Her Body

As I woke up I reached over to my right side to find her, but she was not there. I opened my eyes and looked that way and didn’t see anything. Looking to my left I saw her on sitting on the floor. Nude. Sitting with her legs spread open in a stretch reaching forward with her hands as far as she could reach looking down.

She looked up at me and smiled with her eyes, but not her mouth. She reached both her handes to the left and stretched her torso that way and reached her toes with her fingers. Watching her body move like that was so incredibly beautiful. She stretched the other way. I knew she was doing this for me to watch her. I hadn’t seen her naked for months, even for a moment. For some reason she didn’t want to be naked in front of me. But now this. She had changed, the Holy Spirit had worked a miracle and she was giving herself to me.

She laid back and lifted both her legs up and to the sides, reaching for her feet with her hands. She pulled her legs apart and to the side as far as they would go. Her beautiful hamstrings stretched. She just stayed like that, slowly and rhythmically bending her legs a little as I gazed at her. I stared at her pussy and her ass and was amazed at how sexy she is.

She brought her feet down and got up and walked to me, still not smiling, but looking intently into my eyes. She got close to me, bringing her pussy very close to my nose, and just stood there, rubbing my head with her hands, just putting herself near me. Then she turned around with her ass close to me… and slowly bent over to touch her toes with her fingers, and opened up herself to me fully. I love that sight of her. She used to do that when we were together in bed, knowing I liked it, but she stopped years ago. I’ve missed it so much. I can smell her, clean, but the most wonderful smell in the world, the smell of her down there. Her hand slowly moved up her leg and her finger slowly moved between her pussy lips and all the way to her ass and she lightly, slowly rubbed her ass and slowly back down her pussy lips. She pushed her finger between her lips and rubbed slightly deeper, pushing her ass in when she reached it.

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