erotic dream

Erotic Dream – Fact, Fiction or Fantasy – A Passionate Woman’s Thoughts (L)

Erotic Dream – I awake with a start, realizing immediately that it’s the sound of my own breath that has roused me… It’s ragged and uncontrolled and my heart is racing but I know immediately that it’s not fear that has me quivering but rather a deep yearning and aching between my legs.

I feel the delicious fire in my Venus and I reach down to find my wet and tingling pussy mound. My clit has already shed it’s protective shroud and is engorged and throbbing, begging me to tease it. I brush my fingers down my pussy lips and feel the moistness between my legs as the details of my erotic dream start invading my consciousness. I close my eyes and drift into my fantasy…

In my erotic dream I see him standing there watching me with a smile tugging at the corners of his sexy mouth,  all the while stroking his glorious eight inches of erect manhood. Hues of rose and mauve dance provocatively across the walls in the early dawn, adding to the ambiance and atmosphere in the room.

Just the sight of him sends a shiver coursing down my spine and I part my legs a little bit more as the tingling between my legs intensifies. Oh, what an effect this man has on me! As though his very gaze ignites a passion in my soul, his presence is so arresting, imagining his touch is…smoldering.

“Touch yourself,”  he commands, ” I want to see your sensuality emanate from you,  I want you to tempt me,  I want you to persuade me to fuck you and make you mine…”

I cannot deny him. Whatever this man wants me to do, I am at his mercy. I trust him implicitly. He turns me on like no other man could ever dream of doing and has taught me to experience the very heights of passion and pleasure. He has taught me to enjoy my God-given gift; my body, and to allow myself the pleasures derived from letting go with wild abandon. I am his love slave, and he is forever chained to my heart.

The sound of his voice has increased the wetness between my legs and I can feel the juices dripping from my sweltering cunt and running down my ass. I reach down and dip my fingers into my heavenly mixture bringing my fingers up to my lips and slowly lick them one at a time, enjoying the taste of my wanton lust.

I’m watching his face and I can see the excitement in his eyes as he subtly wets his parting lips, rubbing his hard cock a little faster, seemingly pleased with my erotic display.

I bring my hand back down and spread my inner labia so he can see my glistening womanhood. A soft moan slowly escapes my lips as my fingers brush softly over my clitoris. She’s standing at attention now, fully emerged from her cloaked resting place. Slowly I start to touch my swollen vulva, tugging at the retracted hood of my clitoris. Sweet pleasure sensations are ripping through my pelvis. My juice is running like molten lava and I realize that I’m so close to exploding and yet I haven’t even begun. I need this man to take me NOW! ..his very presence is my undoing …

He responds to my body language and says, “You want it don’t you, baby ? You need me to fill that pussy of yours, don’t you? I’m going to fuck you and claim that pulsating little cunt right now.” Without further ado he approaches the bed and plunges his enormous erection into me, burying his pole to the hilt. Both of us know that this is what we need, that we are so in tune with each other that it will only be seconds before we’re experiencing our simultaneous bliss. Almost immediately I find my release and my pussy starts clenching and convulsing on him. We both explode and wave after wave of ecstasy engulfs me as I cum in a delirious frenzy….

I slowly open my eyes from my erotic dream and see my lover unstirred, breathing softly beside me in the bed. I smile to myself knowing how lucky I am to have this beautiful man beside me, that he comes to me in my dreams and in my fantasies…Only him.

Even in slumber, he is always enough of a man for me. I know that we’ll spend many glorious hours loving each other this morning so I quietly whisper so as not to waken him just yet:

“I am enraptured with you. I am mesmerized by you, and as my body is a gift, so too are YOU.  I LOVE YOU.”

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erotic dream

By: Aaron Stidwell

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  1. handsome59 says:

    a beautifully worded experrience or imagination ! Guy wi b really luky 2 hv such fantastic hot wife, whose sheer imagination is so sexciting. Liked vry much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a hot story Melissa! Started touching myself as I read it. My cunt is so hot and wet! Thank you so much for posting! God bless and stay horny. Please write more! Gotta go so I can cum! Oh my!

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