Night Out

My wife and try to go on a date once a week, nothing fancy just go out to dinner for a few hours and order in pizza for the kids. This usually turns out to be a good night intimacy wise as it provides a good break for my wife to relax. Occasionally we will have a glass of wine, which helps also.

She usually showers and puts on some nice body spray along with a light dress that hugs her shapely bottom. I couldn’t help but notice the shape of her buttocks as the thin material clung to her. I came up behind her before leaving and hugged her from behind kissing her neck and telling her how good she looked and smelled. Instantly I was hard and I felt her rub her buttocks back against my penis. We had to stop to gather ourselves and tell the kids goodbye.

We got in my truck and she slid over beside me. As we pulled out I rubbed her inner thighs higher and higher until her dress was pulled up exposing her panties. “Go ahead and slip these off honey,” I told her as my hand rubbed over her mound. She lifted her bottom and reached down to start pulling her panties down and off exposing herself to me completely. It was already dark outside so I reached over to fumble with the buttons on the front of her dress.

She was getting hotter by the moment and reached over to rub my stiff rod through my pants. I reached under her also to rub her slit and find her love button. She was soo wet. With the top few buttons now undone I wanted to see and feel her breasts. “Take off you bra honey” I asked and immediately she took the shoulder straps loose and slid the bra around from back to front where she unclasped it freeing those beautiful mounds I love to feel and suck. Now her dress was all the way down to her waist with her legs spread. I lightly tugged on one of her nipples, as they were hard and extended. I wanted to give her an orgasm before dinner and save mine for later. She grabbed my hand when I slid it from her nipples to her vagina. I slipped two fingers inside her as she bucked up and down on my fingers. Her breasts were bouncing and I almost came in my pants.

As she neared an orgasm she reached down to rub her clitoris while I tried to drive with one hand and keep working those two fingers inside her. “Oh Baby I’m coming” she yelled as the first wave came over her. I could feel her vagina muscles squeezing and contracting around my fingers while she continued rubbing around and over her clitoris. When her orgasm subsided she said “do you want me to suck it for you right now honey” as she rubbed and squeezed my throbbing penis through my pants. “That’s OK, it will wait until after we have dinner. I want to lick and suck you for dessert tonight myself”.

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