something that periodically troubles her. Part of her spare time is spent nurturing relationships with the children of others and doing special things with them. In this story she invited a group of them to her kitchen to bake some cookies for their parents. She greatly enjoyed the activity, as well as the comfort of her husband’s arms when it was all through.
    I hope that helps! Writing succinctly has never been my forte, so I’m certainly not offended if you want to pass them by in the future. Frankly, I don’t even really write much anymore. The ones I’m posting here now are just some old ones that were floating around on my hard drive. Just a couple more to go. 😉

  5. hornyGG says:

    Hey Lttlb! Great story! Have always loved your stories. I applaud 👏👏👏 you
    on yet another " Ittlb classic ". Keep up the great work and Stay Horny my friend!

    😘💕 GG

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