A Surprise From My Wife

I got home from work, and my wife met me at the door wearing the dress I like the most on her.  My wife has a dynamite figure, and this dress suits her just right.  Also she was wearing sexy pantyhose, complete with high heels.  She was wearing a sensuous bra that pushes up just right, and she was wearing nice perfume.

After we had supper, she invited me into the bathroom, where she did a little striptease while the shower was warming up.  By this time, I had an erection so hard, she could swing from it.  Instead she sucked it like there was no tomorrow.  It’s amazing how much she can take, and watching this is one of the most exciting things that she can do to me.  Once we got into the shower, things got slippery real fast.  What a turn on.  She would turn around and bend over, showing me the view.  Wow.  When she would bend over I would put it in her and she could push off the wall for deeper penetration.  Then she would suck it some more.

Once we finished in the shower, and dried off, it was my turn to take over.  By this time, I was eager for her to sit on my face so I could tongue her beautiful love fountain.  It always has been so clean and wonderful.  While she is on my face, I also get to watch her breasts heave and bounce.  Very cool, and hot.

After a while, she slid down my chest and stomach onto my rebar.  She would slide over it for a while, before putting it into her warm heaven.  Once in, she would give me a deep kiss, and tell me how good and large and hard it feels.  I would hold on until I could tell she was ready to go over the edge, then I would blast my load into her.  Sometimes, when we were done, she would suck my member until it was completely soft.  Watching this is extremely sensuous.

Wouldn’t take long before “he” (my penis) would be rearing his head looking for her warm, moist love spot again.

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