erotic evening

Erotic Evening – Wife Had Plans

Erotic Evening – As I arrived home from work the other day after a long day at the office I walked in and immediately smelled something good coming from the kitchen. My beautiful wife then met me in the hallway for a longer than usual welcome home kiss. She had on her thin cotton robe as she had just gotten out of the tub and told me the kids were at my mom’s house so we had a few hours to ourselves for an erotic evening and there was a hot bath waiting for me as well. I was excited to say the least and gave her a big hug and rubbed her shapely bottom before letting go to go get in the tub.

The bath was nice and hot as I undressed and slid in to soak the day away. In a minute my wife brought me a glass of wine and turned on some soft music on as well. “Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes” she informed and asked me what I wanted her to wear for our erotic evening. “The robe is fine as it will give me easy access after dinner” I told her as she left to put dinner on the table. We dined on blackened tuna, baked potato, and a nice salad while finishing off that bottle of wine she had opened.

As I watched her robe open more and more during the meal her cleavage was now visible between those luscious mounds I love to caress and suck. As we were finishing I got up and went over to her and knelt down as she turned towards me in her chair. “Thank you for a wonderful meal” I told her as I hugged her still on my knees between her legs. I parted her robe completely exposing her luscious breasts and freshly shaved pubic area. I raised up to start suckling her breasts and nipples as she moaned and spread her legs apart for me. I rubbed her sweet lips and vagina as I alternated sucking each breast.

Then I stood up and took off my robe exposing my rock hard penis right in front of her face. She hungrily started kissing and sucking the head of my penis while reaching one hand under my balls to gently rub and massage them. I then pulled out of her mouth before it was too late and pulled her to her feet to lead her into the den. I laid her down on the couch and spread her legs wide open. I then dove into her sweet lips and vagina licking and sucking her while she moaned with pleasure.

I then grabbed a small pillow and put it under her bottom to give me better access while she held her legs wide open for me. I would lick and suck her and then raise up to suck one of those nipples while sliding my swollen penis inside her for a few strokes. She was getting ready and so was I as I finally started sucking on her clitoris while sliding 2 fingers inside her. I alternated rubbing her g spot while fingering her and sucking her swollen clitoris.

As I felt her contractions start, I would just flick my tongue across her clitoris lightly while still massaging her g spot. Over and over she contracted around my tongue and fingers as I alternated the pressure until finally she lost control and started ejaculating her fluid as I sucked frantically on her clitoris. “I need you inside me now” she said as I pulled up and found her soaked vagina with my rock hard penis. I gave her long deep strokes as I felt her contracting around my penis as she had another orgasm. That was all it took as I felt my own monster climax start to erupt. Over and over I spurted my love cream deep inside her as she squeezed every drop of cream out of me. We collapsed in a heap and lay there for about 10 minutes as we gathered ourselves after our erotic evening.

Time for another bath and then off to get the kids.

What erotic evening for a truly blessed husband.

erotic evening

By: Jhayne

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